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Shastri Sisters 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sareen and Minty talking to Rajat and telling him about Shastri ji’s decision to make Anu marry Veer. Shastri ji tells Anu about Veer and Kirti. He shows Veer’s pic and says he is shaken up by heart attack and worries for his life. He emotionally blackmails him. He says he won’t feel bad if she says no. Anu recalls Rajat’s words. She says she needs time. She hugs Shastri ji and thinks she will meet Veer and then say no to him.

Rajat cries thinking about Minty’s words. He recalls Anu’s words and says there was nothing special between us for Anu, as she has chosen someone else already. Rohan and Alka talk about going to meet Shastri ji. Alka asks him to ask Sunil once. Rohan says nothing like that. Astha comes and taunts him for not getting affected by

anything. Alka and Rohan argue. Astha starts crying to make a scene and calls Sunil. Sunil gets in her words and scolds Astha. He says Astha’s dad is given us money, and she is the owner.

Sunil asks Rohan to forget the relations, but not his place. Rohan says yes, it was my mistake, I did not forget our share, but I forgot Astha’s share in it, thanks for reminding me it very well. Alka cries. Rohan gets sad and leaves out. Astha smiles. She says Sunil that he told a lot to Rohan. Sunil also leaves.

Kirti asks Veer to see the pic. Veer says when I liked someone, why to see someone else, you did not give me bad values. She says see once. He refuses. She says fine I will cancel them, and you pray your choice is better than my choice. He is shocked seeing its Anu’s pic and asks how did you get mine’s pic. She says she is my choice. He says it means she is same, its Anushka, I helped her dad. She laughs and says Lord made this relation. She says she wants to tell something about Anu. She tells him about Anu’s first marriage, and it broke before bidaai.

She says if you have any problem then… Veer says you feel I m narrow minded. She says no, but its my duty to tell you. She says its my duty to ignore her past, as I also have a past. She says I know you have forgotten it and learnt a taught. Veer says yes, my view to see world has changed. He leaves. Kirti smiles.

Alka calls Rohan and asks is he fine. Rohan says I m fine, I m going out for some work. She says don’t feel bad of Sunil’s words. He is elder and he was angry. He says yes, did you talk to dad. She says yes, he is going to meet Veer. He asks her to take sweets and fruits. She says I m thinking not to go, because of tension at home. He says you can go. She says I will take mum’s permission. Astha hears them. Alka says I love you and smiles. Rohan says I love you too. Astha makes faces and stops Alka. She says so Anu’s relation is happening again, you sisters are very fast being educated.

She taunts Anu about Rajat. Alka says tell me if you have any work, I m going. Astha says yes, I have work, Sunil wants some sweets in lunch. Alka says I will make soon before he comes. Astha says no, first make it and go. Vrinda comes and Alka says I m coming to you, I have to go to see someone for Anu, Astha was saying to make sweets, I will come and make. Vrinda asks Alka to go, she will make it. Astha asks why will you work. Vrinda says then you make it, if you have problem, I will make. Alka thanks her and leaves.

Alka comes to Shastri ji and asks how is he. He says I m tensed, don’t know if anything goes wrong. She says don’t take tension. He says he is afraid, I said I will meet them in restaurant, I don’t want them to meet Rajat and his family. Alka says this is good. He says yes, everything should be fine, make Anu ready. She asks him not to take tension. Rajat is restless in his room. He says no, this can’t happen, Anu can’t do this, Shastri uncle will talk about proposal but Anu will refuse, I will talk to her.

He calls her and does not connect. He says why is this not reachable and calls at her office. He asks Bhatia and comes to know she is on leave. Rajat says why did she take leave, she does not take leave. He calls Devyaani and asks why did Anu take leave. Devyaani says its all strange happening here. Alka asks Devyaani to hurry up, its special day. Devyaani says I have to go and tell everything later, else you will be sad. Rajat says why did Alka say like this and why did Devyaani say I will be sad, is Anu going with them.

Veer meets Anu and says one thing is common, we have past and I don’t care about it. Rajat sees Anu meeting a guy. Veer gives his hand to Anu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Todays episode i think going to be a turning point in anujath love. Veer have to turn back if he come to know about anu & rajath. I wish every thing should be alright between anujath

  2. I think Veer, Kirti and Rajat will plan together to showcase goodness of Anu to make Minty jealous that she will not get such a great Bahu.. Eventually Minty will realise her mistake and with insecurity she will want Anu back as her bahu.. And I suppose Veer’s past must be with Karishma! Amd Kirti’s past with Sareen

    1. Me too think that veer’s past is wid karishma because they were in the same college!

  3. Really don’t know what hat to comment on.
    Veer is good but anuraj should be together
    …. Veer has a past too.
    I HATE minty! She created the hole problem!

  4. If minty unty would didn’t raise her voice in lohori time NA there will be no entry of veer

  5. Wish if veer turns and sees rajat.

  6. am sry to say that but alka nd rohan they r toooo selfish jab uski shaadi prblm me thi thab rajat aur anu dono un logoom ko help kiya par jab uski baari vo tho iss shaadi ko thodne me padi how mean it is…….yeh shastri ji tho hamesha emotionL blackmail kartha rehtha hai….nd anu truely does not deserve rajat……vise rajat ne bilkul sahi kaha tha ki unki pyaar ki dushman khudh anushka hi hai……

  7. i cant see rajat like this,

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