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The Episode starts with Minty signing the papers. Kajal says this is called mum’s love and how would Anu know this. She asks Minty to stay till she wants, but she has to work, if anyone time pass, then she will be angry. She threatens them and goes with Leela. Anu and Minty smile. Rohan tells Alka that lawyer was asking bad questions with Astha, and he does not wish Alka to come, he will feel odd. He leaves. Devyaani, Anu and Neil have a talk and say what are we doing, Kajal is doing murder, we are dealing with her, its dangerous. Alka calls Devyaani and says Rohan did not take her to court, he said she will feel odd in court. She asks did they get anything in hotel. Devyaani says not yet, we will get the proof and come court directly. Alka thinks to go court. Devyaani says we have to go now and

see if any CCTV footage or any witness is there. Anu asks her to go.

Neil asks can I come, I can help. Anu nods. Devyaani says fine, hurry up then. They leave and come to the hotel. Neil tries talking about Rohan;s case and Devyaani asks for manager. The manager says he can’t help them. Devyaani requests him. He says I have to answer my seniors. Neil says if we tell police we doubt on you, you have to answer police. Devyaani says even media too. They scare him of losing reputation. Alka comes to court and hides her face. The lawyer questions Rohan and asks why did he go hotel for interview, did he not find is this right or wrong. He says Rohan is lying, he did not get any phone call. He asks Rohan about his relation with his wife. Rohan says its good, why.

The man asks his physical relation with his wife. Rohan says its well every way. The man says why is his wife not here, who loves him a lot, why did she not come here, and asks Rohan. He asks is she busy or ill that she did not come here. Rohan gets worried. The man says he does not have reason, his wife is ashamed of him. Astha smiles. Alka cries and hears them. Rohan says its nothing like that. The man says if he can tell this calmly, maybe he would have trusted him. Neil and Devyaani come there and talk to Rohan’s lawyer.

The man says Rohan’s angry reaction shows he is wrong. Rohan’s lawyer says he has evidence in the pendrive and he wants to show it. The CCTV video shows Astha going to the room and Rohan going to the same room. He does not find anyone and goes inside. The court judge says this footage shows Rohan did not call Astha there, Astha was there before him, court is adjourned and hearing will resume tomorrow. The lawyer says he wants to ask few questions to Alka and gets permission.

Anu sees Leela and acts like talking to Rajat on phone. She says she can’t talk in high tone, she was saying, they have to save the big property of farmhouse from Kajal, it will be worth 10 crores now, send someone and clean it, we will shift there when you come and ends call. Anu makes Leela hear this. Leela goes to tell Kajal and Anu looks at them smiling. Leela tells Kajal that 10 crores house. Kajal says did did not know this. Anu says this greed will end this game, there is no such property, but once Kajal gets sure, then see how I attack on you.

Kajal says she wants everything which Sareens have right on. Vrinda asks Alka where did she go. Alka says she went to market to get spices. Rohan comes home and Vrinda asks what happened. He says Neil and Devyaani brought proof and it has favored us, I think its good, did Alka know about this. Alka says yes, Devyaani told me. Vrinda says strange, Astha created problem for him, and his sister in law is saving him, the case will be in his favor. Rohan says no, it depends on Alka now. She asks what. He says judge called her in next hearing, maybe I know why. She asks what. He looks at Alka and says I did something wrong few days before, I don’t know to tell you or not. Vrinda asks whats the matter.

Rohan sees Alka and says when the women has put black color on my face, I was mad in anger, I did not know will Astha get punished or not, so I thought to punish her, and I went to her when she was alone at home, I went to meet her. He tells her everything. Vrinda is shocked and asks what, did you misbehave with her. Rohan says yes and no, I wanted to show Astha how the girl gets afraid when anything is like happens.

Vrinda asks Alka did she know this. Rohan says when Alka came there, I was there, don’t know what Alka felt, that I stopped myself or because she came, or did I fall so low that I would have molested Astha. He says lawyer will try to know what she feels, so he called her. Vrinda says what will she feel, Alka knows Rohan, will she give statement against her husband. Rohan says Alka has to decide, it all depends on Alka’s statement now. Vrinda say then think you won, Alka will say in your favor, right Alka? Alka gets thinking.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Firstttt!

  2. Precap: kajal holds knife on minty’s neck anu asks her to get it dowm…. and jus then door bell rings….. and kajal throws minty away and slits her wrist….. and anu opens the door and guggal rushes to kajal and asks her who did it…..

    1. Thanks..

    2. Crying representates sadness nd i hate sadness Being sad in bad tym shows ur weakness nd smiling at a bad situation also can change ur bad tym into gud tym

  3. Waiting for some intresting twists…

  4. Precap!!

  5. Thanks for the update Amena ? and thanks Prads ? Good going Anu and Deveil ?? Eagerly waiting to see the villains behind bars ?

    – Dreamer ?

  6. Wah!!! Finally kajal’s caught…

  7. kajal bari haramdi ye

  8. Ik kajal is gna get caught an anuskha and sareen family will win…Lyk always

  9. Ik kajal is gna get caught by guggal pandeu

  10. Nyc epi! Vrinda is selfish!! N precap is gud!! Kajal did one mistake…….she holded d knife wid her own hand n then cut her own hand!! So her fingerprints came on it!!! He he he!!?

  11. hope that Kajol goes to jail

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      1. yarr do u kno who is tis hiraM,actually i earlier told u my real name n my surname is malik,,, what do u thnk about it .

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