Shastri Sisters 25th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 25th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani saying she got the job and thanking Rajat. Rajat says he has fixed her interview in Vicky’s fashion house. Minty gets surprised. Dareen says why did I not get this idea. Rajat says you got old, I was sure she will get the job, but her talent made her get the job. He says Vicky said send Devfyaani and he will see her talent. Sareen says he did good, she will get busy in work and forget what Neil and Minty did. Neil tells Minty that Rajat should have not done this, he just sees the sisters’ pain, not us, why did he help Devyaani, she will taunt me now. Kajal looks on and smiles.

Minty says don’t worry, if Rajat can tell his cousin and get job for Devyaani, I can also call my sister Nikki and make her lose the job. Leela talks to Kajal and says its good

if Devyaani gets busy, she will be far from Neil, let her go for the job. Neil always stares at her, its good if she is away.

Sareen and Rajat have a talk with Anu. Sareen asks them to go for having icecream, and tells how he took Minty with him. Rajat asks him not to pull his leg. Rajat asks her does she want to know his shy stories. He asks her to get Devyaani, they are going to celebrate for her job, we should make her feel good. She says fine, I will call her and come. Sareen teases Rajat and says you went on me to make your sister in law feel good. Anu comes and asks Sareen to get ready.

Sareen asks them to go, and asks her not to take Minty along, else Devyaani and she will be unhappy. Anu smiles. Sareen says he feels good seeing Rajat and Anu happy. Kajal talks to Minty and fills her ears against Anu. Kajal says she is massage her head and insists. Minty agrees and tells about Anu, who thinks she is enemy of her sons and is after her to prove her wrong. Minty says she will make Devyaani lose the job. Kajal asks why, will this be wrong, I don’t know I m thinking right or wrong, Neil does not love me and stays annoyed, and in this situation, if Devyaani is close to her, Neil can go to her.

Minty says he will not even talk to her. Kajal says but she is scared, Neil is innocent, if he falls for Devyaani again. She says if she stays busy, it will be good, else she will try to trap Neil again. Alka talks to Rohan and tells how Devyaani got the job. Rohan is glad. They have a romantic moment and get close. Astha looks at them through the door and get jealous. Rohan holds Alka and holds her face to make her smile.

He says I know its tension for Devyaani for few days and you did not smile, I got to see it after many days, I want to keep seeing it. He says he loves her a lot. Alka says I love you too. He gets close to kiss her. Astha looks on. Alka moves back and asks him to get ready. He runs to catch her. Astha sees them and fumes.

Minty talks to Kajal and sees Rajat and Anu leaving. Anu says Rajat is taking her out, as Devyaani got job, so we are going to icecream parlor nearby, we will come in few days. She leaves. Minty gets annoyed and says they did not ask me once will I come along, will they get anyting for me, when bahu steals son, then I have to become mum in law. Kajal says tell me where is it, I will get it barefoot, I will get some good deeds. Minty says she is so good, so I call you my daughter, and I think 10 times to call Anu my bahu. She says why will she sit at home, and asks her to go out and come. Kajal asks where. Minty says Neil will take her.

Kajal says she will not go without her. Minty asks her to get ready and go. Neil says he don’t want to go with him. Minty asks why, she is his wife. Neil says she is your bahu. Minty convinces him and Kajal hugs her. Minty sends her. Neil and Kajal also go out. Astha acts like having head ache and tells Alka that she has migrane. Alka says she will not go. Astha asks them to go, to celebrate Devyaani’s job. Rohan asks Alka to go, and he will stay at home. Alka says how can she go without him. Rohan asks him to go.

Rohan goes to drop Alka. Astha smiles. Neil and Kajal are on the way. She asks where are we going, she will feel good, as she wants to be with him, costly place is not necessary, she will feel she has food in five star even if they have food road side, am I aptly dressed. Neil stops the bike and asks her not to hold him. She says sorry, are we going where Rajat, Anu and Devyaani went. He gets angry and asks where did they go. She says don’t know and he asks again. She says Roshan icecream parlor.

Neil meets Devyaani at the icecream parlor and taunts her. She scolds him. He argues and calls her a loser. She asks him to shut up else. He asks what else. Anu and Alka come. Anu says I will say.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh god,that nikki is coming back

  2. I don’t want Nikki to come back.

  3. astha is not yet changed…

  4. Ye astha be ajib se behave kur rahi hi I can’t understand her behaviour

    1. I think so aastha is trying to take rohan away from alka

  5. I hate neil.why did he always hurt devayani,i want come back veer

    1. No veer should not come back some new entry should come more nice than neel and he should marry devyani then only he will realise his mistake and its not his fault he still loves devyani but more than devyani he loves minty and soon like rajat he ll also open his eyes.

  6. Wsts wrong with Astha?Does she hav any feelings for Rohan?csnt understand

  7. offo y s neil doing tis! he himself is spoiling his life. vry bad.

  8. Want anuraj romance

  9. I will kill u neel

  10. please change the top picture of shastri had changed,but written updates did’nt change the picture.

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