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The Episode starts with Sameer catching Rajat and asking him to come along, he will free him soon forever. He gets a call and comes to know that Anu is alive and is in Delhi right now. He gets shocked. The man says where did she go when she is in Delhi and not at home. Sameer tells Rajat that he will kill Anu. Rajat scolds him. Sameer says don’t worry, I will kill both of you. Vrinda is in market and Alka sees her. She goes to Vrinda and says Maa. Vrinda gets angry. Alka asks how is she, and Rohan…. Vrinda says we are better to get rid of our problem one year before, he will get reason to be happy, his proposal is getting fixed, please stay away from us, else problems and sorrows can come again, girl’s family is coming today. Alka asks how can he remarry.

Vrinda says you both got divorced,

you don’t have any right to ask him. Sareen tells Sameer to give some time to his wife, and jokes on Minty. Anu thinks when they all know, their hearts will break and they will get upset. Sameer says mum is right, I m sorry Devyaani, I was busy in work and ignored her, it sometimes happen that they ignore loved ones. He says once his mission ends, he will prove he loves her, and tells them that his mission is confidential and risky, so anyone would try to know where he is, so if they get any call and ask for any info, don’t tell them. They agree.

He says they can ask anything, and even mention Anu, or call here as Anu saying she is alive, just inform me. Anu thinks why is he saying about me, there is something. Sareen asks why will anyone say this. Sameer says they can do anything. Sareen says he is strong and will never tell anyone. Anu gets Rani’s call. Rani says she has followed Sameer for 3 days, he has gone to same place, and that cottage. Rani says some guards were there so I came back, what to do next. Anu thanks her. Rani says she does not like thanks, she can call her if there is any work, and ends call.

Anu says I think its that cottage where Sameer went that day. She says is Rajat there? Vrinda smiles and talks to the girl’s family. Rohan is upset. Vrinda asks Rohan to show his room to the girl and sends him. Alka comes there and stops Rohan. She asks Vrinda to allow her to talk to Rohan once. Vrinda asks Alka to leave and Rohan stops her. He asks what she has to say. Alka says she wants to talk to him alone, then she will go. Vrinda asks her to leave. Rohan agrees and asks Alka to come

Alka says she wanted to meet him once, if he is happy to remarry, she prays that he stays happy with that girl. She cries and says she tried to forget him, and failed. She says she wishes to meet him, but hendoes not wish to meet her, what can she tell now. She cries and leaves. Rohan comes down and apologizes to the guests, saying he was confused and wasted their time, he is not ready for any relation at this time. Vrinda is shocked. The guests get annoyed. The girl says she can understand Rohan and tells him to think about Alka again, their relation is pure, they are made for each other and asks him to end their distance. She wishes him all the best and leaves.

Minty comes to Devyaani, and talks to her about Rajat. She says she can see her upset face, I know newly wed bride has excitement on face, not compromise like you. Devyaani says she is fine. Minty asks her to resume work, then she will get busy and miss Rajat less, when his mission ends, you show you are busy. Devyaani says she did not come here for just Rajat, she has come for her and Sareen too, you are giving me importance, this is enough. Minty smiles and hugs her. She blesses Devyaani.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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