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Shastri Sisters 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani thinking about Rajat. She keeps her engagement dress. Alka comes to her with food. Devyaani says don’t tell me to have food. Alka asks why is she angry on Anu, what did do, and tells what Minty did. She says Minty hates us and did this. Alka says Minty has told this herself and tells her everything. Devyaani is shocked. She says Neil attempted suicide for me. She messages Neil and says no, I will not show sympathy for this stupid thing, he created this trouble, what did I do that Minty took revenge from me. Alka asks how s she punishing herself then. Alka makes her have food.

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talks to Rohan about the problems coming on Shastri ji. Astha hears it and is glad. She tells Karishma about Devyaani’s engagement with Rajat breaking. Karishma says Rajat Sareen, ofcourse. Rajat drinks thinking about Anushka’s words. Anu comes there on terrace and cries seeing his state. Her dupatta falls on him. Mere Saajna………….plays……………Rajat looks at her. Anu talks to him and says the one who hurts you, it will be tough for you to love her, I m sorry Rajat. She says her situation is like this that she can’t love him, and she has to say which she does not want to say, and what she wants to say, she can never say. She says when her mum left her, then she took an oath that she will not love anyone more than anyone. He says then your mum will be happy seeing you keep it, will you forget me.

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Anu looks at him. Shastri ji comes there and sees them together. He leaves. Its morning, Shastri ji talks to Rajat. Rajat asks what he wants to say, is there anything serious, he looks tensed. Shastri ji says you love Anu and I know you want to see her happy. Rajat says yes. Shastri ji says you have do some thing for her happiness, go away from her life. Rajat is shocked. Shastri ji says Anu is alone here and witgout her sisters, only because you are around. Rajat asks you mean I m the reason.

Shastri ji says you are the reason of Devyaani and Anu’s difference. He requests him to go far from Anu’s life if he really loves her. Rajat asks you feel if I go away from her life, will she stay happy. Shastri ji thinks and turns. Rajat says fine, I also want Anu’s happiness more than my happiness. He says my happiness was to be with her, but if her happiness is when I go far, fine, I will go.

He promises him and Shastri ji thanks him. Rajat looks at the anklet and thinks about Anu. He throws the anklet. Anu sees Devyaani annoyed with her. Peeya gets an idea and smiles. She acts like she got unwell and Alka worries. She calls Devyaani and Anu. Anu asks Devyaani to call doctor. Devyaani says no, Peeya is afraid of injections. They both talk and Devyaani gets angry seeing her phone. Anu says there is nothing in her phone and she can check it. They argue because of Rajat. Peeya says she did this to make them talk. Devyaani scolds her and says she can’t forgive Anu, as she has broken her dreams and has hurt her a lot. Anu gets sad as Devyaani says nothing is same as before.

Rajat tells everyone that he wants to marry Karishma, and shocks them. Astha smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. no rajat please dont do that karishma is not the girl for you please dont do that . or else theres no other choice for me i will stop watching this show……….

    1. No one really cares about your petty threats because your only 1 viewer, so it doesnt matter whether you watch the show or not

  2. Amena please have a look at your sentence . please use the characters name instead of his/her it will be easy for us to understand.and thanks for your update.

  3. oh ho anu c what happen after ur sacfrice c u dont anything.and where did this karisma come inbtw.i know somehow anu will say yes to rajat that to becoz devyanni.but the showing truth is devyanni become a negative character.phir bhi rajat hai naa for anu.this time also he may save anu form devyanni like before.plz jaldi se show some sweet moment of rajat anu.and hope devyanni turns to postive one.wt a sis ur devyaani.u should shame on ur self to take revenge form ur own sis.anyways thank for update.

  4. God. From where this karishma came now.

  5. how s karishma related to rajat??

  6. shastri ji has 2 vacate the house,.,. why he asked rajat to get out of anu’s life,… rajat loves one girl and engaged vth other girl and marrying another girl.,.. what the hell? anu’s sacrifices are totally waste,.,.

  7. Shastri sisters has to leave this house for self respect.
    Anu has hurt Devyani by her action. True sacrifice does not show their emotions. She has to pay big price to patch with her sister using her love. Strengths and duty towards her family as she raves about them

  8. Rajat truly loves Anu and he takes action to make his love happy.

  9. Devyani is so selfish

  10. Plz rajat don’t marry to karishma ur made for any only.One more advice for serial director if you will not made couple of any and rajat then seriously no one will watch this serial it will floppp

    1. i’ve read somewhere tht on devyanis insistence anu will agree to get married to rajat but devyani is doing all this to just trouble anu as she thinks tht anu is the one who took away rajat frm her so lets wait and see

  11. exuse me nikki I read about devyani giving a sweet to anu. anu is ready to marry rajat

  12. I want to rajat save anu from devyani.
    and because devyani became a negative character.
    after saving maybe devyani will come positive character.

    1. ya @erika even i think the same tht rajat will save anu frm devyani and there will be neils contribution in making devyani good

  13. If Rajat knows Karishma. He must be aware of her character. I started to hate Karishma from the day one, when she asked Alka’s bangles.

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