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Shastri Sisters 30th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal bring glad seeing Anu disturbed in her sleep and talking to Leela. Leela asks her to come with her, she has to say something. Kajal comes and tells Minty that she tried to wake up Anu, but she is sleeping. Rajat says why is Anu sleeping so much. He asks Sareen to take care of her and take her to doctor. Sareen says I worry for her, you go, we will take care of her. Neil says taxi has come. Anu comes late and sees Rajat. She asks Minty to do his aarti. Minty says its good you woke up, and asks her to do the aarti as she wants it. Anu says if I willed, I would have not asked you, don’t taunt me.

Minty says what did I say, what do you mean. Sareen says Rajat is getting late. Anu asks Rajat how can he go without meeting her. Rajat says I m sorry. She does his tilak

and aarti. She makes him have the curd and asks him to come back soon. He asks her to take care, she is unwell else she does not sleep late, even Kajal came to wake you. Sareen asks Rajat to leave now. Rajat hugs Minty and Sareen and leaves. Anu gets head ache and feels dizzy. Kajal smiles and sees Minty’s phone.

She puts oil there and makes Minty go to take her phone. Minty falls down and gets hurt. Kajal helps her and Anu comes worried. Anu goes to bring aid. Minty says its oil fallen. Kajal asks how and says just Anu went there, it means she has put the oil there to make you fall and take revenge.

She fills Minty’s ears against Anu. Minty says I don’t think so. Kajal still tells her against Anu. Minty gets thinking. Anu brings the ointment and Minty asks her to be away, first she has made her fall and now acting, I don’t want your fake concern. Anu asks what is she saying and what did she do. Minty says I m fed up now. Stop this drama and confusion. Anu asks what happened, tell me. Minty says you made me fall there. Anu says what and holds her head. Kajal says I think she is ill. Minty says now its time to answer and she got ill.

Anu gets angry and argues with Minty. Sareen and Neil are stunned seeing this. Anu goes. Sunil tells Rohan and Alka that Astha has killed their relation. Rohan asks him to listen to Astha once. He says he has come as Alka called him, but he will do his work and go, Astha is a bad woman. Astha hears this and gets angry on Alka. She says I m not interested in Sunil anymore. Sunil asks Alka to call Astha. Alka calls Astha. Astha cries and asks Sunil to wait. Sunil gets her sign and asks Rohan and Alka to free from her soon. Astha cries. Alka takes Astha to her room. Astha smiles.

Everyone sit for dinner. Minty asks did Rajat call. Sareen says he said he reached Ambala well, he called Anu and she did not take his call. Minty says don’t know what happened to her, she did not come to cook today. Anu comes and sits for dinner. She takes food in anger and throws it. She asks whats this. Everyone is shocked. Minty says its food. Anu argues and says its salty and spicy, is this food. Minty says they all are eating it. Kajal and Leela smile.

Minty says we have manners, if not you. Anu says you will make any plan with Astha, or do you feel you are enough alone. She scolds Minty and says she will answer to Minty as the work she does. Sareen says Anu you are saying wrong. Anu says what right did you do, Rajat called, why did you not call me, you call me for work, why not now. Minty asks whats this way to talk to Sareen, if you have to stay here then.. Anu says I will stay as I want, as this house is mine too. Minty holds her head.

Sareen sees Anu going in Minty’s room and Kajal tells Sareen that Minty is not getting up. Sareen is shocked seeing Minty unconscious.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. day by day anu gets irritated. lets see where this story will ends. anu story eat entire today episode. producer sahib plz leave some space for neil love story for high TRP.

  2. sanjeev

    its very bad…I am sure anu ko rajat kay aane she pehale hi mental hospital bhej diya jayaga tabhi toh usko ambala bheja gaya hai….patha nai or kya kya face karena padaga anu ko…mian chata hoon ki kajal ki sachai minty ko pata lagjaya…phir uska decision dekhtae hai ki woh anu ko support kartu hai apne ghar ko bachane ki liya yaa kajal ko support karte hai anu ko rajat ki life se nikal me kaa liya…anu ko help ki jaroorat hai kyunki woh medicine ke aasar se bahar hi nai aapa rahi toh kajal ki liya proof kya dhunde gaye…..

  3. Sanz

    Oh God…where is Devyani & Alka..hope they will save Anu..otherwise it is sure that they will send her to mental hospital as she misbehaved with Sareen too

  4. Ann(athu)

    Don’t say like this guys.When it showed nice episodes u supported it.Now its bad time for sisters.It will change.If u guys love it by heart u will not say like this.I love anuraj and deveel

  5. neetu

    Pls change this track
    I dont want to see Anulike this
    I don want that idiot kajal to win all dvtime

  6. pradishma

    hey athu darling i want to tell you something
    i dont actually like you i think you are a big show off

  7. Ritika

    This episode is getting worse and worse everyday make kajal go to hell and anu to get better and expose kajal.
    Why does kajal have to be so irritating to Neil

  8. K

    Oh neil… Show deveil scenes pls. Love them. Unite them soon. And i hope neil will not turn negative again in future.

  9. annah

    Oh noo!!! I can’t see anu like this!!! Poor any! Plz alka devyani peeya plz come and help ur sister…….she iz not well……and as rajat went to ambala….. No anuraj scenes……..writers plz at least show deveeel!! Plzz. 🙁

  10. Xxx

    I am comig here afer many days.Whats happening here?Shastri sisters was my fav serial.mow its falling down.Anu should be soon recovered.And i want anuraj scenes.Please

  11. Anushka rajat sareen

    What’s this,that kajal is doing something on me.Because of her,i don’t remember anything.Someone help me na.

  12. Rajat sareen

    Are meri biwi anu ko something happened.Anu, u are here?Love u.Apko kya hogayi beta?

  13. Anushka rajat sareen

    Rajat ji, i don’t know why.I think we are meeting here(telly updates) for the 1st time.Ha ha, how are u rajat ji?

  14. Anushka rajat sareen

    Fine rajat ji,don’t leave me dear.That kajal is doing something on me.Help me to get out of that.Or i will become angry on everyone

  15. Rajat sareen

    What to do?Even u will become angry on me.Leave that,shall we discuss about our old love story

  16. Anushka rajat sareen

    Our old love story was remembered by all here.It was the real.All loved anuraj.I even remembered the pain which i get during u and devyaani’s engagement.I want my sister’s happines those days

  17. Rajat sareen

    No dear,u gave me the pain.u told me to marry devyaani.U and me cried so much those days.Still i remember that dear.
    The pain of love was there between us those days

  18. Neel sareen

    Rajat bhai,you have atleast got anu bhabhi which u loved.But i did’nt get my devyaani

  19. Anushka rajat sareen

    Kya karaiho rajat ji ,i want my behan’s kushi.Are hai neel beta and newarjuni tendulkar

  20. kajal neel sareen

    Kya hai neel ji,u are asking devyani,not me.Kya hogayi aap ko.Aur anu,i have add that medicine to ur food.hi hi

  21. kajal neel sareen

    No anu, i will make you away from sareen house and i destroy devyaani’s thoughts frm meri pati ki mind

  22. Rajat sareen

    Anu beta,i have to go npw dear.see u later.bye neel, kajal,shastri sisters team and all commenters

  23. Anushka rajat sareen

    Wow neel i just thought to get the 50th comment.Ouch,u commented before.Anyway,congratulations beta

  24. Anushka rajat sareen

    my sweet heart rajat is not here.So i am going.See u at night or tomorrow,
    Kajal,i will surely expose u.This is my shabadh.bye

  25. Ann(athu)

    Wow so interesting all ss characters are here.Prads,u have to scol only john.Don’t scold them.Bcoz,in sns all characters come and chat.Enjoy their comments

  26. kajal neel sareen

    Now i know u john.You are ajay.But i don’t love u now bcoz now i am neel’a wife.So stay away from me

  27. meethi (john ki biwi)

    john tu yahan kya kar raha hai be.. chal tujhe aaj modi parivar aur sareen parivar ke bartan saaf karwati hun… chal chup chap

  28. jhalan (john ka inspector beta)

    maa mai papa ko arrest kar raha hun.. ladkiyon ke saath bad tameezi karne ke liye

  29. jhalan (john ka inspector beta)

    plz pradishma I am not supporting john if you want me to go then as you wish its better when we support kyy sns yhm nauc ppl ss ppl have no value for good ppl they are only interested in bad ppl like john

  30. Meethi

    Idiot agar hum nahi aatha tho wo tumhri ijjat utrti samjhe bach gaye hushyari pradu pagal

  31. Ann(athu)

    Ok then me also,/bye prad and payal.Payal,u have to surely come here tomorrow.Ok byee

  32. jhalan (john ka inspector beta)

    go to hell ss ppl junoon chalo yahan se sadhne do in logon ko john ke saath.. shayad enjoy karte hain ye us ke blo*dy cmnts ko.. enjoy karo apne john ke saath hum jaa rahe hain.. us din tumne aur maine khanikar ke against fyt ki tab bada thnks thnks bol rahi thi pradishma aaj kya ise pagal kutte ne kaat liya?

    • Ann(athu)

      Eda potta ee paranjathoke neeyada(malayalam)
      Aye loose,eppa sonnathallam nee than Nee yaaru ss commentersa pathi sola?(tamil)

  33. jhalan (john ka inspector beta)

    whoever but I am a human not like this pradishma doesnt she have a thing called brains? I came here just to help you people but if you wanna enjoy john’s comments then as your wish tata enjoy yourself with john I would never think of helping you people

    • Ann(athu)

      U are with no brains.Who are u to say my sis prads has no brain.I think u escaped frm mental hospital

  34. Ann(athu)

    I did’nt mean that.U told,ss commenters commenters to go to hell.Who are u to say like that

  35. jhalan (john ka inspector beta)

    payal shut up I am goin I just answered that so called girl athu

  36. payal

    okk my dr athu n pradis.sorry my net pak wil xpire todoy i wil come aftr recharge my acnt

    • Ann(athu)

      Yes go to sns.Those people who don’t watch shastri sisters is no need to come here.We are ss commenters.If u came to help us,u will not use such words.And riya u did’nt even supported me.Go with him from shastri sisters.I lost the relationship with u.

  37. Ann(athu)

    Ok payal.And u new guy,what are u saying?i just answered and go and chech the comments once again.A big bye mr

  38. annah

    Omg!! Watz going on guyz!!? Ann(athu) and pradishma…plz don’t pay heed to these ppl! 😉

    • annah

      Of course! Ann(athu)!! Even I was asking u that only!! So frnz forever!! ;). ;). ;). 😉

  39. kusum

    Omg i was thinking anu will trap kajal bt here its jst oppositd kajal is trapping anu
    So boring track is going if this continue
    Better it should end rather than showing bhavi falling for dewar
    n all this nonsense drama
    Plz maker show some intresting track yar
    since month its jst running on same mode
    no role of other people jst showing fight n all
    atleast show something thts viewers should hook to ur show

  40. Ann(athu)

    Guys,news for ss fans:

    Kajal has been stooping much lower by every day. She has started drugging Anu. Though Anu

    is being angry on Minty and started arguing with her on petty issues, Sareen believes Anu is

    not bad at heart. He spots Anu going to Minty’s room and thinks what might be the reason.

    Later, Kajal tells him that Minty is unconscious and Anu would have tried to kill her. Sareen

    gets worried and rushes to check Minty. Minty does not wake up and they rush her to the

    hospital. Kajal makes Sareen against Anu, so that Sareen kicks Anu out of the house. Anu tells

    Sareen that she did not do anything and does not remember. Kajal conspires to prove Anu

    mad and unfit to be living with them.

  41. Ann(athu)

    Sanaya Irani wiki
    Sanaya Irani is one of the most dominant faces on Indian Television. She had gained huge popularity for the role of ‘Khushi Kumari Gupta’ in “Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon”. After that she has appeared in serials like Radha Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi and Miley Jab Ham Tum. She has also hosted TV show Zara Nachke Dikha – Season 2. She was the winner of ‘ITA Face of the Year’ Award in 2008 and nominated for New Talent Awards Best Actress in 2009. She has been the winner of Superhit Star Female TV Fiction at Big Star Young Entertainer Awards – 2012. In 2013, she played the role of ‘Chhanchhan’ in “Chhanchhan Sarabhai-Borisagar”. She was last seen in the show ‘Rangrasiya’ as Paro. Now she has approached for Saurabh Tewari’s next on Star Plus.

    Sanaya Irani was born on September 17′ 1983 in Mumbai. She started her career with modelling and after that she entered into acting career, where she got the opportunity to portray the famous role of Kajol’s friend in the movie Fanaa (2006). She came into limelight for her role of Gunjan in ‘Miley Jam Hum Tum’, a show based on college romance. She also was seen in ‘Radha ki Betiyaan kuch kar Dikhayengi’ on NDTV Imagine.

    Sanaya Irani profile

    Personal Profile
    Birth Name : Sanaya Irani
    Common Name : Sanu, Sweetu
    Date of Birth : September 17′ 1983
    Age : 31 Years
    Zodiac Sign : Virgo
    Place of Birth : Mumbai, India
    Height : 5’6″
    Weight : 45 Kgs
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    Religion : Parsi
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    Loves : Animals
    Hates : Cockroaches, Liars
    Hobbies : Shopping
    Actor : Aamir Khan

    Sanaya Irani did her schooling from Ooty. She wanted to do MBA but then got busy with advertisements and modelling and later became television actress.

    Early life
    Sanaya Irani got her first portfolio shot by the photographer-turned-actor Boman Irani. She appeared in various advertisements for companies such as Airtel, Reliance and Pepsi. In her career she has been working with Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, and Priyanka Chopra for some acts. She appeared in Jagjit Singh’s song “Tumko Dekha To Yeh” video for the first time. She began her acting career with the movie Fanaa in 2006. Recently, she has appeared in Dulux paint ad with Barun Sobti.

    Sanaya Irani made her debut on television with SAB TV’s popular show Left Right Left as Sameera Shroff, where she was seen with actor Arjun Bijlani. She was also one of the contestants in Meethi Chhori No.1. She was also seen in the cookery based reality show Welcome : Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki. Sanaya potrayed the title role in the daily soap “Chhanchhan Sarabhai-Borisagar”. Sanaya also played the role of Kushi kumari in Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon. She played the character of a bubbly girl who always fights with her husband.

    Paro in Rangrasiya
    Sanaya Irani played the role of Parvati Rudra Pratap Ranwat in the serial Rangrasiya opposite Ashish Sharma. Paro was a reserved, innocent and simple woman who dresses in Rajasthani attire. She fell in love with her husband’s killer which was played by Ashish.

    Interesting Facts
    Sanaya first approached actor Boman Irani, who was a photographer at that time then with a little guidance from him and with the support of her mother, she took her first steps in the industry.

    For almost four years, Sanaya continued doing commercials and music videos. She recollects, “I never thought I would act on television, yet I knew I would do movies if somebody offered me anything.”

    According to Irani a film is better than a serial, because you get to play so many characters. You grow as an actor. It is not monotonous and they shoot very differently. The conditions TV actors shoot under, there is no time, and the episode has to go on air. Even if you haven’t given your best performance, you just have to go ahead.

    She shares good friendship with Barun Sobti, her co-actor from Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. By now it is clear that Sanaya is confident,witty,pretty and ready to rule the small screen.

    Boyfriend and Marriage
    Sanaya Irani is dating her Co-star Mohit Sehgal from the serial Miley Jab Hum Tum. Along with the shoots of the serial both became close friends and love blossomed between them. She has not decided anything about her marriage yet, since both of them are currently focussing on their career.


    First crush : I never knew his name but he was with me in class V.
    Dream date : Brad Pitt. It’s only a dream.
    Long lasting friend : Tejas and Gautam. I know them for eight years.
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    A low phase in your life : If something happens to anybody in my family like an illness or something it takes me down

    Latest buzz
    ***10 Amazing facts about chulbuli Sanaya Irani

    Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawazi Ki
    Sanaya Irani was one of the contestant of the reality cooking show and showed her cooking skills to her fans.

    Awards and Nominations
    ITA Fresh Face of The Year 2008
    Nominated for New Talent Awards Best Actress 2009
    Nominated for Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Beti 2012
    Nominated for Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Naya Sadasya 2012
    Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Jodi with Barun Sobti 2012
    Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Internatinal Jodi with Barun Sobti 2012
    Nominated for The global Indian Film and Television Honours public award best tv jodi with barun sobti 2012
    Big Star Young Entertainer Awards Superhit Star Female TV fiction 2012

    Likes : Eating, shopping and loves animals.
    Favourite music : All Hindi songs.
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  42. There’s a boy who proposed me then I said NO then he started abusing me so I blocked him…
    now He’s blackmailing me to say this to my mom and if she knows this she will break down

  43. Ann(athu)

    Simply tell this to ur mom.Nothing will happen dear.These boys are like this bcoz they know girls did’nt say anything to parents.I must tell dear.Go ahead

  44. Ann(athu)

    Guys shall i ask u something:I don’t know abt north indian foods,what will u guys ateduring lunch?

  45. Ann(athu)

    Bcoz i heard that north indians always ate chappathi and roti.That’s why.Bcoz of i m a south indian,i don’t know north indian customs

  46. Ann(athu)

    Guys look this link,4 shastri sisters speaking
    Finally a Dubsmash of the four sisters! . @nehaa141 @ishita.gangopadhyay2012 @sonal_1206 @ | OnInStagram

  47. Xxx

    Once they have updated during 11:00pm,When its time changings happened,they are not at all posting earlier

    • annah

      Yes neetu I agree with you, but bcoz of some commentators (don’t wanna take any one’s name) we have to talk to make them understand! Otherwise they humiliate us hope u understand! ;). And we will not do this again

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