Shastri Sisters 27th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty telling Sareen that Rajat has moved on, and he found a girl who likes him too. Sareen says she is mistaken, Rajat did not move on, he is doing this to show Anu. She says its good, Anu is left out. Sareen scolds her and blames her for all the problems, and hurting Rajat. He asks her not to do anything now and leaves. Devyaani burns her and Rajat’s engagement pics. She cries holding it. Neil comes and stops her as she was burning her hand along. He wipes her tears and she pushes him. She starts leaving and he holds her hand. Neil says sorry. She says its his mistake as all this happened because of him. He says take some time, you will be fine. She says I m not weak like you and taunts him. She leaves. Anushka sees Rajat and Karishma planning long ride.


asks Karishma is she seeing us. Karishma says yes. Rajat says then hold me more tight. She holds him. They smile. Anushka leaves. Rajat says she is gone. Karishma says she told her plan will work. Rajat says yes, if she denies, her face shows she was jealous. She says yes, I told you, everyone is jealous seeing another girl with her lover. She says you can call me to take my help, I still love you. He gets stunned. She says she was joking, and says go home and announce our marriage, then see your Anu will come and plead to me saying leave my Rajat. He says it will be too much, as families will be involved. She says we will tell them, but not Rohan and Alka. He asks is she sure. She says do as I say, if you want things to get fine. He says how should I thank you.

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She says forget Anu and marry me. He is shocked. She says relax, take a deep breath, no sense of humor, I can care for you right. He says yes, but ex are enemies. She says she is not a kid, I know you liked me and I was mistaken. She says she was mad and possessive. He asks her to forget it now. She says I know Astha would tell everyone. Rajat goes to drop her. Sareen looks on and shuts the door. Peeya says she is shocked, Rajat was so sweet, I did not know he is so shameless. Anu says we should not care about their personal life. Devyaani says she got used to shocks, maybe Anu got the shock. Anu says she is not shocked, as he does not know him since years, he does not know Rajat well.

Shastri ji asks them not to fight for Rajat. Bua ji asks Karishma whats all this, Astha told me, how can you lead the decision so soon. Karishma asks her to calm down and she knows Rajat since 7 years. Karishma says he is from good family and he is an airforce officer. Everyone agree as Karishma insists. Rajat thinks Anu was disturbed there and here Alka looks disturbed, this will reach Anu and he can increase it. He sits to convince Bua ji and acts sweet. He says he loves Karishma, and he will marry when she accepts. He says he did engagement to Devyaani on his parents saying, did he do wrong, he wants a reason to live and she can give him that. Rohan signs Alka to stop. Rajat sees this.

Rohan says I know Kairshma likes to give surprises, think again. Karishma asks about Rohan and Alka, they look a perfect couple, they should listen hearts and not mind. Bua ji agrees. Alka gets worried and talks to Rohan. She says Rajat was so happy, how can his love end so soon, should Karishma marry such guy. Rohan says its his decision. He says Anu can forget him soon. Alka says she is worried for Anu. She asks Rohan to go and she will come.

Rajat waits for Anu at the terrace. Anu comes there and he sees her. He starts talking on phone and acts like talking to Karishma with love, saying he missed her and he loves her. Anu starts leaving and he holds her hand asking did she come to hear his talk. She says no. He says this time he is doing this by his wish. She says if its by your wish, then she is happy, and blesses him and Karishma. He says I expected happiness from someone who cared just for her sister. Anu says I m happy your eyes did not take time to find happiness again, I m happy for you. He asks really and walks to her. She moves back. He asks is she really happy seeing him with some girl, or is she jealous? They get closer. Minty comes on the terrace and is shocked seeing them having an eyelock.

Karishma says there is no plan to make Anu and Rajat, and he broke her heart in college so she will make him breakup with Anu. Astha smiles and asks does she love him. Karishma says yes, I want to get him, Rajat’s fate just has Karishma.

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  1. varsha menon

    oh karishma please dont interfere in anu and rajat’s life . Rajat please dont believe karishma blindly or you will loose Anu……wake up yaar…..

  2. oh when everything going to be right and again new twist.u all the negative character of show always create problem for only rajat and anu.fist that rajvee and next devyaani and now karisma.oh god wt going on.bus we want our rajat anu together.they r best.becoz of them i watch the serial.plz show more scene of rajat anu.and rajat dont get to this karisma words.i hope u get ur anu back rajat that too jaldi se.waiting for cute moment of rajat anu.thank for update.

  3. Mitha

    I feel like asking SS director, y it’s always rajat who is targeted in this love. While it’s his mother or aunty or Anu or Dev or now Karish? Each of them have their own point but Rajat is the one who believes his surroundings and then he faces rejections only?

  4. faisal

    I love you Anu. Director ji plz aisa scdne mt bnao jis se anu ki aankho se aansu bahayn.. anu I love you and I can do anything for you. You are so sweet.. I am going to have a tattooo of Anu ( like kiran tatoo o tbe chest of shahrukh khan in movie Darr)

  5. shilpa

    Plz rajat marry to anu only director make the pair of rajat and anu otherwise fans will be very saddd.rajat don’t believe karishma plzz

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