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Shastri Sisters 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shastri ji going with the daughters. They sit to talk. Anu makes the halwa. Alka says she will tell Mony about the things kept in kitchen. Devyaani says you sit with me, Peeya will tell her. Peeya goes to Anu, and says sugar is there in… Anu says its in third drawer. Peeya asks how does she know this. Anu says I have seen your dad keeping sugar there. Peeya says fine, you can take things from there, bring halwa for everyone after making it. Anu cries seeing her family.

Sareens comes to Shastri house, and says she has got knee pain. Sareen jokes on her and she scolds him. Devyaani takes Minty’s side. Anu brings the halwa and serves everyone. Devyaani says Mony has made all the food today. Fake Rajat stops her and says he does not eat all this. Anu thinks Fake Rajat

loved halwa a lot. Shastri ji says Neil is working hard these days. Sareen says he should have worked early.

Anu finds Fake Rajat behaving different. Fake Rajat goes to attend a call and comes back, saying it was from office. Alka does the rituals and tilak. Anu cries seeing Fake Rajat and Devyaani. They take elder’s blessings and go downstairs. Fake Rajat says I have to go office urgently, and no need to change clothes too. He leaves. Anu looks at him, and follows him in the auto. She thinks why did he take left, when his office comes on right side. She gets doubtful and follows him to some bungalow. She sees him talking to some men. She says what is he doing here.

Minty calls her and asks where did she go. Anu says she came to market to take soap. Minty asks why did she not ask her, don’t do this again, come back fast. Fake Rajat goes inside the house. Anu turns and sees him gone. She thinks why did Fake Rajat come, I can’t see him now, else Minty will doubt. She goes back home.

The goon shows the bombs. Fake Rajat says his plans to place bombs in the city. Rajat hears this and gets angry. Fake Rajat asks his goon to place it today itself. Anu comes home. Sareen tells about the bomb blast. Devyaani says Rajat goes office by that way. Minty says he is fine, he called me after reaching office. Anu says but Alka has gone there too. Devyaani says yes, Alka was going there. Sareen says don’t know Shastri ji knows about this or not. Minty says lets go and tell him. They all see the breaking news of the bomb blast.

Shastri ji worries and calls Alka. Devyaani pacifies him and says Alka will be fine. Anu brings water for him. They all get relieved seeing Alka home. Alka cries and hugs her dad. She says she is fine, but many people got hurt there. Anu goes to see Alka and gives her water. Devyaani asks her to go. Anu asks Alka is she fine. Alka says yes Anu. Devyaani asks Anu? Alka says sorry Mony, don’t know why I called you Anu, I m fine. Anu leaves. Alka says why did I call her Anu, strange. Devyaani says leave it, we miss Anu. Minty says inform Rajat to come by other way.

Anu comes downstairs and sees Fake Rajat coming home with some bag. She follows him. He checks some maps. Anu keeps an eye on him. Sareen calls Fake Rajat and asks him to come upstairs. Fake Rajat says fine, and hides the bag. He goes to change clothes. Anu gets that suitcase and opens it. Rajat is leaving and gets a message. He goes back to his room, while Anu sees the map. He comes back and sees her with ghunghat on her face. She gets tensed.

Anu sees Fake Rajat applying lenses to his eyes and is shocked seeing this. She cries understanding he is not Rajat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice, tommorow anu will know will know fake rajats truth and she will expose him and save rajat.

  2. Aww I feel so sorry 4 anu

  3. Interesting this eps is good. Taking good turns. Poor any but OK let her get her rajat pls…..s

  4. Think Shastri sisters is going to end…. Is that true ?

    1. Yes! On 8th of August I think…

  5. Sad episode

  6. Intersting..but Anu plz find Rajat soon and join with the family.plz join Devyani and neil

  7. NYC episode! But can’t see anuraj lyk this…………..plz unite them soon…

  8. Sadly I can’t watch the episodes coz I’m on Holiday but I still read the written updates…!

  9. Anurajian(athu)

    Want anuraj union.Love them

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