Shastri Sisters 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guggal saying she will come soon when she gets all the proofs, till then they can stay happy. Sareen says sorry Devyaani, she is dragged in all this. Devyaani says don’t say this, is this family’s problem not her problem, don’t take tension, I will go now. Neil smiles and asks Devyaani is everything fine with Alka and Rohan. She says about women protest against Rohan, she wishes to help them. Neil says don’t worry, and asks did she know anything at hotel. Devyaani says no, we will not know about online booking. Neil says he will find out, and requests hotel to send booking id to them, he can find by IP address.

Vrinda asks Alka about Rohan and asks her not to leave him alone. Alka says he is in room. Vrinda says he has not come out of room, he is worried, be

with him. Alka says fine. Alka goes to room and does not get Rohan. She says where did he go and checks bathroom. She calls him and Rohan sees her call. He is on the way and tells her that he will not leave her. She asks what is he saying. He says he will not leave Astha, she has done bad thing by blaming him and made fun of the girls who really get victim of molestation, I will explain her how those girls feel, I have to show her whats molestation. Alka is shocked and he ends the call. He drives to Astha’s home.

Sareen and everyone sit for dinner. Neil opens the door and its Guggal again. She scares them about sending them to jail. She says she got many things in the diary, she has read everything personally and she asks them to decide how should she behave with them. She says she has sent diary in forensic lab and asks them to admit their mistake, if she tries hard and finds their crime, she will not leave them. Anu saks her to come after finding, then she will know we did not do anything for Kajal’s missing state. Guggal says she thinks its Minty. Anu says no. Guggal says she doesn’t talk to criminals and scolds Anu. She says she will make things easy for them and make their life tough. She gives them 24 hours to admit. She leaves.

Minty says she is scared. Sareen says why should we be scared when we did not do anything. Minty says she has hidden something, the diary belongs to her. Sareen says what. Minty says she got it for expenses, but did not write. Sareen asks why did she not tell Guggal. Minty says she is scared and lost confidence, I felt I will take wrong decisions. Anu says Guggal can’t do anything, but we have to be careful and not do anything to make her doubt on us. Neil says I think she is sure. Sareen says we should find Kajal when we saw her last time. Neil says I made her sit in karnal bus. Sareen says lets go to bus stop and leaves.

Alka takes auto and goes to Astha’s home. Astha watches tv. Rohan comes to meet her. She asks did Alka permit him to come, that’s why he came alone, she is not in mood to forgive him today. He gets angry and says you feel no one has any life or status, people will obey her, else she will blame them and punish, but not anymore, now her time is over. He recalls the humiliation faced by the women and goes close to her. Astha gets tensed and asks what is he doing. She says this is my home, no one is here, go away. Rohan says its good, it will be easy for him. She asks why did he come and asks him to go from her home. He holds her and says he will go after doing for what he has come here.

He asks what did she tell him, that he has tried to molest her. He says she knows he has not done anything and all blames were wrong, but now he will do all this with her. She gets shocked and cries. Sareen and Neil come to the bus stop and try to know about Kajal and ask people showing her pic. Rohan says he will be punished anyhow, why not she also gets the punishment. Astha says listen to me. Rohan asks her to take complaint back, he has nothing to lose, she has to lose. He angrily looks at her.

Alka is on the way and calls him. Rohan’s phone is left in hs car. She says why is Rohan not taking call and calls Astha. Astha sees the phone and Rohan does not let her go. Astha pushes him and takes call on landline. She asks Alka to save her and cries. Rohan throws the phone and twists Astha’s hand. Alka worries and says Rohan don’t do anything that we can’t fight in the case. Astha apologizes to Rohan and says she knows she did wrong with him, she will take complaint back. He pushes her and her sleeve gets torn by the showpiece. She asks him to leave her. Rohan looks at her and holds her torn sleeve. She folds hand and asks him to leave her. Alka comes there and sees them. Alka gets shocked and shouts Rohan ji. She asks is he mad. Astha stands behind Alka. Rohan says he is doing right, its imp to teach lesson to this woman.

Sareen family gets arrested and is taken to the police van. Kajal comes and stops them. She appears wounded and helpless.

Update Credit to: Amena


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  10. BTW I had to do something and I am not fake I don’t even know khamkikar or what ever her name is my name is Pradishma and how do u know my name isn’t khamikar and if the other Pradishma can trust me then I don’t care because I know that my name is Pradishma I don’t care if u don’t believe me

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