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Shastri Sisters 26th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka shouting to the entire locality that there is a thief here. Everyone wake up and come with guns and sticks. Shastri says the thief is on roof, I locked them, now they can’t run. Sareen says everyone came, lets see. They go to the terrace to catch the thief. Sareen asks where did he run. The men hide and Peeya walks on their hand and make him scream. Sareen is shocked to see its Neil. Minty comes and asks where is thief, take this gun and shoot him. She sees Neil. Sareen says you shoot him, he is the thief. She asks what. The locality women taunt Minty about Neil seeing him with beer bottles. Even their sons are with Neil who praise their sons and compare with Neil. Even those guys come out and Minty taunts their mums back.

Sareen scolds Neil and asks whats

going on. Neil says we are partying, whats wrong in this. Sareen says see yourself, you are not doing right thing. Neil says fine, then we will all this openly. Sareen says then I will beat you openly. Minty takes Neil’s side. Sareen says he is drinking wine. Neil says even you drink. Sareen says I did not drink in your age and I drink by my money, you don’t do this by my money, you can have food and water, not wine here, you will do what I say. Sareen says alteast think about the girls in our house. Neil says I don’t know them. Sareen is about to slap him but stops. The people leave.

Neil talks to Minty and says dad always insults me. Minty says go and sleep now. Neil says where, you gave my room to them. I will go and sleep on the road. Minty says no, you come with me. Neil goes. Everyone leave and Devyaani stays back seeing the wine bottles. She takes the bottle. Anushka apologizes to Minty as she did not know Neil was there. Minty says then you should have found out before shouting. Minty gets annoyed and leaves.

Devyaani asks Anushka not to apologize. Anushka says it was my mistake, I should have seen is it a thief or not. Devyaani says stop blaming yourself.Shastri says Devyaani is right, if it was thief, it would have been big loss, and Neil did wrong, is this any age to have wine, its good Sareen came to know this, he will explain his son, you all sleep now. Minty defends Neil to Sareen and they have an argument. Sareen says he should become like Rajat. She says he hates this comparison. Sareen says we have four girls in our house now, how can he bring friends and get drunk.

Devyaani brings the wine bottle and drinks it. Everyone is shocked. Anushka asks how can you have beer. Devyaani is drunk and dances with her sisters. Devyaani asks Anushka to drink it, and says the bottle has a cap, how could I drink it. She says she was joking and laughs. Anushka says throw it. Devyaani says I did not bring it to drink, but for hair treatment. She says I will take admission in Delhi college, so I want to style up, every guy will fight seeing my beauty.

Its morning, Alka cooks food. Shastri says water went. Anushka says go in our bathroom, it has water. Devyaani gets ready and Peeya compliments her. Shastri says its stinking inside. Devyaani thinks she washed her hair with wine. Devyaani says I applied Ritha, see my hair. Shastri says chee, very bad smelling, my head is aching. He does the puja and calls his daughters to do puja and take Lord’s blessings. He asks them did they keep their admission papers. Anushka says yes, I will ask uncle about college address.

Shastri says I will relieved when you all go college and Peeya can get to her same school branch here. Sareen explains the address to Anushka. She greets good morning to Neil. Sareen asks her not to talk to any people. Sareen says I will drop you. Anushka says no, I will go and get familiar with Delhi. Sareen says whats the hurry. Anushka says I will go. Sareen asks her to go, all the best. She apologizes to Neil. Neil taunts her and says all the best. She says thanks and leaves. He gets her certificates.

Alka misses Rajeev and calls him. She is glad that he is calling her back. She is with Peeya at a shop and leaves her there asking her to be there and she will buy vegs. Rajeev scolds her and she tells him she cares for him, as she is missing him a lot. He says I was a fool, don’t call me again. Peeya comes out of the shop and waits for her. Alka gets busy on the call. Peeya makes a call to Alka by the shopkeeper’s phone but her number is busy. Rajeev says you did not love me and was having fun. Alka says come here and see my state, my soul is there in Kanpur.

Rajeev says maybe you got anyone there now. Alka is stunned. She says I will not call you from now on and ends the call. Peeya calls out Alka and gets lost. Alka comes to the shop and asks for Peeya. The shopkeeper says she tried calling you and then went to find you. Alka gets tensed and calls out Peeya.

Anushka is tensed as she is not getting her certificates. Alka calls her and says Peeya is lost. Anushka is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Neil has got her certificate n he myght fynd peeya hopefully he does cnt wait for Mondays series’devyani put beer on her head lol

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