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Shastri Sisters 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer dropping Alka. Rohan asks her how did she come. She says Veer dropped her by car, its good else she would have to come by auto. He gets sad and says its nice you are getting facilities at your Maayka, else I would have got you by bus and leaves. Anu waits for Rajat. He messages her to come out, and then send chit to come to some room. She says what is he doing, and goes to that room. She goes to knock the door. He opens the door and she asks here. He says my wife’s standard is high, so I thought to do something for my wife. She says she did not understand.

He asks her to close her eyes and takes her inside the room. He says open your eyes and shows her beautiful decorations done by home. She smiles and he holds her close, asking how did she like the surprise.

She says its good. Saajna………..plays………………. He shows her the personalized things, she smiles.

She says how did you do this so soon. He says the man who loves can get the moon from sky too, I just decorated the room. She says I really felt someone got moon for me, thanks. She happily cries. He holds her face and asks what happened. She says its biggest day of my life, we got together after much difficulties, I felt maybe we won’t unite and I was very sad. She says she used to cry when she was alone. He wipes her tears and hugs her.

Maine khudko dediye hai tujhko……..plays…………… They hug and kisses her. They consummate their marriage. Its morning, Neil and Devyaani sit in park and have a talk about their business. She says she is very happy. Neil’s friends ask Neil is there anything between them, they are just good friends right. Devyaani says no, Neil is my BF. His friend says yes, we can see it. Neil says no, don’t lie Devyaani, say we are friends.

Devyaani says I was joking, why did you get serious. Neil says we are friends and we are doing business together. He clears the matter and leaves. Devyaani thinks why did Neil get angry, are we just friends or something else between us, there is something, but love or what. Tries Rajat to know her plan passed of failed. Sareen comes and she asks him about Rajat. He says I would have slapped him if he took my call, he went on honeymoon. She says she is worried. He reminds her that she did not allow him to call his mother and punched him. He asks her to let them be in peace.

He leaves to have some food. Minty calls the hotel and asks for Rajat, saying she can’t connect to his phone. The receptionist says they checked out at night. Minty gets glad and says it means plan succeeded, they cancelled honeymoon and are coming back. Now see Anu what else I do after you come here.

Rajat wakes up and sees Anu sleeping. He sees Minty’s 5 missed calls and calls her. She asks where was he, why was he not taking call. He says I was sleeping, is everything fine. She says yes, I was worried for you, did I do any mistake to call you. He says no. She says receptionist said you checkout, are you missing mom and cancelled the honeymoon. Rajat says no, we did not like that hotel and changed, we will complete honeymoon and come, I will talk later, Anu will wake up now, I have to plan a surprise for her. He says I love you mom and ends the call. She thinks Astha thought a small plan, and I have to plan something dangerous now.

Anu wakes up and sees Rajaty making tea for her. He says he is trying to get a prize from her, by making a good tea. She drinks and says nice, but I will not give any prize. He says I know to snatch my things and goes to her. She runs and the tea falls on her hand. He says sorry and blows on her hand. She smiles. He kisses her hand. He says my prize is pending, get ready, I planned for the day.

He wears Mr Right t shirt and asks her to wear Mrs. Always right tshirt. She goes to change. They go out and spend some good time. Minty calls Astha and Astha asks for good news and a stylish costly saree. Minty says I won’t and tells how the honeymoon did not get cancelled, they changed the hotel. Astha says Rajat’s love is true. Minty says tell any plan, I should have done heart attack drama and stopped them. Astha says sometimes small plans have to flop for big plans, and tells her new idea. (Muted)

Anu gets a bouquet and reads a chit and goes to meet Rajat. Rajat looks for Anu. She hugs someone. Rajat shouts Anu and she moves back, asking how is he. The man stands in darkness and she gets tensed seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I like today’s episode very much. don’t know what is that minty’s
    & astha’s next plan and prays let it be also a flop.I want rajat &anu to be always together. I am very much worried about tomorrow’s episode and keen to watch it.

  2. now I understand that minty plan yesterday she plan the small plan now it flop. I did not see the episode. but miny call astha and tell her that the plan flop but miny asked to give new plan not small she big.
    now in precap anu get a chit and she ges there anu thought he was rajat that’s why she hug.i thk there will b probem. don’t understand this minty doing wrong and she keep mistake. i want anuraj together.makes me upset because minty doing wong that’s why. rajat’s dad will know the truth later. i think need punishment because doing wrong thing that’s why also astha.

  3. sorry i was writing in the sentence big problem where say problem

  4. yeah i hope that next plan wil be flop. me too also worried. when see anuraj big problem i am worried

  5. Worried about tomorrows episode. Todays was nice..

  6. That’s person is veer agnihotri

  7. Jo hua acha hua anushka or rajat physicaly unite ho hi gaye abe wahi hone wala hai joo maine souch rajha tha… I have to sure

  8. Wohbouqet toh rajat ka hi hoga minty or astha ne jo bhi plan kiya hai woh holi par hi hoga …the fact is yeah daily soaps suspence or romence par hi chalte hai….jo hoga unke honeymoon se loutane me baad hi hoga

  9. Main future ki worriy nai..anushka or rajat alma r rohan or devyani or Neil inke life main jo bhi ho chuka hai or ho raha hai unke sabhi romentic or dil ko touch karne wale moments ko hi yaad karta hoon…..

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