Shastri Sisters 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rohan asking Astha where is she. Astha gets ready and asks him to come in her room. He says they are getting late for office, is she ready. She wears a gorgeous saree and flaunts her style to woo Rohan. (What a cheapo!!) She asks is she looking good. He says yes, but we are going for meeting, why all this. She says yes, I will get ready as you say. He says this is fine, come, I will wait. Astha says they are going out together, so she has to look special. He asks her to come. She says Rohan could not say by his eyes, its fine, he will say it soon.

Devyaani is on the way and Bobby sees her. He follows her. Devyaani goes to the stationery shop and Bobby teases her. The store vendor scolds him and Bobby tries to defame her. Devyaani gets angry by his taunts and slaps

him. She asks him to get lost else she will call police. Its night, Rajat comes to the terrace and recalls Minty. Anu comes and asks him to talk to Minty. He says I was thinking about Devyaani’s presentation. She recalls about Neil and says it went fine. Rajat says I knew it. She hopes Minty and Rajat’s fight will end soon, and fears it to happen otherwise, hope Neil does not do anything silly again.

Rohan and Astha come for the meeting. She smiles. The client likes the work and says Rohan will get the deal. Rohan thanks him and the client goes. Astha says see he is so intelligent, that they got the deal, she could not do anything. Rohan says no, you would also get the deal. She says we should celebrate this, why don’t we go for dinner, its first big deal. Rohan says sorry, Alka will be waiting, and she might have cooked by now. She says yes, I m sorry, I wanted to stay out of home for some time, it does not mean I keep you away from Alka, its fine, I will go some day else, but who will take me, I m all alone, but this is my problem, lets go home.

Rohan says I m sorry, she is saying right, Alka and I stay busy, and we don’t see you would also like to go out, lets go for dinner. Neil is at the bar and drinks recalling Devyaani’s words. Bobby comes to him and Neil recalls their last meet. Bobby asks him not to drink so much that he can’t bear. Neil asks what is he doing here. Bobby says he is staying in this city, and what is he doing here in the bar, not everyone can digest wine, this is my place. He says everyone knows what happened with Devyaani and she has also slapped him, now they will take revenge together, they will do something that she curses the day she slapped them. Neil asks him to move his hand back and says he solves his matters himself, he does not need him.

Bobby says they will together teach her a lesson. Neil says she has ego and misbehaves like she owns me, she bought me from my dad, she insulted me always. Bobby says they will not leave her, that she can’t live at home and can’t leave from home. He says we will take revenge that she can’t forget this. He thinks this time he will do and Neil will be trapped. He says he will drop Neil home.

Neil says I scolded and beaten you, even then you are supporting me. Astha and Rohan see them. The manager says he will manage. Rohan says he booked the table and the manager thinks Astha is his wife. Rohan says no. They sit and Astha likes the place. She asks did he come here before. Rohan says no, Alka did not come. She asks with someone else, before marriage. Rohan laughs. He says they will have dinner and leave soon. Astha says if he is not enjoying here and sitting for her happiness, then they will go home, she will not feel bad. Rohan sys its nothing like that, and smiles seeing Alka. Astha sees her and Alka joins them.

She says traffic was much. Rohan says lets order the food and takes the menu from Astha. Alka says I will order for us and Rohan will have his fav food, and holds his hand. Astha looks at them. She thinks they have so much love and forgot about me. She holds the glass in anger and it breaks. Rohan and Alka are shocked.

Devyaani tries to take auto and Bobby comes from behind to stab her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hey guys i have shocking news

    first atempt to attack devyani
    Bobby follows devyani Where she has an assignment meanwhile anu asks rajat to take a leave and attend the pooja. Bobby attemps to stab devyani, but misses the chance

    devyani talks to alka over phone when suddenly Bobby attacks her and slashes her face. The unit members take her to the hospital and the security guard attemps to nab Bobby

  2. Woah this is extremely booooooringgggggg u will loooseeee this year hahahaha yeah before I used to like this serial but now o-m-g lollzzzzzaaasssss

    1. So Don’t watch simple if loved. This serial from heart it will never bore u

  3. Thnk pradishma for this news….I really love dis serial by heart but I don’t have time to watch dis serial because of office timing…..thx again

    1. I too love this favourite serial……………..

  4. how worst the character of astha.. Dnt show these kind of cheap scenes.. Writers have lost it. To prolong astha’s part, they make her such a vamp… Chi, thu..

  5. astha loves her devar?? what a cheap..

  6. plsss will ny 1 tell me were did astha’s husband go???? pleeaseee

  7. No anuraj scene ?

  8. Omg how can a person be so cheap I just feel killing astha rohan is a younger brother to her sooooo cheap.
    And this Neil is too much now I just love that Neil who helped shastri sisters to expose karishma’s truth from going against his own family……

  9. astha r u idiot??missing anuraj scene.i really hate bobby scenes.

  10. ohho wat s happening hr! how can that astha even thnk lyk tis! shame on u. I thought she s changing bt I was wrong,u ll never change…..ever……

  11. I think astha don’t love rohan she just want to break alka or rohan marriage…app khud socho itne time se rohan Or astha devar or bhabahi hai pehale kabhi astha main aise feeling kyun nai aaye ….it’s just her new cheap plan that’s all

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