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The Episode starts with Anu talking to Rajat. She says lets handle our love maturely, we can’t avoid other relations. She says is this right that you leave your job and be around my office, I don’t know you to ruin your life by my love. Rajat says I want to spend my life with you. She says we can try to move on. She asks can’t we just be friends, can’t we forget everything and make a new start. Rajat says its not easy. She says I know its not easy, but we should try once. She says promise me, we will try, its fine if we fail, but if we succeed, we can be happy. Shastri ji and Alka meet Veer’s mom and tells her everything about Minty and Anu’s marriage.

He asks her to think again and go ahead if she is okay with it. She is shocked. Shastri ji says if you want to stop the talk

here, I can understand. She says she wants to take it ahead more fast, as she feels its not Anushka’s mistake, she might be sad, she wants a partner who can lessen her pain, and Veer is exactly such man, as he also went through such thing, he was engaged and engagement got broken, I feel our children should get second chance and they are perfect match.

He says I m sure Anu can’t get a better guy than Veer. Anu asks Rajat to promise. Rajat holds her hand and they cry. He promises her that he will do as she says. She thinks she won’t let her love become a chain for his leg. Saajna…………….plays…………..She leaves. He says I will try to keep the promise, but I also promise I won’t let our tries succeed.

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Sareen and Minty are arranging show pieces. Shastri ji comes to them. He asks Minty about Sareen. Sareen says I m at home, and asks Minty to move aside and let Shastri ji come. Shastri ji says I came to say that I got a good proposal for Anu. Minty says great, I will get sweets. She thanks Lord for this good news. Sareen asks how did he take this decision. Shastri ji says tell Rajat to sign annulment papers, so that there is no problem. Sareen argues asking him to think. Minty says don’t worry, I will make my son sign.

Hari asks Rohan for taking money and asks for accounts. Rohan says Anu wanted it, as Shastri ji had heart attack, he has returned it. Sunil says but you did not tell us, Astha got this hospital bill, else we would have not known this. Rohan says so what, they have returned the money, you also took money many times. Astha says Sunil is owner of the shop. Vrinda says even Rohan is owner. Astha says no, he is owner’s brother, my dad gave all the loans to make my husband the owner. She says Rohan can work in the shop, but its not his shop. She asks Hari to say, is she wrong. Astha says don’t take me wrong, if you want money, you can take it from Sunil’s shop, as you don’t do any work, but ask Sunil once, we won’t say no. Rohan says fine and gets upset.

He leaves. Alka and Vrinda cry. Anu gets down the auto and says she does not have change. Rajat pays the change. She does not take. He says you promised we are friends now, if you feel awkward, it means its more than friendship, fine I will take it back. Anu says no, you pay him. Rajat gives the money to the auto driver. She thanks him. He says no thanks in friendship. Anu comes home and sees Shastri ji upset. She asks why did he call her so many times, is everything fine. He smiles and says yes, its fine. He tells her about his decision, he will be more fine if she agrees.

She says she is always with his decision, why is he asking today. He says its imp, I want you to think well and decide. Rajat comes home. Minty is glad. He asks why is she looking go happy. She goes to get tea. Rajat asks Sareen whats the matter. Sareen says Shastri ji came, he has chosen a guy for Anu. Rajat is shocked. Anu sees Veer’s pic and is shocked.

Veer’s mum asks him to see the pic and he refuses. She says I will cancel it. He says fine, when you see mine, you will like her. He sees the pic and asks how did you get mine choice girl. She says she is my choice. They are glad and sure that Lord made this relation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I really like Veer, but as we all know, anuraj are made for each other.

  2. i like veer but anu and rajat are perfect pair

  3. Veer should turn negative so we get anu and rajat pair

  4. veer is good for anu not rajat

  5. Oh I wish veer was not so handsome …at least I could talk something against him but he’s so niiiice

  6. anuraj r the best please let them together soon please no more drama.
    nd really hate minty,shastri nd the most I hate alka nd rohan.

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