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Shastri Sisters 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikki telling Sareen that she has supported Minty. Sareen says the intention was wrong, Anu has sacrificed herself for Devyaani and you both have sacrificed Neil and Rajat to take revenge. He says if Neil did suicide, you should have taught him the meaning of life, but you did wrong by making him hate his life, that’s why you are bad. Shastri ji tells everyone that they have done this planning against my daughters. Alka cries and asks what planning. Sareen says everyone is upset in our house and you both are celebrating, so you are bad Nikki. He sas Minty got this bad planning by you, get out before I forget you are Minty’s sister.

Minty says she is my sister, will you kick her out. Sareen says the person who spoils my house, its small to kick her out, I can

do anything. He shouts on Nikki to get out now. Nikki says she has no interest to get insulted and asks Minty to come to meet her when she wants. She says send my bag later and leaves. Minty says my sister… Sareen says you love your sister, go with her, as I can’t kick you out of this house, this is your house. He says don’t do anything that I leave this house, as the Lord knows I loved you more than my children, parents and Lord. He says my heart loves you a lot and you have killed it. He cries.

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Sareen says now our relation will not be as before, you have killed our relation with your hands. Minty cries. Rajat and Neil looks on. Neil hugs Minty. Rajat asks Sareen not to forget he is talking to mum. Neil says sorry mum, you did all this because of me. Neil says dad said all this in anger and pacifies her. Sareen asks Rajat to come alone and they go to Shastri ji. Sareen says time has come to do the right thing. Shastri ji is puzzled and asks what right work. Sareen says as we have seen before and wee blind. Minty and Neil also come there. Sareen takes Anu’s hand and gives to Rajat’s hand. Minty is shocked. Sareen says its time to unite Rajat and Anu. Shastri ji says this is not right. Sareen says this is the only decision which is right.

Sareen says our confusions has spoiled our children’s lives and now we should correct it. Shastri says but… Sareen says we have to make a new start of our friendship. Rajat and Anu are made for each other and I m doing Lord’s work by uniting them, trust me. Shastri ji gets into thoughts. Rajat and Anu look at each other. Sareen says I, Surinder Sareen, in all my senses and happiness, ask Anu’s hand for my son Rajat. Minty is shocked. Rajat smiles seeing Anu. Sareen asks Shastri ji to say yes and not lessen his happiness. Anu takes her hand backwards. Sareen and Rajat looks on shocked.

She says sorry, I can’t say yes to this relation. Rajat is shocked. Sareen says you always listen to elders, please agree to this, if this relation happens, all relations will get fine. Anu asks how, the man whom my sister loves, I can’t marry him. She says this will be sin if I marry Rajat. She cries and says she can’t break relation to make another. She says she can’t be happy if she does a sin. She says sins start problems. Sareen asks her to think about herself, as Devyaani will get a better man. He asks her to say yes. Alka says yes, think about yourself, you and Rajat love each other. Anu says my relation with Devyaani will end forever by this, do you think it’s a small reason.

She asks Shastri ji to tell her if she is wrong. She asks Rohan to say. Rajat says Anu that he agrees with her decision to say NO. He says you all want Rajat and Anu to unite as they love each other, it’s a lie, Rajat loved Anu, and for Anu it’s a sin. He says he will end this sin here. Sareen asks what are you saying. Rajat asks him to understand that its too much now. He asks Sareen to come and leaves. Minty cries. Saajna…………….plays……………. Anu thinks about Rajat’s words. She breaks down and everyone hold her. Rohan gets a call from Vrinda. She asks is everything fine. Rohan says he will come home and tell her. She says fine and ends the call. Rohan signs Alka and says he should leave now, but she can stay here as her family needs her. Alka thanks him and he levaes.

Alka pacifies Anu. Shastri ji hugs Anu thinking about Minty’s bitter words that she hates Shastri Sisters. He thinks how can my daughter be happy in this house, and don’t know is this reason right, but the decision is right. Minty is upset. Neil comes to her and massages her head. She kisses his hand and says her head ache went by his hand touch and wishes all problems of her home goes. Neil says everything will be fine. Neil thinks Devyaani loved Rajat and not me, no one is wrong between us, we were just following the love orders. He wishes Devyaani understands his love by forgetting Rajat.

Anu talks to Rajat. He asks can she forget him. Saajna…………plays……….. Anu looks at him, as Rajat is in drunk state. They stand at the terrace. Shastri ji comes there and sees them together.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. oh ho anu all going well then y ur saying no.say yes naa yaar.anu if u yes then rajat will be happy and rajat anu fans will also happy.u guys r the best.waiting for trm scene of rajat anu.thank for update.

  2. WOW !!!! its been good now.I think Anu and Rajat will be together. Its great to see them.Rohanji you are so polite I really like his character.and Amena please be clear in your sentence.

  3. anu no sonnathu correct ,,,,, i like this serial tooooooooooooo much

  4. Oh tubelight anu try to catch the ball-rajat,else someone will catch it.

  5. Hope amueaj will come togetjer btw can aanyone translate shastri sisters latest promo? Xx

  6. ANURAJ*******

  7. Good job Rajat . Now it is your turn to refuse Anu and let her know how it feels to leave as other wishes. I like it

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