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Shastri Sisters 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the court case starting. Alka is called in the witness box and swears to tell the truth. The lawyer starts questioning her. She says Rohan used to work in Astha’s office and also stay in her house, so they left that house and went to my Maayka. She says Astha fired him of the job and made us leave the house too. He says then people would remark him useless. Alka says I don’t care of this, he did the job. The lawyer asks did she fight with Rohan, did she think to leave him. She says never, every husband and wife has small fights, but it does not mean.. He says it means you were not happy with Rohan, why did you go back to Astha’s house.

Alka says we had pity on her, as Sunil and everyone left her alone. He asks how did they go back when Astha called, he can’t

believe this, they went for the greed, Rohan has seen Astha alone and wanted to take property, Rohan was not good, he is a criminal to play with a woman’s respect. Alka says no, he is saying wrong, Rohan is very good man, he can’t even think of doing this. He says fine, what happened when you went to Astha’s home at night, what did you see it, does a good man do like that, tell the court about it. Alka cries.

He asks did she go there. She says yes. Vrinda gets shocked. Astha smiles. The lawyer asks what did she see there and asks her again and again. Vrinda cries. He asks her to say did she see Rohan misbehaving with Astha. Alka says yes, but…. The man says she has seen Rohan forcing Astha, and her clothes were torn, she was shouting for help.

He blames Rohan and says Alka is the witness for the crime at Astha’s house. Anu talks to someone and sees Kajal in mirror. She fools her and says someone to keep interiors modern, as she and her husband will be staying there, make it perfect. Kajal hears this and gets glad. The court is adjourned and judge says he will take the decision in few days. Vrinda asks Alka does she know what she did, if case is against Rohan, she is responsible, Rohan was winning case and she went against him, why did she do this. Alka cries and says I did not understand, lawyer did not let me tell. Vrinda says you proved Rohan a criminal.

Vrinda scolds her and leaves. Astha says Alka is true and she sacrificed Rohan. Alka says Rohan will not get punished. Astha says I wish judge could see your pain and taunts her singing a song. Alka cries. Anu and Minty act and Minty sends Anu out by the excuse. Sareen smiles. Minty says daal is burning and goes. Sareen says daal is getting black, Minty and Anu are together and cooking some khichdi. Anu says its good Sareen does not know, else he would have not let me do this. She sees Kajal following her. Minty also sees Kajal. They smile.

Anu asks the auto driver to take her to farmhouse and Kajal follows her. Minty calls Anu and tells her that Kajal is following her, be careful, if anything happens, call me. Anu says don’t worry, everything will be fine, Neil and Devyaani should reach there before me. Neil and Devyaani are on the way and asks the man is the place perfect as a farmhouse. The man asks him not to worry. Neil gets Anu’s message and says they are reaching, we have to reach soon. He asks the man to drive fast. The truck stops at the side. Devyaani falls over Neil and they have an eyelock. He asks is she fine.

The man says tyre got stuck in mud pit. Neil asks him to hurry up, how will they reach on time now. Anu sees Kajal following her and hopes Neil and Devyaani reaches there. She goes to the farmhouse with nameboard Anushka Sareen, Rajat Sareen. She rings the bell and waits. Kajal looks at her. The man greets her. Anu asks did Neil and Devyaani come. He says no. Anu calls Neil and says why is his phone not reachable. He asks the man not to get anyone come inside and leaves. Kajal hides and smiles seeing the farmhouse. Anu sees her galling in her trap.

Kajal sees the lavish farmhouse and gets happy. She says she is Anu’s friend, did Anu come, we were meeting here. The man says she came and went. Kajal says she forgot that she called me here, can I take pics. The man says sorry, you can’t go inside. She says I her best friend. He says I m told that no one can’t go inside. She says fine, can I get few pics. She insists. He says fine. She goes after him. Anu gets worried and says Kajal went inside, what will I do now. She says its my mistake, she fooled the police officer, fooling guard is easy, my plan is flopped, Lord do something, help me.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Precap:kajal got the fake farmhouse papers Anu asks how do you take it without my permission and try to take the papers back from kajal but kajal shoves Anu and says I will do anything and will take farmhouse papers without your permission too.lady inspector hears this and asks which farmhouse paper you are talking about, kajal and leela gets shocked Anu smiles.

    I hope you all will understand it. if it has any mistake I am very sorry for that.

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