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Shastri Sisters 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani saying things can end in one min, I won’t go without Papa. Alka says but we have to go, as he got tickets too. Devyaani says so what, we can’t go like this. Anushka ssays but what to do now. Alka says we will go back if Papa wants. Anushka says Papa wants us to be safe, as he is afraid of what happened here. Alka tries to convince them that they should go back to Kanpur. Devyaani says it was your mistake to leave Peeya alone. Alka says I went to take a call. Devyaani says you are taking many calls these days. She checks Alka’s phone and checks it. They see Rajeev’s shop name. Alka lies to them and says she is not related to them.

Devyaani says we can’t go from Delhi, I will try to convince Papa. Anushka and Peeya say they will support her. Alka says

I won’t. Neil is happy as the girls are going back and they can party again at his house. Neil says I think I will miss them, I liked their fights and outdoing me, they have something in them. Minty talks to Dolly and says I m feeling very sad, as if anyone stays with us, we feel bad if they go. Dolly says then stop them. Minty says no its enough now, I love them but they did many mistakes, they are so mannerless. Dolly enjoys the gossip.

She laughs and says you said you will be sad. Minty says yes, and ends the call. Sareen stops Shastri ji about his decision. Shastri ji says I m worried for them, they did not grow up. Sareen says I feel they are matured. Shastri ji shares his opinion on everyone, Peeya is taller but don’t have sense, Alka is eldest but is like younger one, she is living in her stores, Devyaani always gets problems for her, she makes noise at home, and when she is not at home, I feel empty, Anushka is mature. She says Anushka will become their mum and will take care of everyone.

Sareen listens to him that they will meet Shastri ji a lot. Sareen asks him to think again, is it good to send them back. Shastri ji says whats the other way. Sareen says there is a way, trust them, give them some time. Devyaani and Peeya fight for a teddy. Shastri ji stops them. Devyaani says who will save you tgere in Kanpur. Shastri ji asks Anushka to stop their fight, but Anushka ignores him. She says this is trailer and will fight more in Kanpur.

They ask him to get a cooler. Alka looks on. Anushka says think again Papa. Shastri ji says I can understand why you all are doing this to explain me. He says but you have to go Kanpur. Alka says see, I told this before. He takes their bags and asks them to leave now. They get sad and look at the house. Shastri ji is upset. Kardiya beghar……………….plays……………..Anushka comes to him and says you miss mum’s pic right. She keeps the pic. She says we have always listened to you, and obeyed your decision, you decided to bring us here and we came, and now you are sending us back, so we are going.

She cries and says we can go far from you, but can’t make you away from mum. Neil comes and taunt the sisters. Minty hugs them and asks them to remember her. She asks them to hurry up. Sareen gets upset and looks on. Devyaani thinks of her Delhi dreams getting shattered. Anushka and tells Devyaani that like we stayed without our mum, now we have to be without our dad too. Shastri ji hears this and feels bad. Shastri ji stops them from leaving and all of them hug him. They smile. Sareen laughs and asks the rickshaw to go. He asks Minty to be happy as Lord heard her prayers.

Sareen welcomes them back home. Devyaani taints Neil and argues with him. Alka gets worieed thinking about Rajeev. Neil loses his room again and thinks.

The newspaper comes and Alka gets Rajeev’s chit in it. She is shocked to know he is waiting for her in joggers park. Alka meets him and asks what is he doing, go back. Rajeev is adamant and asks her to come to meet him at his place else he will come to meet her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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