Shastri Sisters 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with sangeet function going on and everyone dancing. Neil looks unhappy. Sareen asks Rajat about Minty. Rajat says he does not know. Sareen asks Anu and Anu says she did not see her, don’t know where she went. Minty says I m here, stop miss me, I was outside, arranging chairs. Sareen says I was there and did not see you. She says there were many ladies and how will you see me. Anu thinks did she plan anything to go from function this way. Its morning, Devyaani says I thought a lot about my marriage, excitement, clothes, wedding date, groom, everything by my wish, I thought to make everything special, and now I feel its happening having no option.

Shastri ji comes to her and says her mum gave this necklace for her. She says she likes it a lot, and asks does mum use to know

everything. He says yes, if she was alive, she would have got solution for everything, I could not solve it, I scolded you and was annoyed. She says you did right, anyone would have done this. He says mum would have not done this. She says I don’t know, I just know you are world’s best dad. She hugs him. He says my daughters are best daughters of the world.

Anu and Rajat have a sweet romantic moment and sweetly argue. Sareen comes while they are having an eyelock. He asks for tea and Anu goes to make. Minty talks to someone and says come here and no one should doubt on you. Anu comes and Minty acts like ordering flowers. Anu says she came to make tea. Minty asks her to make for her too. Anu thinks why is she talking normal, is she planning against us. Sareen says so much money is saved, we will make FD for Neil. Rajat says good idea. Anu serves them tea.

Minty calls a man and says she ordered the sherwani and its ready, I will make Neil try. Anu thinks why did the man bring two sherwanis. Minty asks are both same. The man shows her. Anu gets thinking why did Minty get same sherwanis. Everyone do the arrangements. Kajal brings the halwa and serves them. Everyone like it a lot. Leela comes and says Kajal did cooking course and she does all household work.

She says she will give halwa to Neil and goes to him. She gives the halwa and he refuses asking her to go. She says but. He says I said go. She gets sad and says but if you are angry, why on food, I made it by love, I would be happy if you taste once. She asks him to taste halwa and don’t worry, she is taking halwa to Devyaani and will make her eat. She goes. Neil eats the halwa. Kajal gives to Devyaani and Devyaani says its really very nice. She thanks her and asks what can she do for her.

Kajal says she will help in packing. Devyaani says no, you are our guest. Kajal insists and Devyaani takes her help. She asks is it love marriage or arranged, but it will be love, any guy will love her, she is so beautiful, did I say anything wrong, and apologizes seeing Devyaani sad. She says she always wanted a sister. Devyaani says yes, its my love marriage, love cum arranged. She asks can she do her makeup, she did the course. Devyaani says fine. Kajal says she is very nice, Neil is lucky to get her.

Minty goes to meet someone and Anu follows her. Minty thinks she felt like someone is following me. She meets a man and Anu looks on. Anu says now I m sure she is doing something to stop the marriage. She says how to find her plan, and goes to follow the man to get some clue. The man leaves in an auto and Anu gets another auto. The auto does not start and she misses the man. She thinks she was close to truth, what to do now.

Anu searches Minty’s room and gets the bag, finding one sherwani. Minty tells Neil that he will get the plan in morning, and says Anu is already in our house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ishita gangully

    thanx for voting shastri sisters today was a good episode

  2. Nice Episode..!!

  3. Anyone say what is kajal’s role? So interesting to watch

  4. Finally some sparkle between rajat and anu and an interesting turn of events – though the directional flow seems to be the same – minty vs the sisters. Let’s see how the story evolves – it’ll be good if devyani backs out and Finds someone else

  5. I dint like kajal..her overinnoncence doesnt luk good as it has some connection witj Neil i feel…

  6. Looks like neil will fall in love with kajal

  7. Hey any one say abt neil…i donot watch this serial…bt i saw once at that time it seems me like he z love with devyani bt today when i saw he z showing disintrest mrg with hr…wat hapnd to him y he changed…is he gud guy r nt…plz anyone rly me

  8. I guess the plan is to make anu confuse abt the sherwanj….the main plan will be to make Neil marry kajol…..I guess kajol will wear the marriage dress n sit in place of devyaani.

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