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Shastri Sisters 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu recalling changes in Rajat and seeing Sameer applying the color lenses. She gets stunned and cries. She goes to kitchen and calls Alka. She says she has to say something imp. Alka says she will trust her, what is it. Anu says the one staying as Rajat here is Sameer, Rajat’s lookalike. Alka asks what is she saying. Anu says I m sure and tells her everything. Alka is shocked. Alka says if we tell this to anyone, they will think we are mad. Anu says I will find proof and the tell everyone. Minty calls Mony. Anu says I will call later and ends the call.

Anu sees Sameer going and thinks to stop him and take briefcase. Sareen and Minty stop him and ask him to have breakfast. Rajat says its ok, I will have food in office. Anu bumps into him and his briefcase falls and

opens. He asks can’t she see and walk. She says sorry. Sareen helps him and asks whats this map, and this looks like any code, word puzzle looks like Sekri chowk… Anu thinks blast happened at that place. She recalls Sameer’s words.

Sameer worries and says its airforce mission papers, so it will be on code. Sameer takes his things and leaves. Anu follows him and Minty stops her. She asks why is she going out. Anu says she is going to get veg. Minty asks her to tell her, and not go out without saying. Anu informs Alka the same. Anu says I m scared thinking what is Sameer doing, what are his intentions, is he using Rajat’s job in airforce, this can be harmful for many people, he can do anything, he will not leave anyone, they should not know about this, but… if this is Sameer, where is my Rajat.

Rajat sees the goons playing and tries freeing himself. He opens the rope. Anu thinks Sameer can get anything in Rajat’s office. Devyaani comes to her and Anu asks why she looks angry. Devyaani asks her to keep breakfast in fridge. Anu says it means you cooked food and Rajat did not eat, so she is annoyed, and suggests her to go to Rajat’s office with tiffin. Devyaani packs tiffin and tells Minty that she is going to give tiffin to Rajat. Anu says she did not see airforce office, can she come, she has a wish. Devyaani and Minty smile, and send her along.

Sameer checks some files in Rajat’s laptop and copies the folders. Devyaani and Anu come there with tiffin, and he hides the laptop screen. Anu looks on. He thanks Devyaani for bringing the food. He says they will have food in canteen and takes them. Anu makes an excuse and says she will wait outside. Devyaani sends her.

Anu sees the system and says why is he taking this confidential files. Sameer gets a call and goes. Anu takes the pics of the laptop screen and goes. Sameer attends the call and comes to know Rajat has run away. He is shocked and says I m coming, I will not leave him. Anu hears this and says maybe he is talking about Rajat, I have to find Rajat. Sameer tells Devyaani that there is emergency and he has to go. She says fine, I will go home.

Sameer scolds the goons in anger and gets worried. He tries finding Rajat and follows the footsteps. Rajat hides behind a tree. Sameer comes to him and aims gun at him.

Sameer gets a call and comes to know Rajat’s wife is not dead. He asks is she alive. The man says she is in Delhi right now. Sameer is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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