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Shastri Sisters 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shastri sisters having icecreams and choosing their flavours. Rajat says I forgot my wallet in car and asks Anu to choose the flavours, till he gets his wallet. Devyaani asks the sisters to come with icecreams and she will book the table. She takes her icecream and sits alone. Neil and Kajal come there. They see Devyaani. He smiles and takes Kajal with him holding her hand. He acts sweet to Kajal to make Devyaani angry. Neil taunts Devyaani for using p0eople for her benefit. Devyaani asks whom did she use. He asks how did he get the job.

She says why will I tell you, and asks him to have icecream and leave. He says she manipulates people and calls her a loser. She asks him to shut up, as she does not want to insult him before Kajal. He asks what will she do. Anu comes

and says I will say. He sees the Shastri sisters. Anu says Devyaani would have married you if she was a loser, she decided not to marry you and risked her future, she is not a loser.

Alka says you took her designs and she got the job by her talent, she can’t be loser. Peeya says the girl who got cheated by a guy, who forgot his love and started living her life, she can’t be loser. Devyaani says the guy who acts of loving a girl and uses her weakness for his ego, who takes someone’s work, he is a loser. She says she is glad not to marry such a loser. They stand together. Devyaani asks is he clear now, who is loser. She asks him to do anything on his own and then tell him. Kajal holds Neil’s hand and asks what happened. He takes his hand away in anger and leaves.

Kajal goes. The sisters smile and hug. Rajat says sorry I got a call, and joins them. He asks what happened. Anu says nothing, we did not decide the flavor. Rajat says he will help them. Neil sees Devyaani and leaves.

Neil and Kajal come home. Minty asks how did they come so soon. Neil goes. She asks Kajal why is Neil upset. Kajal says you know the reason, Shastri sisters. Minty asks where did they meet them. Kajal says they met at icecream parlor, they were talking in bad way with Neil and Rajat was not there. Minty says what would he do if he was there, I will see how to spoil their mood. Rajat and Anu have icecream and she laughs seeing it get on him. She cleans it and he thanks her. Music plays………….

He sees everyone away and applies icecream again. She understands his move and he asks her to clean it. She does not clean and says its done. He says so sweet. Everyone come and laugh seeing him. Peeya says he eats icecream like kids. He sees its still there and says it means Anu did not clean and said she cleaned. Anu says yes, you have applied it. She says I know you very well. They smile. Alka thinks about Rohan.

Rohan takes care of Astha, He gives her coffee. Astha says no, I will not be able to eat anything. He asks did she take medicine. She says its over. He says I will get it. She says no. He asks what to do to stop the headache. She asks him to apply the ache balm. He says fine. She smiles. She smiles on getting the balm massage and says now she is having relieve. She turns and sees Rohan by her side. Alka says sure. Astha is stunned. Alka says its good I came home early, I was tensed about you, how are you feeling now.

Astha gets angry and says better. Rohan asks Alka to come and Alka asks Astha to rest. Its morning, Anu asks Devyaani to get ready fast. Devyaani comes and says she made the presentation ready. She checks it once. Alka asks her to relax and not get nervous. Shastri ji blesses her. He gets a taxi and asks Devyaani to go, as its her first day of work. Devyaani leaves with Alka. He wishes Devyaani’s self confidence will be high if her first day goes well. Anu says there is no reason for such thing. Neil looks on and thinks her first day will not go well and her self confidence and job will also go.

Devyaani gives her presentation and everyone is shocked seeing the MMS video. Devyaani is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice one neil devyani hould get this

    1. What are u saying?

  2. Why neel is doing this?.devyaani wil lose the job bcoz of that mms

  3. pls as I left seeing the show in between can anyone tell me about ashta’s intentions towards rohan. :0

    1. I think astha is trying to break rohan and alka’s relation as her husband left her

  4. wow anuraj rocks

  5. Oh I h8 Neil he’s jealous of Devyani :\. And kajol oh god her acting is sooo bad she suits nice roles not villian roles….. :

    1. Is ur real name devyani???

  6. XxDeveil fanxX

    Imagine if some1 put da mms dere on purpose to remind devyani and neil of they’re times together

    1. No,neil must have put the mms

    2. Plz change ur name its deveel Not deviel who r wid me

      1. sorry,its neel

      2. soon this deveel will change into neejal pradishma dear

      3. No it will not it will remain deveel

  7. This neil is very bad..
    Dint expct that he can do this to the gal he was about to die for once

  8. My favourite serial ever,so please don’t destroy it.This is my humble request to the director.
    This is the best serial in colors and nowadays they are not at all showing the promo.
    Bored seeing the promos of SSK,MATSH,swaragini,codered and all others in colors.
    so please show a promo for shastri sisters.

  9. ohho wat s happening! Neil how cn u stoop vry low! he ll never get devyani by doing tis. vry disappointing! n Astha , so much happened still she didn’t change?! disgusting

  10. Anyone tell me why no promos of shastri sisters.

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