Shastri Sisters 28th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 28th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha and Minty talking on phone. Astha says its not easy to see his wife in someone’s arms, he will be coming back. Minty says back to back things repeating will affect Rajat. Astha says yes, we have to make him insecure and then plan will be hit. Sareen talks to Minty and says about Anu, and misses her. He taunts Minty and she asks who is he talking about. She says someone’s name and their arguments start. He says he will invite Kirti, and Shastri ji in evening for Holi. Minty thinks she has to make it special for Anu, as its her first Holi.

She calls Kirti and invites her for Holi. Kirti wants to decline and Veer takes the call. Veer talks to Minty and says about his small accident, Minty invites him and he says he will surely come. Kirti asks why did he

do this. Veer says if anyone invites me by love, I can’t say no. She says she won’t come, as this will hurt him. Minty says its small accident, but I can make it big. She gets an idea.

Alka talks to Rohan and says she will not be happy to celebrate Holi without him, did se do any mistake, she is getting punished, if he gets happy to behave like this, then continue. She will tell Vrinda that she won’t come. He says I will come along. She smiles and thanks him. He leaves for office. Minty talks to Rajat and says we are keeping Holi party. Rajat says we can’t come, as we wish to stay here more. Minty asks for Anu. Rajat gives phone to Anu. Minty acts sweet and tells Anu about Veer’s accident and makes it big incident to fool her.

Anu says what, when did this happen and how is he now. Minty says I called Kirti to invite for Holi, she told me, I wish he survives. Anu gets worried. Minty ends the call and smiles. Rajat asks what happened. Anu says Veer met with an accident, can we go back today instead tomorrow. She says Veer will not tell us if he is serious, can we go please and insists a lot. He says fine. She says thanks, I will do packing.

Rajat and Veer come to meet Veer, and are shocked seeing him fine. Se says you met with an accident. Veer says its small, just few scratches. Anu says but mum said its big accident. Veer asks did they come from honeymoon to see him, and Rajat says we will go. Veer whispers I told you he is rude and she smiles. Rajat looks at them and they leave. They come home. Minty is glad and asks did they come back for her. Rajat says Anu wanted to meet Veer as he met with an accident. Minty says yes I told her, its good he did not get much hurt, its good you came to be part of Holi pujan.

Anu leaves and Minty fills Rajat’s ears and lies to him about Anu caring for Veer a lot, she would be shocked hearing about accident, maybe she loves him. She says everything will be fine in few days, and smiles. She asks him to go and get ready. Neil and Devyaani see each other and smile. Anu does the holi pujan. The ladies do the puja and Astha sees Alka angrily. Minty acts sweet to Anu. Anu meets her family and smiles. Minty thinks next year Anu can’t celebrate Holi with us, she started her work and just waiting for tomorrow’s holi.

Its morning, Rajat fills sindoor in Anu’s maang in the puja and everyone pray. Minty applies them Holi and everyone look happy. Minty signs Astha. Devyaani smiles seeing Neil. Sareen says lets start the youngsters holi and invites all of them. Minty talks to Astha and tells her plan. They smile.

Everyone come in Holi celebrations. Simar tells Anu about the fake Roli and she has to get red door keys to save her sister, she has to get it and asks Anu to help. Anu says you will get the key, I promise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. A bit similar to the precap to ssk(sasurl simar ka)

  2. Shit y anu over acting for veer

  3. Neetu it’s not over acting it’s caribg for a freind(only real freind would do that) and anu really take him as her freind she wouldn’t be with rajat if veer wasn’t there don’t you think veer can get at least this if he secrifised his love for his freind

  4. Hi mehnaz its true…still y anu hiding thag she was toking to veer yday.newly married n obviously i guess any of the partner may feel bad .caring veer is very much fine…but her expressions lil more than actualy needed…wats thst i felt…

  5. Sorry thats wat i felt and haa rajat also trust anu a lot and he know abt veer as anu shudn hve hide yday n see now minty got nice chance to screw her

  6. Minty is such a bad mother. She’s playing tricks wiv the girl her son loves. I agree wiv u Neetu. Anu needs to control her feelings for veer.

  7. Ishveer i am not trying to be rude but it does not seek like that u r a real freind if toy were than you might have underatood my point……..i know what neetu is trying to say but i don’t think she understand real freindship and love if veer was not there anu and rajat would not be together

  8. Jo log achaye hote hai woh kisi ko dhukhi nai dekh sakte like..anushka… because veer her frnd agar uski jagah karishma hote or jo veer ne undono ke liya kiya agar karishma ne kiya hota toh woh. Karishma kei liya bhi apne honeymoon isi tarah chod kar chali aate…

  9. Sos muskan I just thought that the guy that tricked Anu was veer. My mistake. Sos again.
    Btw I think devyaani and Neil need to get together. Their live story is definitely next.

  10. Whoops I mean love story

  11. Ayesha Saleem

    I like this drama very much

  12. Ishveer i think i was bit rude i am sory so sorry

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