Shastri Sisters 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu telling Minty that she tried to find Ajay but did not get any details. Minty says don’t know what will Guggal do. Sareen says sleep now, don’t know when will we get good sleep again. Neil gets Devyaani’s message and she asks him did he find anything about IP address she sent him. He asks her to give her 30mins. He tries finding about it and finds the location. He calls Devyaani and says he got the address and tells her. Devyaani says Astha stays there and gets thinking.

Alka consoles Astha and gives her water. Astha thanks her for coming on time. Astha cries. Alka gets Devyaani’s call. Devyaani says she has got proof against Astha, she came to know Astha did room booking, we can prove Rohan is innocent, I know he can’t do this. Alka asks Astha to take

care and leaves. Vrinda waits for Alka and Rohan. They come home and Rohan goes without answering. Vrinda asks Alka what happened. Alka says nothing, everything is fine.

Rohan goes to his room and sits angrily. Alka comes to confront him and shuts the door. She asks what was he going to do, did he not get any shame. Rohan says I did not get shame, I used to get shame when I was helpless and Astha played with our lives. He says everyone thought they can tell anything to my family, not now. She cries and gets angry on him. He says he has shown Astha that if she can fall so low, even I can… She asks what, that you can also fall low. He says he did what he thought right. She asks how can he find this right.

He says you told that Astha made fun of the girls who go through pain and he did the same. She scolds him and asks he was going to become one of such bad men. He asks whats way to punish Astha. She says law, we are fighting the case. He says we were punished, not Astha, the women have applied black color on my face, do I deserve this insult. She says no, but Astha does not deserve what you were doing. He says he did not do wrong with Astha, she needs to be taught a lesson. She says she is not with him in this mistake, his love was biggest for her and this mistake is bigger than that. He leaves. Vrinda comes to Alka and asks what happened, why were they fighting.

The police also tries to find Kajal at the bus stop. They don’t get any info. Guggal gets to know no one has seen Kajal boarding the bus. She says it means Kajal did not board the bus, she understood everything now, Sareen family has done this. She smiles.

Its morning, Minty regrets to make Kajal her bahu. She saysshe was fool to believe her. Anu says why don’t we go Karnal, we can find anything there, Kajal used to stay there. Sareen says right, Neil and I will leave now. Minty says yes. They go out and Minty blames herself. Vrinda sees Alka upset and asks her about Rohan. Alka sees Rohan leaving and asks him to have breakfast. He says he is not hungry and leaves. Vrinda looks at Alka.

Neil and Sareen show Kajal’s pic and try to find Kajal. Minty tries calling them. Guggal comes and says arrest all of them. They arrest Minty and Anu. Anu says Minty did not do anything, leave her. Guggal asks where are the rest. Minty says Sareen and Neil went to Karnal to find proof, wait for them. Guggal asks did they go to bring proof or ruin proof. Sareen and Neil come home. Guggal says she has come to arrest them. They all get arrested and is taken towards the van. Kajal comes and says stop. They all turn and see her in wounded state. They all get shocked. Kajal acts and faints. Minty says what did this happen to her. Sareen says call ambulance.

Guggal says we will take her to hospital, no one can touch her or talk to her till she gives her statement. They take Kajal to hospital. Sareen tells everyone that its another problem now. Minty says Guggal will think we did this. Anu says Kajal will make Guggal sure, maybe Kajal has hurt herself to put blame on us. Minty asks will she do this. Anu reminds how she jumped from terrace to show she is true, she is clever. Minty says she blindly trusted Kajal, and now Guggal is trusting her, I m sure Kajal will take our name. Leela comes and scolds them. Guggal comes and says she will take Kajal’s responsibility, she is unconscious till now, but once she gets senses, and whoever’s name comes, I will make them lose senses.

Kajal asks Minty to talk in low tone, as she is the new owner of the house. She talks to Minty with disrespect and says this time she has done such a plan that Sareen and Shastri sisters together too can’t flop her plan.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Dreamer ?

    Thanks for the update Amena ? Oh no! What does Kajal have up her sleeves now ? I wonder when she will ever realise her mistakes and reform for good ? She is always plotting something against the Sareen family ? I can’t wait for her true colours to be revealed and for the inspector to finally place her behind bars ? Hopefully the Shastri Sisters and the Sareen Family will be able to work together and overcome all the challenges she imposes on them ?

    – Dreamer ?

    • And I’m sorry I’m not acting innocent I understand that this girl called khaniker is faking but it’s not me and there is another pradishma she can be khaniker but I’m not if I was khaniker wouldn’t I have told u I don’t even know this khaniker girl and how do you know I’m not pradishma

  2. Anonymous

    You guys, I’m not being rude or anything but I would like to point out something, Please fix your English, this pathetic English ain’t gonna help you. People laugh at your kiddish behaviours and especially you Pradishma, you all are making a big deal about something that’s so small and I’m so sorry to say but you people can’t handle even jokes or pranks, like how much sensitive can you guys get!

  3. rii

    You guys need to grow up, how childish are you fighting over names and arguing over little names, please grow the hell up.

      • ✨pradishma✨

        Anonymous that was not English it was hindi language… and u kno what people laugh at silly people like u who don’t have guts to use ur real name and it was be not a PRANK ok… v kno how these fake are

  4. I am no khanikar r stupid like ppl who argue and my dear Pradishma.. Im vry much elder to u baby so better learn to talk in good manner. It doesnt suit ppl frm good family to talk like this when tgey talk to sme1 frd. 1st time

  5. The other Pradishma isn’t me that’s the pradishma with the orangey colour pic im the one with the brown one and trust me if u want my name is a PRADISHMA

    • ✨pradishma✨

      HeY athu look lala and bold letters pradishma has same dp it means they both r same and fake

    • piya

      sry 2 interrupt in ur fight but i thkn tis alina , fake pradishma and lala r d same people cause ty r gtng d same dp n they r trying to trouble u by changing names

    • ✨pradishma✨

      U showed ur true face aditi…. I was knewing it that u nothing less than a jealousy person

      • ✨pradishma✨

        Don’t go to my sisters and I was not talking at back…. whatever I felt about u I wrote it…. and it was true u jus want to be popular by using fake names

  6. See I’ve changed my name if I was khaniker and hated you do u think I would have changed my name cuz I don’t do or listen to things people say

    • ✨pradishma✨

      By this name my riya and two other frnds call me can u keep priya or the name which u love

  7. pratigya

    ok fine my actually name is pratigya I m small girl from some place I can’t tell pls talk me very lonely and crying all time in my house

  8. Devyani

    oh yea ikr Pratigya, SS is my favourite too and Anuraj rocks, so true and Vijayendria my favourite.

  9. sruthi

    Pradi (my frnd pradishma) How ar you yaar. is there any problem.why evryone is using ur name… hi sara

    • ✨pradishma✨

      Don’t kno vidya y r they using my name…. look how can they fall so low….. anyways I will ignore them wassup with u…

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  11. but Barbie.. you know what i hope.. when this kajal chapter ends… Minty will happily agrees for deveel… and there we can see so much fun and romance.. i just hope that happens soon.. 🙂 fingers crossed

  12. annah?(anu)

    Y is everyone after Pradishma????? Leave her aloneeeee!! N Aditi donn think u r d only one who can hurt OK??? B4 saying anything else to prads juz once again think that if u utter a single word against her….I will b d worst person u have ever met……

  13. annah?(anu)

    OK olive…..but I donn think so……u can check swaragini’s yesterday update…..she hurted prads very badly

  14. ✨pradishma✨

    Olive u kno y she wanted to be frnds with me and anu cuz she uses to think that v r very popular thats y she spoiled the beautiful relation frndship jus for some fame….. I hurted yaar I never saw such people who only wants to be people and… talk on backs

  15. Its ok annah nd lol olive ma fave scenefrom matsh is wen rnveer fakes he dead just to get kiss in valentine nd ishani hav to do cpr on him . it wz so funny nd romantic awww

  16. ✨pradishma✨

    Bye my sweet sis anu take care and see sweet dreams of ISHVEER AND ANURAJ….. c u tmrw dear… ????

  17. annah?(anu)

    Bad episode!! I thought kajal had understand her mistake n returned to save d sareen family….but……???

  18. For God sake!! Plz hurry up and bring de End to this bullshit!! ok! I don’t know how come Kajol is de NEW OWNER OF DE HOUSE, NOW!! Smh… WRITER,Get some sense plz

  19. Pattukari

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  21. Pattukari

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  22. Khanikar

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  24. Ann(athu)

    Hey prads,anu,liya where are u all.2morrow i am going to watch once again premam.I am addicted to the film.Liya njan shatyam pidichu onnukudi pokanamenu paranju.Athukondu onnukudi pokunnu.Pinne ennu ende net therum.See u all after recharging net.Bye dears

  25. Kinaara

    Ohho karuna didi.u r confusing me..v can ask cum u 2 be as my didi?m his granddaughter nd u daughter.

    • Olive

      We dont.. Atleast I don’t update anything here.. I’m just a visitor to this site just like you..

  26. Hey Annah ( anu ) really thanx to you i didnt know that my lovely lovely sister Prads didnt trust me only toh now toh ppl not trust why should we thanx a lot !!

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