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The Episode starts with a lady praising herself and her son Rajat. She says she is mum of an airforce officer and talks to her friend Dolly. Sareen comes and she is his wife. He says great, everything matching. She t.ells Dolly that Sareen noticed everything, I will check how. Sareen asks did you serve your mum. She praises Rajat and asks what happened to him. He says can’t I praise my wife. She says after 30years of marriage. He says you went out for 2 days and we were so lonely, so I arranged that we will have four daughters here. She asks what does he mean, did she marry many women, that he got four daughters. He says I was talking about our renters, I have this floor to Shastri ji and his daughters . She says what did you do, they don’t have any mum, if anything happens.

He says

no, they have good values. She asks did he ask for any security amount. He says no, he is my friend. He says you always wanted daughters, now you are not happy, think when they come here, you will not have much work and you will be free. She asks when are they coming. He says today, they are coming in some time. She does some self praising again infront of Dolly. Dolly says but I heard you are taking rent. She says no, Sareen insisted. Dolly saks her to be careful as she has two sons. She says I have given good values to my sons. Ye dilli hai mere yaar…………….plays………… The sisters are on the way home and see the city.

They reach home and are happy seeing it. They are very excited. Anushka asks will Sareen have any problem. Shastri says no, he insisted us to stay here. Everyone see them staring. They feel this odd. Sareen and Minty welcomes them. Minty hugs all of them. She comes to their room and see its so messy. Peeya says what type of house is this, no free space, no roof, no land. Anushka says we will clean it now.Devyaani sits on the bed and shouts, as she sits on the guy they met in the train. He is shocked seeing them. Devyaani asks what are you doing here. He asks the same.

He says I will not leave you. Devyaani says you are so mad, to follow us. He says this is my house. Devyaani says this is my uncle’s house. Minty asks when did you come Neil. He says morning, what are they doing here. They are shocked to know he is Sareen’s son Neil. Neil says he face so much trouble because of them. Minty says we gave this portion for rent, and its his. He says what. Devyaani argues with Neil. Minty says now they will stay with us, they are your dad’s friend’s daughters. Neil says we will kick you out of this house. He leaves.

Anushka tells about the train issue to Minty. Minty says you all look very smart, not simple. She says I was saying as you all will be staying with me, so I will be like your mum, to show you right and wrong, come to me if you have any problem, I m your aunty plus landlady. She leaves. Neil comes to Sareen and asks how did he give his room to them. Sareen asks him to greet Shastri ji. Neil says its my portion. Sareen says its mine, I can take it back anytime. Neil says you don’t know what I can do. Sareen asks what will you do and taunts him.

Sareen holds his neck and says think and threaten, as it maybe problem for you. He says Shastri ji you are lucky as your daughters are born in Kanpur, see he is born in Delhi. Neil insults them. Sareen says they will stay here. Neil says fine, give me my share, I m 18 years. Sareen beats him with pillows. Neil runs out. Shastri says sorry, I did not know that portion is of your son. We will go somewhere else. Sareen says no, if you go from here, I will be very hurt.

Minty says come, I will show you my house and says make this your living room. She says she loves doing charity. Anushka says that’s very good thing. Minty praises the wall paint too and everyone smile. Peeya sees a guitar and plays it. Minty shows the bathroom and the shower taps. Devyaani says even we have geyser in our home. Minty sees Peeya playing the guitar and scolds her for touching it without permission. She says your hand can cut by the strings and if it breaks, it’s a loss of Rs 2000. She says this is of Neil and he will be angry, he is very touchy about this.

Anushka says we did not feel bad. Shastri says the items came, come and see. Everyone rush down. Minty says they came on my head.

A man misbehaves with Anushka and sees four girls alone and their old dad. They come to their house at night.

Update Credit to: Amena

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