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The Episode starts with Peeya and Alka finding each other. Devyaani and Anushka are really happy seeing their new college. They go to the admission counter. The man asks for certificates. Anushka says it was there, where did it go. Devyaani asks did you leave at home. The man asks them to bring certificates soon, else come next year, its last day of admission today. Peeya gets worried as she is not able to get Alka. Devyaani and Anushka come back home. Devyaani rushes in. Anushka asks Minty about her certificates. Minty says she did not see them. Devyaani messes up the house looking for the certificates. Peeya asks a man to let me make a call at the PCO.

Alka calls Ansuhka and says Peeya is lost. Anushka is shocked. Alka says I left her at a shop for min, and she went somewhere. Peeya says

I don’t have money. The man asks her to leave then. Peeya starts crying. Minty says what, this is Delhi, not Kanpur. Peeya says Alka Di and sits at a corner. A man sees her and greets her. He asks her why is she crying. He says wipe your tears, maybe I can help you. Devyaani and Anushka go to find Peeya. The man asks why is she crying. Peeya says uncle, I came here with my sister and got lost, can I call her, do you have phone. He says sorry, I don’t have phone, but tell me your home address, I will drop you.

Anushka and Devyaani come to Alka and start finding Peeya. Shastri and Sareen also come. Alka apologizes to her dad. Shastri scolds Alka for being so irresponsible. Peeya says no uncle, I won’t come. He says don’t sit here, tell me address. She tells him the address. He says its very nearby, come I will drop you. Peeya sits on his scooty while everyone is looking for her shouting her name Peeya. Shastri says if I don’t get Peeya, I will be ruined. Sareen asks the girls for Peeya’s pic. They try to find her by showing the pic.

The vendor says the girl was crying here, a man came and talk to her and she went with him. They get tensed. Shastri ji asks him to describe the man. The vendor says he was of your age and had a scooty. Peeya thinks where is the uncle taking her and asks him to stop the scooty. He asks what happened. She says this is not my area. He asks her for the landmark. The man says I can’t take you on every lane, come with me to my home. Peeya says no, I can call my sister if I get phone. Devyaani says lets talk to police and reports about Peeya.

The inspector gets angry as Devyaani scolds him. Anushka says our sister is missing since one hour. He says sorry, we can’t help before 24 hours. Shastri ji thinks it maybe very late. Anushka convinces the inspector to find Peeya by her good lecture. He asks her for Peeya’s pic. She shows him Peeya’s pic and asks his staff to find her soon. Anushka thanks him. Alka cries and says sorry Papa. Shastri ji scolds her and says I will not forgive you for whole life if anything happens to Peeya, what was you doing that you left her. Alka says Rani Bhabhi called and I went out to talk, and when I came back, she was not there.

Alka’s phone rings and they ask her to check. Its Rajeev’s call and she switches off her phone. Peeya is also trying to call her and is tensed as Alka’s phone is switched off. The man asks Peeya to sit and he will take her, he will do what he has to do. Peeya gets tensed. Everyone come home and are worried for Peeya. Neil says don’t worry, she will come home, she is 15 years old. Anushka says its our mistake that we made her a 8 year old till now, I did not let her grow up. They cry. Neil asks did she not go out of home in Kanpur.

Anushka says she used to, but by a hired auto rickshaw which we knew. Minty says why did Alka let her go. Minty says the world has become bad, there is Ravan everywhere, no Ram. She says its night now. Shastri ji is very worried. He says I will go to police station and find out. Sareen says they will call us if they know anything, we will wait here. Shastri says I can’t wait here, knowing my daughter can be in danger. Devyaani says we will come along. He says no, if you get lose, where will I find you, go to your room. Sareen says I will come with you.

The man shows every veg market to Peeya and says its 2 hours now. If your house is nearby then fine, else come to my home and call your family. Peeya gets tensed.

Shastri ji tells his daughters that he has decided to send them back to Kanpur tonight.

Update Credit to: Amena

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