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Shastri Sisters 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu saying what map is this and whats this marking on it. She hides her face seeing fake Rajat come there. He asks her what is she doing here. She says Minty asked me to call you, so I came here. He says I told dad that I m coming, why did they send you. She says you did late, that’s why. He says fine, you go, I will come. She leaves. She thinks whats happening, I don’t feel like talking to Rajat, he was not like this, I feel like talking to stranger, its like just Rajat’s face, what was that map, I have to find it.

He closes the door and checks the satellite phone. He calls the goon and says I got your message asking to call urgently, is everything fine. He says he is waiting for order to blast in next location and smiles. Minty says she has surprise for them,

to make their mood fine. She says she planned a trip for Rajat and Devyaani to Mauritius. Devyaani asks when did she plan this. Minty asks her to do packing, as they have to leave in 2 days. Fake Rajat thinks and says sorry, I don’t think we can go.

They all look at him. He says he has much work and has to be on duty. Minty says its late, we can’t cancel trip. Sareen says don’t think about money, he is here for country’s security, they can go on honeymoon later. Minty says yes, what will Devyaani think now, sorry. Sareen says Devyaani will understand this. Anu thinks she will get the answers in the same papers and she has to see it again. She goes to Rajat’s room and sees the suitcase missing. Minty calls Mony and asks her to make coffee. Anu says she is going to make coffee for Rajat. Minty asks how do you know this that he takes coffee after food. Anu says Devyaani told me. Minty sends her.

Anu recalls Rajat acting weird and thinks to check the things in that bungalow, at night, maybe she can get any clue. Its night, Anu goes out of home and Alka sees her going. She doubts the maid and follows her. Anu sees Alka after her and hides. Alka looks for her. Alka is about to be hit by the car. Anu runs to save her, and pulls her. They both fall. Anu asks her is she fine, and cries. Alka gets bit hurt. Anu asks is she fine, and asks her to open eyes. Alka opens eyes and is shocked seeing Anu. She smiles and holds Anu, asking is this her Anu. Anu says I m alive. Alka hugs her and they cry happily.

Alka asks where was she, why did she not tell her, why is she wearing maid’s clothes, Anu says there are many things to say, where to start from. Alka says from beginning. Anu says it started when I fell from the cliff. Fake Rajat does not see Mony in kitchen and thinks where did she go at night, did she come here to work or is any secret agent. Anu tells everything to Alka. Alka says I will show that doctor, I will not leave him. Anu says calm down, he got his punishment, he is in jail. Alka says we did not find you, sorry. Anu says its not your mistake.

Anu says she has to say something, she did not come to them as Rajat is behaving strange, she feels its not Rajat, she has to know Rajat’s truth till then she has to hide, promise you won’t tell anyone. Alka promises. Anu says I m not alone you. Alka says I m always with you and hugs her. Anu and Alka come home and see everyone talking about Mony not at home. Devyaani says maybe she has stolen something and went. Minty says she will not leave Dolly. Fake Rajat looks outside the window. Anu and Alka hide. He says he will see outside. They all come out and see Anu sleeping at on sofa in lawn. Anu says she felt suffocated inside and so she has come here. Minty says this is not village field, if anyone kidnaps you then, we were in tension and finding you. Minty warns her not to do so and takes her inside home. Alka hides and goes upstairs.

Its morning, Anu comes to Rajat’s room and says where did he go, I don’t even to wish to call him Rajat. She hears him talking in bathroom, about the blasts, else Sameer’s enmity will be costly. Anu says why is he saying himself Sameer. He ends call and turns to apply color lenses. She is shocked seeing his two different eye colors, realizing he is not Rajat.

Anu makes Sameer’s bag fall and Sareen gets map, and names the place where the blast happened. Anu gets shocked and thinks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank you for the update Amena ? Woah! I must say I really liked today’s episode a lot ?? The revelation scene between Anu and Alka was just simply sweet and nice…a bond between two sisters expressed in a beautiful manner ? Woohoo! At least now we have someone who knows that Anu is alive and can aid her in revealing Sameer’s true colours and intentions ? and for Sameer….gosh that guy is just plain cruel ? Bomb blasts! That is just too much ? But we do know that the Shastri Sisters and the Sareen Bros will put a stop to this once they have seen his true colours and have rescued Rajat ?? And Devyani… oh dear! I do hope that she doesn’t get too depressed and heartbroken once she gets to know that she has been cheated yet again ? Hopefully Neil will stand by her side and get her out of her trauma ? Eagerly awaiting the episode in which Anuraj and Deveil are finally United ?

    – Dreamer ?

  2. I think they must tell dev. About the truth. So all sisters work together

  3. Alka is the only character that i first found really stupid but know it looks like she is quite smart the scene where there was the reunion was honestly very emotional thanks amena

  4. Gud episode!!!!! Hope anu gets to know d truth sooon! Anu…… Plz find ur raj soon………. He is suffering a lot …..he is being beaten……..??

    N now wen devyani knows d truth……..oh gosh!
    She will be shattered!!

  5. interesting! any is a smart girl.

  6. Anu is a smart girl

  7. Can I ask why mostly all Indian dramas like to potray Muslims in a bad name. Yet again Indian drama serials target muslims. And lo and behold another terroist attack, aimed at shaming and blaming muslims. Same story in the drama serial Uttaran. Really, can you NOT blame muslims for everything, like we have enough media publicity around the world already. Islam is peaceful religion and im quite frankly annoyed how all indian dramas seem to reel in the good olde “lets plot a terrorist attack” move on, or people viewers will move on and boycott, jab bhi dekho muslimano ke badnaami! Rant Over.

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