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Shastri Sisters 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha calling Alka and telling her everything and apologized to her. She asks Alka to talk to everyone and convince them not to punish me, I did not do big crime. Alka says you ruined a happy family, and ruined Devyaani’s respect and tried to break my marriage, if you get punished, then you will realize. She ends the call. Astha says its true, no one supports in bad time. Sareen, Minty and Anu come to talk to Shastri ji. Sareen says Neil and Devyaani’s marriage is in three days. Shastri ji says what, but pandit said.. Sareen says it was junior pandit, I went temple and met senior pandit, Minty came with me, ask her.

Shastri ji says it will be very soon. Sareen says I will manage everything. Shastri ji says what can I say now, fine yes. Sareen hugs him. He asks Alka

to make sweets. Peeya comes home and they are glad seeing her.

Peeya hugs them and says summer vacation started and I came home from hostel. Sareen tells her about Devyaani and Neil’s marriage. Peeya says what, no one told me. Minty says we also did not know, everything happened so soon. Peeya goes to meet Devyaani. Sareen says we will go now, we have much work, I have to drop Minty to beauty parlor. Anu goes. Minty tells Neil and he says 3 days, is this age to marry and that too with Devyaani, she will take revenge, talk to dad. Minty says Sareen is not agreeing. Neil says save me from marriage.

Minty promises she will find some way, and ask him not to behave to make them doubt that they are trying to stop marriage. Its morning, Minty asks the man to do good work. Anu looks at her. Rajat asks Anu what happened, now everything is getting fine. Anu says I m feeling scared, how can anything be fine suddenly and looks at Minty. She says I m sorry but I m afraid how did Minty change, she looks happy now, but she was unhappy when Neil said yes. Rajat says dad and Neil said yes, so she has no choice, she accepted us, she will accept Neil and Devyaani too, we all are with Devyaani.

Minty gets angry and her hand gets hurt. A girl gives her bandage and acts sweet. Minty thanks her and turns to see. Leela comes and hugs Minty. Leela says she is Suman’s daughter Kajal. Minty says you have grown up. Leela says she got her as I was coming for marriage function. Kajal says she is like her mum too. She says she will manage everything. Minty says you are guest. Kajal says I will work, I will feel I have a home, as I don’t have any home. Minty says great, you did well. Minty asks them to come inside and shows her home.

Kajal sees Anu and compliments her and her pairing with Rajat. Minty says she is Leela Maasi and this is Kajal. Sareen comes and Kajal talks to him. Minty smiles. Minty says she is my friend Suman’s daughter Kajal, I used to study in college with Suman and Leela. Leela greets Sareen and says Minty is lucky to get good looking husband and even sons are smart. She shakes hands with Sareen and flirts. Everyone smile.

Minty says come, I will show guest room. They go. Sareen says your mum’s all relatives get after me. Its evening, everyone gather for the sangeet function. Kajal introduces herself and says she came without invitation, and talks to Anu and Devyaani. She says she will do all the work. Anu says all work is done. Devyaani sees Neil and he turns. Kajal congratulates him. He asks her who is she. She says Kajal and he goes. Sareen asks Anu did she see Minty. Anu says no, don’t know where she went.

Minty is shown walking on the road and stops seeing a man standing in darkness near his car. Rajat cheers up Neil for his sangeet and asks him to dance. Neil says no mood. Rajat insists as he said yes to marry by his wish. Neil says yes but. Rajat says I can understand, you are confused is this right or wrong decision, this is right after what happened, let this marriage happen and let some time pass, then you will know its right decision. Minty pays the man and he checks the money. She says I will give more after work, this marriage should not happen, if you make any mistake, you don’t know how dangerous I can be. He says don’t worry, it will be as you want. She smiles.

Minty tells someone to reach on time and no one should see. Anu looks on. Minty says Neil’s sherwani came and goes to Neil. Anu thinks why did the man get two sherwanis.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. FingersCrossed!dunno wat Minty planning behind and dunno Wats Kajals role in this?

  2. kajal is trying to act good and want to marry neil.

    1. Yes, I think too

  3. I think insread of nein minty is planning someone to marry devyaani

  4. yeah i think mint wants the other gut to marry Neil who knows what could happen. I think minty will fail in this plan because the shastri sisters have to win and Devyani should be with her love. Also because Neil did this with Devyani she should get with another man and make Neil jealous.

    1. I agree

  5. ishita gangully

    thanks for the comments guys

  6. Devyaani shouldn’t marry Neil after what he did to her he ain’t worth it

  7. Is the last comment is really from Ishitha gangully – the one who acts as Anu in shastri sisters..??

    Anyways I like her character in shastri sisters.. she is doing very well.. All the best Anu..!!

  8. Where’s priya????

  9. I have voted for shastri sisters for the serial going in the right track.Guys,vote for shastri sisters

    1. Where to vote. I want to vote

  10. Was that comment from.Ishita?

  11. saeed,go to the poll zone of written updates.u will find there

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