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Shastri Sisters 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat and Anu romancing and getting call to come. Rajat says we are coming. They go to Shastri ji’s home and ask who made these snacks. Devyaani says she made it. Rajat asks really. Shastri ji says she has become responsible. He gifts Rajat a gold chain. Veer comes saying surprise and does a santa claus way to give gifts. He says those who could not come in marriage has sent the gifts to me. He gives them honeymoon package in Mussoorie. Rajat says we can’t take this.

Veer says you took my wife, can’t you take this, sorry, its too high, I mean you can accept this and can pay later if you want. He says Anu and she signs Rajat. He says she is my friend, she never says no to me. He asks them to start packing and asks them to enjoy before their boring life

starts. Rajat asks Minty does she have any problem. Minty says no. He asks Anu to pack bag and thanks Veer.

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Minty talks to Astha and she asks how to stop them, they are leaving in 2 hours, why is Veer taking revenge from me. Minty thinks of his words and says she understood. She says they have to reach there to get the surprise, and ends the call. She says I have to find out where are Rajat and Anu is Mussoorie. Rajat and Anu reach the hotel and give booking details. They go to their room and smile seeing balloons and flowers. They get shocked seeing Anu and Veer written everywhere. He says I think hotel people did mistake, as Veer made the booking.

He calls reception and asks about decorations, and says remove them, I m not Veer, I m Rajat. He asks her to relax. She says I will go and get ready. He stops holding her hand and says tell me if you need my help. She smiles. Saajna…………..plays…………. He says get ready soon and she goes. Astha asks Rohan about Alka not coming back. Vrinda says she went to her Maayka. Astha says its good, she will be having good things there. She taunts Rohan. Vrinda asks Rohan to call Alka. He says she will call me if she wants to talk, and leaves annoyed.

Anu checks some dresses. Rajat comes and gifts her a dress, asking her to wear it for his sake. She says fine and goes to change. He gets ready for taking her on dinner. She comes wearing a mini dress and he gets mesmerized by her looks. She gets tensed as he holds her close. Saajna tere bin………………..plays…………… He pulls the dress’ zip up on her back and they smile seeing the mirror. He says she is looking very hot. They get closer to kiss. The phone rings. She says go and receive it. He says let it ring. She sends him.

The receptionist says all honeymoon couples came for dinner, you also come. Rajat says we are coming. Minty talks to Astha and says don’t know plan will succeed or not. Astha says we will win, and asks for a good saree. Minty says she will give many sarees after knowing how was their honeymoon. Astha says when they get romantic, they will hear about Veer and their honeymoon will get flop. Minty says I wish this happens. Rajat and Anu come for dinner. They have an eyelock and smile. She asks why is he seeing her like this, like seeing her for the first time. He says I wish I keep seeing you like this.

The man announces and says about honeymoon, and they have prepared some items for making it more romantic and calls them to come on dance. He calls some couples and they dance. Rajat asks Anu is she ready. Anu says I feel shy to dance infront of everyone. Rajat says a trick to just see in his eyes and she won’t feel shy. The man announces Anushka and Veer. Rajat is shocked and the man says he has dedicated a song for his wife too. Anu looks at Rajat getting upset.

Rajat talks to the man and says I told you our name is Rajat and Anushka, not Veer and Anushka, whats going on, I told this to manager. The man says sorry, I will do right announcement and says their names. He says he can’t change the song as its already set. Anu asks Rajat not to spoil his mood and come for dance. They dance on the song Muskarane ki wajah tum ho…………….. Rajat takes Anu along and says you sit here, I will come. She says Rajat and he goes.

Minty calls for Rajat and Anu and talks to receptionist. The lady says they checked out yesterday night. Minty gets happy and says it means the plan succeeded, see Anu how I ruin your happiness.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. yar plz wo scene dikhao jb anu naha kr aae aur rajat ko uthai

  2. I just want to know one thing. Do Rajath doubt about anu and veer in future episode?! Oh no! this should not happen. This minty plz do her something yaar.. and Astha do these ladies have brain or not. What the hell are they doing.. I want anuraj to be happy.

  3. Nice episode…thx for update early

  4. What’s the problem with this minty? Why is she using Veer’s name to spoil her own son’s happiness? I hate her very very muchhhh……. Plzzzzzzz…….. throw her out of the show. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………………………………………….

  5. Dont worry unka divorce itne jaldi nai hoga….anuahka itne jaldi ko khud se dorr nai hone degi..or rahi anushka or rajat ke cheack out ki baat toh who wajah bhi koi or hogi veer nai…I believe this…..

  6. Wajah koi nice hi hoge it’s a surprise for us

  7. Vaise much bhi kaho ajj ka episode that bahut hot nd romantic

  8. why are u there in my shows everywhere plz…get the hell óut

  9. So nice romantic lovely moment of anu n rajat.i believe rajat is not narrow minded to doubt veer and anu

  10. I always wnt to c rajat &anu in romantic moment..

  11. Rajat will cheack out for booking another hotel for their honeymoon….maybe

  12. Anushka or rajat legally toh unite ho gaye hai…physically bhi unite ho jaye toh..Acha hai

  13. Anushka tum meri ho..veer bhag yaha se..

  14. Haan Rajat main sirf tumhari hu..veer get out

  15. ANUSHKA darling aisa mat bolo

  16. a veer ke bachche ek ulte hath ka padega to haridwar pachega sidha

  17. Devyani mai tumko dekh lunga

  18. meri devyani ko kuch kaha na to mujhse bura koi nai hoga

  19. Kaun hai yeah idiots plz don’t message like dis

  20. chalo bachho KANPUR chalte hai ye sahar thik nai ha hum logo ke lie

  21. shastri sistrers
    amin mehbooob

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