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The Episode starts with Sameer pulling the trigger. He stops as the lights come and everyone give him surprise. He pits the gun in the flower pot. He asks all this? Minty says yes, you got so busy, we don’t feel you are our Rajat. She says its not your mistake as you work hard, we will organize special dinner for you, so that you realize how much your family misses you, then you won’t be just officer Rajat, but our son Rajat. She asks him to sit. Alka signs Anu and Anu starts leaving, as Sameer and Devyaani sit for dinner.

Anu comes in Rajat’s room and phone rings on silent. She gets the pendrive and thanks Lord. She turns and is shocked seeing Sameer. Sameer starts acting, and says I knew Anu you are alive, we will tell everyone come, they will be happy. She says no Rajat, I can’t

come infront of them. He asks why, why she wants to hide. She says as you and Devyaani married. She says Devyaani will be happy. Sareen calls Rajat. Anu requests him not to tell anyone. Sameer says fine and goes.

Anu goes to Alka and tells her everything. Alka says he is very smart, what will we do now. Anu says I will act, I don’t know what to do, its not about me, risk is for everyone. She cries and is worried for Devyaani, and Rajat who is caught by Sameer. Alka consoles her and asks her not to fall weak, evil can’t win over good, think calm if you tell everyone and expose Sameer, they all can risk, and mostly Rajat. Alka asks will she tell everyone now, and they don’t have proof. Anu says she has pendrive. Alka says he will lie, keep acting and find some more clues. Minty calls Mony and asks where was she. She says she cleaned all the plates. Alka says its not her mistake, I got her, and leaves.

Sameer thanks them for doing all this for him, he was in tension because of work, but he is happy now. He says I really love you all. Anu thinks he is very clever and playing with everyone’s feelings, she wishes to expose him, but she can’t. Anu goes to sleep. Sameer comes to her in kitchen. She asks what is he doing here. He says how can’t I come, knowing you are so close to me. She says I m here as Mony, not Anu, if anyone sees us… He asks so what, why are you staying as maid, I can’t see you as maid. Devyaani wakes up and does not find Rajat.

Sameer tells Anu that he wants to be with her. Anu asks him to leave and not tell anyone. Sameer says fine, we can go out and meet and asks her to come at highway temple. Devyaani walks there. Sameer insists and Anu agrees. Devyaani comes and sees Sameer making coffee, and Mony sleeping. She says she came looking for her. He says he came to make coffee for himself and leaves with her.

Anu tells Alka that Sameer has called her in temple. Alka saks her not to go, its risky, she won’t let her go. Anu says I can’t move back, I have to think what to do next. Anu asks her not to worry. Alka says she will come along, she can’t lose her again. Anu agrees. Minty calls Anu and asks where did she go. Anu says she has come to take medicine and lies about her health. Sameer comes there and looks at her. Anu says she will come in some time. Sameer says this time I will kill her, now her time is over.

He calls his goon and stops him from shooting her. He repeats the plan and asks him not to do any mistake, he will hit Anu with car, if she survives, then kill her. He goes to hit Anu, and Alka comes there. Sameer stops the car seeing Alka. Anu and Alka see Sameer and he looks at them.

Alka comes to Devyaani and says she has to tell her something. Alka tells Anu to lift her ghunghat. Anu shows her face to Devyaani. Devyaani is stunned seeing Anu. The sisters cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Very nice story. Always sisters supports each other when they are in trouble. I really miss my sister. ?

  3. Anurajian(athu)

    Please don’t end shastri sisters

  4. Anurajian(athu)

    Shastri sisters is the best in colors

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