Shastri Sisters 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty being angry on Anu. Kajal acts sweet to her and Minty blesses her. Kajal goes to Neil and asks will he have anything. Neil gets angry and sits to play guitar. Kajal keeps talking to him and acts sweet to him. He plays guitar and does not hear her. She asks can she be his friend. He tells her about Devyaani and she pacifies him. He recalls Devyaani’s words and leaves. Kajal thinks she will convince Neil in few weeks and then make him fall for her.

Anu asks Devyaano about the presentation, and she knows it will go good. Devyaani asks why is she talking like her. Anu says she was in tension. Devyaani says everything went well and sees Neil coming. Devyaani scolds Neil for making the MMS in the presentation. Neil says you will fall some day. Devyaani says all

her presentation will be good, even if he tampers it. She says she is ashamed to love a bad guy like him. He says you said I m bad, who are you, and scolds her.

She asks her to go and ask everyone, those who saw the MMS will say who is bad. Devyaani slaps him infront of everyone. Anu and Alka stop Devyaani. The man says such guys should get the slap. Devyaani says yes, he deserves this. She says she feels proud when people see her, why does he ride bike, so that people like it and impress them. She scolds him and calls him cheap mentality man. She calls him bad and he shouts shut up.

Neil argues and says he will make her mouth shut soon, she slapped him and she will know what big mistake she did. She says she did not do mistake, she feels she did a big good deed, if he misbehaves again, she will do this again. Neil says keep this ego ad attitude, I will break this and make this replying habit changed, look outside when you step out, I promise I will make hurdles for you and teach you a lesson.

Neil leaves. Devyaani says how can he have such pride after doing this, I wish to slap him a lot. Anu asks her to calm down and Alka told her what happened in interview, she is proud of her, if she moves ahead, it will be slap on Neil. Devyaani says she can’t believe Neil did this, I m not hurt, but angry on him. Anu tells Alka that she is afraid for Devyaani. Alka says don’t worry, Devyaani is more strong after her heart break, Neil can’t do anything, I m with her. Anu says yes, don’t say anything to dad, he will worry. Alka says fine. They come home.

Peeya asks Devyaani about the presentation. Shastri ji comes and asks her. Devyaani says it was great, I was not nervous and the people liked it and clapped a lot. She says dad would have been proud of me if he was there. He laughs. She says I m saying true, ask Alka. Alka comes and smiles. She tells dad that Devyaani is saying a lot, you know her, but presentation went well, they were impressed by her. He says I knew this, but if she did not give good presentation, I would have given a long lecture to her, but its not needed, I know she makes me feel proud.

Anu asks Minty about the fast arrangements. Minty says you don’t have time, this fast is also imp, Karwachauth is kept for husband and this one for children. The girls also talk about the fast and say Shastri ji is their father and also their mum. They cry and hug him.

Kajal says she will keep fast for Minty. Minty says I don’t wish for a long life, and sounds sad. Rajat comes and hears this. Sareen looks on.

Bobby comes to stab Devyaani and stares at her. Devyaani does not see him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Who else thinks this is too much stupidity???

  2. Again idiot bobby came?

  3. If stupidity then no need to watch

    1. you are stupid,not this serial

  4. R u saying it To me??

  5. sorry i misunderstand the understand u told that to disha

  6. U guys release it now from long time I’m just reading written updates. The writers has crossed all the limits of stupidity.

  7. don’t say like this, i love this serial

      1. i think u and me are a great fan of ss

  8. Nice episode I think anu will make fast for minty to pove that she want toh unite her family for foever……

    1. Then also minty will not realise her ego is big

  9. i hate minty and also kajal.stupid ss and rajat and rohan.what about astha

  10. Wow,neil deserve that slap

  11. Bring some romance between anushka and rajat.

  12. U r right . Romance huh !

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