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Shastri Sisters 25th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani’s bidaai going on. Shastri ji hugs her. Anu walks on the road and cries. She recalls Rajat and Devyaani’s marriage. Hamari adhuri kahaani……..plays…………..She recalls Rajat leaving her hand and her family. Anu comes to a temple and sits there. Minty does grah pravesh of Devyaani and fake Rajat. Minty welcomes Devyaani and says she will give all the love to her, which she has stored for Anu. She asks Fake Rajat to take Devyaani to the room. He gets a call and says its from office. He goes.

Neil goes to his room and cries. Sareen asks what problem he has, is his job going on well. Neil says yes, everything is fine, I m happy. Sareen says I know you are not happy, you know Devyaani is your Bhabhi now, and you should forget everything now. He asks

her to see Devyaani happy, if he loves her. The pandit sees Anu sitting there in cold weather and covers her with a blanket.

Devyaani comes in the room and sees the decorations. She sits near the mirror and sees Anu. She gets shocked and looks around. Fake Rajat comes and Devyaani says she has seen Anu just now. He asks her to calm down, this can be her thinking. He says get habitual to see Devyaani with me, this was Anu’s room, but now this room and I are yours. She hugs him and asks will he always be with her. He says I promise.

Its morning, Anu returns the blanket to pandit and thanks him. He asks her to pray as she has come in temple. She says I don’t think Maa loves me, when I get happy, she snatches the reason to be happy, so I don’t have any right to ask anything. He says sometimes happiness is hidden in pain, what happened with you. She recalls Rajat leaving her hand and Raghav torturing her, and how she escaped and then saw Rajat marrying Devyaani. She cries.

She tells pandit that if she goes back to her family, she can’t become a part of the family, she will shatter their happiness if she goes now, she wishes she did not go far from them and Rajat, Maa does not like me. He says sometimes Maa does something that hurts us, then we get to know it was for our good, remember maybe Maa is trying to make you recall anything. She recalls Rajat leaving her hand. She says maybe you are right, and she has understood it now, but how to go ahead now.

The pandit says Maa will show the way. The eunuchs come there saying they have to go and bless a couple. Anu gets an idea and says Maa has shown her the way. He asks what does she mean. She looks at the eunuchs. Fake Rajat calls someone and says marriage is over,. He has full control, no one can do anything, my face has fooled family and even Rajat’s seniors, we will attack on the govt and no one will doubt. He turns and looks at Devyaani sleeping.

Anu comes as maid, and hides her face. Fake Rajat asks her to show her face if she has to work here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When will this show comes to end. Still bad episodes

  2. Who r u 2 say this drama is bad

  3. Why is it a fake rajat? What just happened?

  4. Updates are slow

    U had no idea it was fake rajat oh my my

  5. bad & dragging episode. stopped watching this serial.

  6. Shastri Sisters is good.

    1. It’s is a good storyline nd we just have to wait till the climax ppl

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