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Shastri Sisters 24th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with police arresting Raghav. Anu thanks Bela and takes phone from inspector. She says don’t know why her heart is not agreeing to call Rajat. She calls Shastri ji, while is he is busy. Anu calls Alka and Alka takes the call. Anu says its me Anu. Alka is not able to hear anything. Anu says I m alive. Alka asks who is it. Anu says its noise, go out and talk. Minty asks Neil about Rajat. Neil says maybe he is getting ready. Anu hears this. Minty says he went on me to take time, tell him he is the groom, he should get ready soon. Anu is shocked.

Minty asks Alka to go and see if the bride is ready. Alka says yes, I think its any imp call. Minty sends her and ends the call. Anu says its Rajat’s marriage today. She cries and says inspector that she has to go home now itself.

He says you can rest today and go tomorrow, there is no bus now. She says its urgent. He asks her to go by police van. She thanks him. Fake Rajat washes his face and his lenses fall. Neil comes and Fake Rajat looks for lenses. Neil asks him to come, he is waiting. Fake Rajat tries to find the lenses in the basin pipe and does not get. Neil asks what happened, he is tensed. He knocks the door and opens the door. Fake Rajat applies the lenses and cleans his face.

Neil asks what happened. Fake Rajat turns and Neil asks is everything fine. Fake Rajat his broach fell, so he was finding it. Neil asks him to come. Anu is on the way in police van and it stops. The driver checks it and says there is some problem, it will take time. She tries taking lift. Devyaani and Fake Rajat sit in the mandap. The woods does not lit and guests say its abshagun. Shastri ji says we should not see our deeds. Anu stops a car for lift and asks an old couple for help. The lady refuses and the man asks her to sit. Shastri ji does the ghatbandhan. Anu asks uncle to drive fast, she has to reach soon. The lady says young generation does wrong work and then worries.

Anu says aunty you are mistaken, its long story, I have to go, else my husband will get married. The lady does not believe her and Anu says no, my husband feels I m dead, so he is remarrying, I have to stop him. The man says if she is true, then they will become couple to make heroine reach the marriage on time. He drives faster. The pandit asks Fake Rajat and Devyaani to take wedding rounds. She slips and he holds her. They take the rounds.

The couple drops Anu and she thanks them. She rushes there and gets hurt. The wedding rounds are done. Anu gets up and runs inside the home. She gets shocked seeing Rajat filling Devyaani’s maang. She recalls Devyaani’s love for Rajat. She gets shattered seeing them. Rajat makes Devyaani wear the mangalsutra. Anu looks on and cries. They take elder’s blessings. The lady says Devyaani has brought Rajat out of depression, see he looks so happy. Anu hears this. The ladies talk about Sareen and Shastri family, where problems come before happiness. Anu cries and moves back.

Fake Rajat says Rajat’s family and his seniors are also fooled by my face, we have to attack as per our plan. He looks at Devyaani sleeping.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Poor anu, why didn’t she say stop now her sister is married to a terrorist

  2. ??bad episode….feeling bad for anu & devyaani….
    Plzzzz anu devyaani ko galath math saamjnaa…..

  3. Oho wat is this yaar…..anu u shud stop the marriage

  4. Anurajian(athu)

    Very sad for anushka

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