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Shastri Sisters 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat asking is she really happy seeing him with some girl, or is she jealous? They get closer. Minty comes on the terrace and is shocked seeing them having an eyelock. Minty asks is he walking in wrong direction again. Rajat says no, I was talking to Karishma for phone, Anu came on terrace and I was just talking. Minty says you could have come down, these girls have out problems in our lives. Rajat says he don’t know did the girls bring problems for him or someone else, and asks her not to worry about her. Minty says Sareen is confused about Karishma, but she is happy and sure she is perfect match for him. He says you felt Devyaani is also perfect match for me, lets go and talk to dad, he matters to me.

Minty comes to Sareen and says she saw Rajat, he is very

happy with Karishma, and he said he is very sure about her, why don’t we talk to her family. Sareen says Rajat’s dad is still alive for him, and stop this artificial love show. He turns and sleeps. Anu thinks about Rajat’s words. She says first love, first GF, and he wanted to get engaged to me, and today he is ready to marry someone else. She says she does not care. She does not do her work well and says she is losing focus, it means she is jealous to see Rajat with some other girl, so what, she should not care. She asks herself do I still love Rajat?

She says she should not be jealous and cries. She says she is jealous and accepts it. Rajat talks to Karishma, and asks why is she talking as their plans are different. She smiles and asks what can be her plan. He says just kidding and tells Anu’s reaction. Karishma says I noticed she was jealous, and we should give intense action to make her reaction intense, she will come running to say she is jealous and she loves you. She ends the call and sees his pic. She kisses it and hugs it, saying time will tell what we have to do. Astha smiles seeing her. Karishma is shocked seeing her. Astha says tell him later, but tell me now, what he has to do. Karishma says nothing.

Astha says you should not lie to people of your category. She asks what is she thinking. Karishma smiles. Devyaani eats chocs. Anu comes to the room and sees her. She asks Devyaani to sleep, and why is she eating chocolate at night, she used to say its bad and she can get fat by it. Devyaani says yes, I felt I m beautiful and I wanted to preserve you, but thanks I know its nothing like that. Anushka cries. Astha sees Rajat and Karishma’s pic and asks her to say it. Karishma asks will she tell anyone. Astha says she will say if its not to be said. Karishma says there is no plan to unite Anu and Rajat, and he broke her heart in college so she will make him breakup with Anu. Astha smiles being shocked and asks does she love him. Karishma says yes, I want to get him, Rajat’s fate just has Karishma. Astha hugs her happily.

Rajat sees Anu’s pic and says he will make her agree for their marriage. Karishma says Rajat loved that behenji type Anu, he said he did not love me and I felt he loved me. Astha says the men are creeps, they hang around with GF to show to friends and find a traditional type girl for marriage. Sareen sees Rajat talking to Anu’s pic, saying he will make her accept their love. Rajat is shocked seeing Sareen. Sareen asks whose pic is he seeing. Rajat lies and says Karishma’s. Sareen says its not in his blood to change his love so much and asks the truth. Astha asks the truth from Karishma, and says she can help her.

Rajat tells Sareen that he and Karishma are making Anu realize that she loves him. Sareen is glad and asks why did he not tell him before. Karishma tells Astha to convince her family for their relation and they will do this on breakfast table. Astha hugs Karishma, and Sareen hugs Rajat. Its morning, Karishma talks to Bau ji about Rajat. Bua ji says she has to think. Karishma asks what else she needs to get convinced. Bua ji says his engagement broke and he is so eager to get engaged to you, I m not convinced. Hari says Bua ji is right, accept this.

Rohan says we are not saying no but. Alka says Rajat said no to my sister too. Karishma says I m different. Karishma asks Bua ji to agree else tell her that she does not love her. Bua ji agrees. Karishma hugs her and smiles. Rohan and Alka look at each other. Rajat tells Sareen his plan tha Karishma’s family is coming to talk about marriage, bring Anu here, I m sure she won’t see all this. Sareen acts like being unwell to get Anu at his place. Minty gets the first aid box. Karishma comes with her family and greets them. Sareen welcomes them. He asks Hari how did they come. Hari says they came to talk about Rajat and Karishma’s marriage. Anu is shocked. Rajat looks at her expressions. Minty smiles.

Rajat talks to her boss and says he has locked the CD and no one can read it, he makes password love anu. Karishma hears the password.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rajat is so dum he wants anu to get jealous he is such an idiot I hate you raj at I used to love you I wish I can date you and talk

  2. Sorry that date was wrong I was so possed to send it to my boy friend not you ugly dum rajat

  3. heard abt new spoiler,,.,.that rajat wil go 2 jail sumthng lablablab.,. r they really want 2 unite anu and rajat or not,.,.? y they r making so drama? after big tragic scenes, if u show some cute moments of anu and rajat,. it wil b gud,.,.,. continuosly u r making the serial so tragic,..,,.

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