Shastri Sisters 27th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 27th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty worried about the video and sharing her worry with Anu. Anu says it’s a lie, why to worry. Kajal and Leela see her worrying and think to use her. Anu says she will get hot milk for her. Kajal asks Minty who is she. Minty asks why did she not go. Kajal says she is going to show video to Guggal. Minty says no need to act clever with me. Kajal asks her to see video once. Minty sees the video and is shocked seeing someone wearing Neil’s clothes and killing Ajay.She shouts Neil. Sareen, Anu and Neil come there and see the video. They get shocked. Minty says my son is trapped, do something, save my son, I did mistake to bring this witch at home. Anu consoles her.

Minty goes to Kajal. Guggal comes there and Minty gets shocked. Guggal asks why did Kajal call her,

who has troubled her now. Kajal scares Minty and Minty signs no. Kajal asks Guggal not to doubt on them, as they are good people and innocent. She saves the family and tells about Ajay, who wanted to kill her and threatening her. Guggal says she will not let anything happen. She says she can give police protection to her. Kajal says you are so good, I m fine and in my home, I m with my family now. She says her husband will protect her. Guggal leaves.

The court case starts and Alka and Rohan see Astha. The lawyer questions Astha and asks about her husband. She says we don’t stay together. He asks did she file for divorce. She says no, my husband has filed, as I did not wish divorce. He asks why does her husband not want to be with her. Astha says he was not happy with her. He asks what did she do, was everyone in her family angry with her, as everyone left home. Astha says yes, they have gone. He asks why did she call Rohan and his wife back, after she kicked them out. Astha’s lawyer asks him not to ask personal questions. Rohan’s lawyer says it has connection. He asks did he need any man in her life after staying alone for 3-4 months. Astha gets tensed and looks at Rohan.

Kajal starts troubling the family and asks Minty to bring water. Minty bring water. Kajal starts acting like her and laughs. She asks Minty to bring 10 lakhs, along with jewelry and cash. Anu asks is she mad. Kajal says get the money, they are so rich. She threatens about sending Neil to jail. Minty says no need to call Guggal, I will give you everything. Minty asks Anu not to tell anything. Kajal asks Minty to cook food for her and Minty agrees. Kajal orders Anu to get lost from her sight. Minty takes Anu. Kajal sits and smiles.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. ?pradishma?

    Precap: neel gives bag full of money to kajal…then kajal and leela discuss their plan and meanwhile anu tells everyone that she has a plan which will surely work…

  2. prachi

    So what if you guys are first or second shall I give you 10 million pound and whoever u are don’t use my name just cuz u can’t think of anything.

    • ?pradishma?

      What do u think u r only prachi in this world ….u stop using our prachis name and ya if u would be able to give us pounds na then give ha…. v will open a mental asylum for u fake ppl of and I think u don’t have even five rs… u begger

  3. prachi

    OK and hey sara and new prachi get lost all right n don’t tell me what to do I can write 1 st 2nd or whatever else whenever I want it’s non of ur buisness

  4. prachi

    What is ur problem blue dp prachi why u answering back to us self don’t u have anything else to do

    • ?pradishma?

      Nothing yaar when they get chance to spoil pages they do it….. v should ignore them

  5. prachi

    How do we ruin things u the one who keeps changing ur email then faking n perving on me get lost we don’t have time for beggars

  6. prachi

    N pradishma or whoever you are don’t interfere ok and just get lost you going your the boss and leader but your not

  7. prachi

    And for you information how do u know I wear torn clothes I bet u do leave torn clothes I bet u have no clothes

  8. prachi

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  9. prachi

    U guys all need to shut up I’m not a gutter mouth pradishma a fat bulldog n by the way sara I’m using your “friends” name not only she has that name and ugly dumb prachi your a stupid rhino

  10. prachi

    Don’t tell sara to get lost understand she’s like a sister do u get it and sara did u get my new Gmail name

  11. annah(anu)

    @ prachi(wid orange dp) y did ya write ur e-mail id here??? Anyone can misuse it……..n hii m anu

  12. Dont get me wrong i am not here to fight but i am just suggesting you people that plz dont argue her this is public side, here we can read updates .comment here but plz dont fight..its not.good if someone trying to arguing you then plz ignore those people…dont spoil page..dont get me wrong uf i hurt you people than soooryyy.frombottom of mt heart sorrryyy.its my point of you …….BY.ANAM…

    Neil gives money bag to kajal and kajal disscuss her plan with leela.meantime anu get idea and disscuss with everyone and say that this plan will work…..

    • ?pradishma?

      R u totally mad….. u r so annoying stop it me saying orelse it will bad….!! Everyday u come and start ur stupid thing…. and before u dint used to come now what happened in between only u r so much addicted to it or u jus want to be center of attraction…. stop it if u r so much eager na then u should have watched it…..

  14. if u have doubt than i give my no. i m no mad i thank u could not understand as u have not much maturity level . here noboday winner or loser . just see treat equal all u must watch thapki pyar ki its introduction message for like your girls.

    • ?pradishma?

      Oh jus shut up….. first of all don’t force me to open my mouth if I will open then u won’t be able to comment on tu…. and second u don’t have any maturity level like a small kid everyday u come and start u stupid drama to update fast….. And who the hell r u to say me watch thapki n all…. and what do u mean by ‘girls like u’ don’t u dare a say a word against me and I don’t care where the hell u live but u stop irritating…. by ur saying they r not going to update fast…..

    • ?pradishma?

      Yes…. if it is everyday…. i think u don’t know…. but he comes here everyday and starts this if he wants fast update he should say this on their fb site not here

  15. pradishma abuse me plz see her mess. and tell u have no right to say in such manner plz tina and other friend do help me and decide who wrong and right.

    • Tina

      Why would anybody abuse anyone?!is this a private site of somebody. Please let me know. I used to come here for updates.. Voz I can’t waste my time watching long episodes but live the drama in it.. If this is a private site for definite set of people thenn I won’t come back

  16. ?pradishma?

    No tina it was for manoj…. he comes here everyday and does it and irritates ppl once he did it too much only he was after my frnd for updating the serial…. he continuously irritates by this once he said its ok but y so many times…..when v were chatting he came and said first u update then chat which was a sick behaviour

  17. Tina

    Olive is on flight right now.. She doesn’t have phone privilege in her school.. I’ll let her know that you miss her

  18. ????

    I’m also supporting you manoj ??
    You’re right
    Baki Sab bakwas karte hain
    Aur prads English is not our own language that we speak it perfectly its a second language for us and we need not to speak r write it correctly
    Rather it would be a shame if we speak our mother tongue incorrectly ?

    • ?pradishma?

      WOw go console him….. and if he don’t kno to speak then he shouldn’t…. and it will be second language for and that loser manoj not for me cuz if u don’t kno English u kno nothing wherever v go English helps us got…. u coward… and it will be shame for u not for me im not ashamed…. and u don’t teach me whats our language and all….proffesser coward…..

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