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The Episode starts with Devyaani and Neil arguing about Minty. She gets annoyed and says I m sure you are Minty’s son, and leaves. Rajat leaves from his room while Anu is sleeping. Someone knocks the door ad she wakes up. She calls out Rajat. The room service guy asks is her name Anushka Shastri. She says yes. He says this bouquet is for you and leaves. She reads the chit to come out to some point and get another clue. She says oh so Rajat planned this treasure hunt, and he did similar thing yesterday too.

She calls Rajat and does not connect. She says anyways he wants to play game with me and I will do the same. She leaves her phone and goes out. She asks the guard and goes to meet Rajat.

Anu follows the directions and goes to meet Rajat. Rajat comes back in the hotel room

and looks for Anu. She gets another chit and reads it. Rajat says where did she go, I kept all the bookings, and calls her. He finds her phone on the bed. He sees the bouquet and says who has sent this, and where can Anu go. She sees Company garden and thinks love sign is rose and its in garden and solves the clue, saying Rajat used much mind to make this riddle, but I m smart to solve it.

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Rajat asks receptionist about Anu. He asks him to ask the guard, as she was taking to him. Rajat asks the guard. The guard tells him and Rajat looks for her. Anu gets another chit and reads it. She says Rajat and smiles….. Anu comes to a house and calls out Rajat, asking him to come, as she is feeling scared.

She comes inside a room and sees a man standing in darkness. She sees many candles lit and decorations. She says this was your plan, see your treasure hunt is solved. The man opens his arms and she smiles. Rajat comes there. She hugs that man. Rajat calls out Anu and she is shocked. She moves far and runs away. She hugs Rajat and says there is someone. Rajat says I will see. He checks and says there is no one here.

She says she felt he is playing treasure hunt with her and followed the chits. He says I did not send anything, I was waiting for you, lets go. She says but who did all this. He says I don’t know, no one knows us here. They think. He brings her back to hotel. He says it might be by mistake. She recalls that someone sent it to her by her name, how can it be mistake and asks receptionist about the bouquet sender. The man says we got a call and got cheque and bouquet. She asks who sent it. The man says Veer. She is shocked and says why will he do this, no it’s a misunderstanding.

She says she will call him and clear the matter. She calls him and Kirti sees her name, while Veer and Kirti are on the way. Veer asks her to take the call. Kirti says he is driving and can’t talk. Veer says keep on speaker and talks to Anu, in his sweet style. Anu thinks how can he do this, he can’t scare anyone, he makes everyone smile. He says say my greetings to Rajat and ends the call. He asks Kirti not to be upset and she smiles. They meet with an accident and get hurt. Kirti asks is he fine. He says yes, somewhat hurt. She asks him to be careful. He asks her to find a nice girl for him. She says yes, lets go to doctor first. Anu thinks to tell this to Rajat, someone is doing this intentionally, she will find it and then tell him. Rajat comes to her and she hides the matter of Veer. She says she was talking to dad. Rajat thinks why did she lie, I heard her talking to Veer.

Anu and Rajat come home and meet Veer. Veer says he had a small accident. Anu says but she said its big accident. Minty fills Rajat’s ears against Anu and Veer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Come on anuahka don’t say lie to rajat… Minty ka kaam Or bhi aasan ho jayaga

  2. So what I gussed is right. Rajath is narrow minded. He is going to trust Minti’s words. Please do this minty and Astha something. I dont want to see this kind of problem between anu and rajath..

  3. Even after kniwing abt mintys character,if rajat is doubting anu means he is not even worth to call as her husband .

  4. I don’t know

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