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The Episode starts with eunuchs coming in Sareen house, asking for money. Minty asks them to come later, she is unwell. They ask her to bring the couple, they will bless. Dolly says yes, their blessings are imp, call them. Minty asks Neil to call Rajat and Devyaani. Rajat talks on phone and says he did not get any info till now, he will pass info soon, they will work as per plan. Neil comes there and asks Rajat to come. Rajat ends call and hides the satellite phone. Devyaani and Rajat come out in the hall and the eunuchs bless them.

Dolly says Minty has got old and Sareen laughs. Dolly asks Minty to keep any maid at home. The eunuch hears this. Minty says she can’t hire anyone. Sareen asks Dolly to hire someone. Dolly calls the maid providing agency and asks for some house help. The eunuchs


Anu comes there dressed as maid, and says they have called in an agency. Minty asks her name. Anu says Mony and talks to her, hiding her face, and saying about her reason to hide face that her husband does not wish so. Minty does not wish to hire her, and Devyaani asks her to keep the maid, and she feels the maid will be good for them. Minty says fine and talks about salary. She asks Devyaani to give the small room, and explain the work. Devyaani asks Anu to come and takes her to the room.

She shows the room and asks her to clean the room first, and holds Anu seeing her stumble. Anu cries happily. Devyaani leaves. Anu says I was waiting to meet my family since one year, and today I m meeting them like this, I can’t even tell them who am I, I can’t give them happiness and I can’t be happy either. She prays to Lord. She goes out and fake Rajat asks who is she. She says she is the maid, and he asks her to show the face. He asks who keeps such traditions these days. She say she has such things and he doubts, thinking did she come to spy on him.

He asks her to show the face, and insists. She is about to lift the ghunghat and Devyaani comes, saying they did police verification and hired her by agency, as Minty stays unwell these days. She says she can work from tomorrow, and rest today. She takes Rajat for some surprise. Anu looks on and thinks what happened to Rajat, he did not speak to any girl so rudely, I have to find out. Rajat goes inside the room and sees darkness. He calls Devyaani and asks about the surprise. He gets shocked seeing Rajat and his family’s, and also Devyaani’s pics slideshow. It stops by his step on it. She says I will play it again. He says we will see it later, I have to go office and even for patphere.

Its morning, Minty asks Anu to work and explains work. Devyaani and fake Rajat come. Devyaani says I will go for patphere. Anu wishes to go along and see Papa. Minty asks Devyaani to take Mony along, she can do any help. Devyaani says no, I can’t leave you alone in this state. Minty says I m fine, take her along. Anu gets happy. Devyaani and Anu go to Shastri home. Anu sees all of them and cries. Alka stops and sees Anu. Devyaani says she is the maid and does not know your name. They see Shastri ji cooking. His hand gets bit burnt and they all rush. Anu cries. Alka says he is adamant that he will make halwa. Anu goes to make the halwa, and takes the spoon from his hand. He looks on.

No precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i think the idea of an identicial rajat is kinda ridiculous

  2. This serial is going to end on aug10 two new serials start

    1. No… I think sasuraal simar ka gonna end

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  4. Rip Dr.Abdul Kalam

  5. Oh….cut the crap…finish the show like Hello Pratibha!

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