Shastri Sisters 26th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor saying Kajal is fine. He says it looks someone tortured her, she did not eat food since days. He says she will be fine till tomorrow. Minty thanks Lord. Guggal warns them and says they can’t meet her, and allows Leela. Anu asks them to go home. Sareen and Minty refuse and sit there. Leela says Kajal got conscious, call Guggal. The constable does not let Sareen meet Kajal and calls Guggal. Guggal comes there to meet Kajal and stares at Sareens.

She asks Kajal who has done all this. Kajal looks at Sareens. Guggal says no need to be scared of them, tell me. Leela signs Kajal. Guggal asks who has done all this and names everyone. Kajal says no. Gugaal says she had doubt on Anu, is she the one. Kajal says no. Guggal asks then who has done this. Kajal takes Ajay’s

name and shocks everyone. Leela gets shocked too. Guggal asks who is Ajay. Kajal says she knows Ajay, but she did not know he loves her, he followed her and came to take revenge knowing my marriage.

Guggal says she is confused and asks her to explain. Kajal says she was waiting for bus at bus stop. FB shows Kajal telling Leela that she will get water. She says someone made her unconscious and then she found herself locked and tied in a small dark room. She says Ajay came to meet her there and said he will not let her go. She says she got glass piece and freed herself. Guggal says is she saving anyone, the diary story is different.

Kajal says its also true, my inlaws used to beat me and torture me, so I started writing that diary but now everything is fine. Guggal asks her the truth. Kajal says I m saying true. Guggal asks for Ajay’s pic. Kajal says its at home, I will give later. Guggal asks her to take care. The doctor tells Leela that she can take Kajal home tomorrow. Guggal asks Sareen why did they pressurize her. Sareen says we did not pressurize her. Guggal warns them that if Kajal gave statement under pressure then… she will keep an eye on then. She leaves.

Sareen family comes home and talk about Kajal and Ajay, they cheared each other, we have seen the truth. Anu says no, she can’t believe Kajal. Sareen asks what would happen then. Anu says we will know in morning when Kajal comes back. Its morning, Guggal drops Kajal and Leela home. Kajal thanks her. Guggal leaves. Kajal and Leela come inside the door and Kajal pushes Anu. Everyone get shocked. Minty asks what is she doing here. Kajal sits with feet on her table and asks her to talk in low tone. She says she is their new owner. She talks with disrespect and says she will call Minty by her name. She say this time she has laid such trap which Sareen and Shastri can’t fail being together too.

She says she has fooled Minty always and no one can do anything against her now. She says she will do those things which they did not think and scares them of Guggal. Saree says it means Anu was saying right, that was drama. Kajal says Anu is always right, but Minty was fool to not understand. Minty says yes right, but you forgot I can slap you. Kajal starts her drama and laughs.

Minty goes to slap her. Kajal stops her and says she will not leave them in anger. She asks for keys. Minty says she will not give the keys to her. Minty gets angry and scolds her. Kajal says if anyone touches her, she will call Guggal, then she will not leave them. Anu scolds her and asks her to get lost. Neil asks Kajal to shut up and drags her. Leela says leave her. Leela plays video of Kajal asking for help, and taking Neil’s name. Kajal smiles. Sareen asks whats this. Kajal says this is Neil beating me. Minty says this is not Neil. Kajal says law is blind. She acts as Neil has beaten her and now kicking her out. Neil says he is not afraid of her, and takes her. He throws her out of the door. Minty asks Leela to get lost. Kajal fumes. Neil shuts the door. Kajal smiles and says I knew this will happen, but they don’t know what will happen with them. Leela says it means we should be happy to see their pain. Kajal says yes and calls Guggal.

Minty asks Kajal to leave. Kajal says she was going to show video to Guggal and wanted to show him. Minty says its not Neil in video. She shows video of someone wearing Neil’s clothes, and killing Ajay. Minty shouts Neil.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. annah?(anu)

    N olive…….v call a friend yarr in Hindi…..have u cum accrossed d word yaariyan???? It is also d same

    • Olive

      Hey barbie have you read the spoiler of SS lately.. Devyani’s going to help Neil in uncovering this kajal.. Soon enough..

  2. Dreamer ?

    Thanks for the update Amena ? OMG why is Kajal doing this?! I didn’t expect her to be this bad ? Why is she always plotting against the Sareen Family ? I can’t wait to see her truth being revealed and for her to be finally placed behind bars ?

    – Dreamer ?

  3. Ok but yet i am grateful of u that was a nice help by u annah anu ok bye forever i am giving away my phone to my cousin so i dont care you ppl go to hell or anything except Olive and Sara only they r nice ppl i found on this site Bye Hope you get f**ked by a cactus

  4. Dreamer ?

    I live in Singapore and am a tamilian ? I’m kinda cautious and uncertain about revealing my real name online though ? I am extremely sorry ? It’s not like I don’t trust you or anything like that…but I am just really particular about revealing a few personal particulars online ? I really hope you wouldn’t mind and am once again sorry ? Dreamer is like the nickname given to me by my friends coz I am always dreaming around ? So you can call me Dreamer, Dreamy, Dream, D or anything you like ?

    • Olive

      Oh no please.. I really don’t mind pal.. Iam so sorry I made you uncomfortable.. I like dreams too so.. It’s totally cool..

      • Dreamer ?

        It’s okay ? You don’t need to be sorry ? Haha yes dreams are totally cool ? BTW I really like the way you comment and stuff…like how you are totally chill and friendly ? (I hope I didn’t sound too creepy ?) But yah it’s really nice and sweet ??

  5. U can’t go like dis, v all were NYC wid u before u started saying those things, wht if v said the same to u? Will u nt be hurt? If u took prads as ur sis u shudn’t hv misbehaved wid her, even if i weren’t their or ur frnd i would hv said the same m saying right nw, be nice so dat others r also nice, they vill forgive u if u change urself, dont feel bad abt my words, bt m right.

    • Olive

      Yeah.. I just saw your previous comments.. I hope you forget the sad or angry part Sara.. Let’s talk about something else

    • Olive

      Friends will always be friends Sara I totally agree.. But please don’t feel hurt.. Just remember the happy things silly cute things.. It’ll be happier.. If aditi also feels that you are her friend and. I’m sure she feels so.. Shell come back

    • Olive

      No riya.. I don’t really understand Hindi.. My aunt watches SS so I like it.. How’s the show.. I saw some updates that it’s going to be off air soon..

    • Dreamer ?

      Are you referring to Nisha Aur Uske Cousins? If yes…then yup I do watch it ? I really like Nibir ? They’re so cute ? But it’s really sad that it’s going to end soon ?

  6. Dreamer ?

    Good night guys ? It was really nice talking with y’all ? You guys are really friendly and kind ? Thank you so much for befriending me…I really really appreciate it ? Once again, good night and sweet dreams ? See you guys tomorrow ?

  7. sruthi

    To my tu frnz..

    Today(27 june) is my best frnd’s birthday….
    Happy birthday yaar

    I wished my frnd…
    I want u all to wish my frnd for happy n long life … thank u

    • ?pradishma?

      Eh stop u drama evertime at 7pm u open ur mouth don’t u kno that amena updates after 8 yesterday also i saw ur comment u were constantly telling one of my frnd… for updating…. do u have any sense or what… everytime u jus come and irritate others…

  8. ?pradishma?

    Ok I will also send but…. m not on
    ON whatsapp…. not yet but I will send u my no…

  9. ?pradishma?

    Hey sara if u r there na then come to swaragini yaar…. look how me and anu made fun of that fake olive…. bahaut maza aaya

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