Shastri Sisters 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty scolding Anu for taunting Neil. Anu says we were defending. Dolly comes and Minty asks her to have breakfast. She asks her bahus to cook and they leave. Kajal comes to Anu in kitchen and says she will cook, as Dolly does not like her, maybe she will taunt her and spoil her mood. Anu smiles and says fine. Anu sees pickle and says she forgot this. Minty likes the dish and even Dolly says Kajal you made great food. Kajal says I know to cook this dish well as it was my mum’s favorite. Anu comes and hears her, thinking she made the dish, why is Kajal saying so.

Dolly says she came to invite them in some puja. She says about the fast, that mother keeps for her child’s long age. Minty says she will come. Kajal says she has work in kitchen and goes to Anu. She says

she told Dolly she made the dish, sorry if you felt bad, I felt if I say you made it, she would have not eaten it. Anu says its fine. Kajal says don’t misunderstand me. Minty calls Kajal and she goes out. Anu thinks is Kajal innocent or a liar, she lied so easily that day too. Anu tells Neil that she did not wish to hurt him and was just defending Devyaani. Neil says don’t be sweet to me and leaves.

Devyaani comes to office and says she is presenting her designs, being proud to work in the big fashion house. She says she will give an idea of her designs and starts. They all are shocked seeing her MMS on the screen. Alka is shocked and signs Devyaani. Devyaani turns and is stunned. The man says whats nonsense is this, this girl’s career ended here. Neil sees this live feeds and smiles. The guard asks him to leave, as its not permitted. Neil bribes him. Alka asks Devyaani not to break. Rajat tells Anu not to worry of Devyaani, as she is very strong and will do anything to prove herself.

The lady asks Devyaani whats all this, does she want their attention, how can they give their franchise on this basis. They ask Devyaani for an answer. Devyaani recalls Anu and Alka’s words and recalls Neil’s taunts. Devyaani asks why did they pause the video, lets see together and enjoy, I will show my truth and my society’s. Neil is shocked seeing her confidence. Devyaani says she will say everyone the truth and asks them to see the presentation, else how would they know the truth and wrong. She says its wrong that she loved this guy and felt he also loved her, he made her MMS and released it, this is wrong, her mistake is she was ready to marry that guy, and he again cheated her and she did not marry him.

She says the moral of the story, not to break trust in themselves. The lady says her point is valid, but this place is wrong, its not welfare society, its fashion house. Devyaani says I know, I want morals, ethics and values to become the fashion statement, no one will live in other’s pressure, they will do what they like and feel right, we can know their dreams. She says she played the video as she wanted to explain this. Neil says Minty says right, Devyaani gives solid lecture, but this won’t let het get the job here.

The lady claps for Devyaani, and everyone else also applaud. Alka and Devyaani smile. The lady says she liked her confidence, she wanted this qualities, strong and independent, and connect with today’s generation. She welcomes Devyaani in the fashion house and asks her to head the new branch. Neil leaves. Devyaani says thanks and rushes out. She sees Neil there and asks did he… She sees everyone and leaves.

She goes and cries, thinking about the people’s words. She says why am I crying, I showed what I had to do, I will fight always and I will use fight with every harmful thing and use it in my benefit. Alka comes and says its not day to cry, you should smile. She hugs her. She says whatever happened, I was afraid. Devyaani says even I was scared. Alka asks how did MMS come in presentation. Devyaani says Neil, I saw him in lobby, maybe he came to see. Alka asks why is he after you. Devyaani says as I did not punish him last time, I will not leave him this time.

Devyaani slaps Neil and scolds her. He says have this ego and attitude, I promise, I will break this, I will teach you a lesson.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. rj

    Y Neil is acting weird. Does he really lost his feelings 4 devayani? I want Neil and devayani 2 be together?

  2. kvisha

    I think Rajat’s cousin who gave her job will fall in love with her. Its just my prediction what u think guyzz..???

  3. saeed

    Nice episode…. everyday fast momentum……i wish devyani slap again at same time when Neil scold her

  4. Neil has crossed his limits n he doesn’t deserve devyani.untill how long will she bear tis! please introduce someone to support devyani n control tat idiot neil.

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