Shastri Sisters 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani telling Anu that she is going for job interview and is not sure to get job. Anu asks why, you have the designs. Devyaani says I don’t have, I will come back and tell everything. Anu wishes her all the best and prays for her. Sareen talks to Minty and she is annoyed. She does not say anything and leaves. Anu asks what happened, she did not talk to me. Sareen says don’t know and asks for tea. She says she will make it.

Kajal comes to Anu and apologizes to her. She says she can scold and beat her, but please forgive her. Anu says don’t say this please, who am I to forgive you. Kajal says you have to forgive me, I told what I thought is true, I chose suit and thought to buy one which you say okay, if you said its costly, I would have not bought, I m Jhalli,

I did not know shopping. Anu asks did she not check rates. Kajal says no, I told shopkeeper to get your sign, I will take if you sign, when you signed, its all okay, whats my mistake in this, I did not lie. Anu thinks.

Devyaani goes for the interview and shows Peeya’s pics and her designs. The lady says it looks of very small scale and her company reputation is very imp. Devyaani asks her to see once. The lady says I think she is your relative, else I would have filed case if anyone did this with me. She scolds her and says your designs does not deserve to be shown in interview, you can go. Devyaani gets sad.

Devyaani says she has talent, and needs a chance. The lady asks her to go. Devyaani give me 5 mins, I will prove in 5mins that I m deserving to be in this fashion house. The lady asks her what will she do. Alka asks did the interview end. Devyaani says no, I was asked a question inside and sees a girl. She says she got the answer and takes a girl. She tells the lady that she will do makeover of this girl in 5mins.

The lady says its not possible. Devyaani says I can prove. The lady says she will not get separate costume and accessories. Devyaani says I don’t need. Devyaani presents the girl after the makeover and the lady looks at her. Anu thinks she should talk to Kajal, maybe she did not know anything. She asks Minty to sit for dinner, she will call everyone. A taxi driver comes and says its ready. Minty says we did not call any taxi. Kajal says I called the taxi.

Minty asks where is she going. Kajal says she did a mistake, so she is going to return all the items, as she is called a liar and Anu got away from her and hurt her, these items should not be here. Minty takes it and asks who called her liar. Kajal says Anu, its my mistake in this, if she is saying I m liar, then I m liar. She tells Anu that she is going to return all items. Minty says wait Kajal and scolds Anu. She says she can spend any amount on shopping.

Kajal defends Anu and says its my decision to return the items, don’t scold her. Minty says Anu makes plans, I m bearing this since long and will not let you bear it. Devyaani comes home and brings sweets, as she got the job. Rajat says great news. Devyaani says she got the job and looks at Neil. Devyaani gives sweets to everyone and taunts Neil for stealing her designs.

Neil and Minty plan to make Devyaani lose the job. Kajal hears this and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t no y Neil is doing like this… So bad of u Neil .. I thought u were acting.. But u r really like your wamp mom.. Idiot Neil..

  2. How did Jamal call taxi if she doesn’t know how to read total is Any is that dum to figour out ?

  3. XxDeveil fanxX

    Someone please tell me that neil is faking this and devyani never left his heart please tell me this!

    1. plz Don’t insult neel and devyani its DEVEEL NOT DEVIEL deveel name is devyani in naming their website plz change it .

    2. plz Don’t insult neel and devyani its DEVEEL NOT DEVIEL deveel name is devyani in naming their website plz change it …..

  4. Why does Neil have to be so cruel???

  5. Want Veer and Devyaani together…hope she doesn’t go back to Neil after what happened..

  6. no neil love devyani just mom ki wajah se badla lay raha h I hate minti anti

  7. The serial is getting predictable and boring – the Great War between minty and shastri sisters. Throw some humour for tension release please

  8. Devyani and veer look cute together as a couple both have good sense of humour

  9. We want Deveer then people will forget anurajt love bond.

    1. No plz y u all r up to veer some new one should come ok plz stop accusing neel in interview he told he is doing all this for minty k there should be new one for devyani.

  10. I hate you neil,your an idiot preson .How can u do this to devyani . stupid neil!!

  11. Devyani is a nice and beautiful girl but this stupid lady name ”Minty” is try to destroy the shastri sisters.I hate that evil lady and now what is Kajal up to, this show is getting boring with lots of dramas. Neil i thought you loved deyvani but now i think that you’re becoming a bad preson that try destroy or hurt deyvani and do you know that she loves you a lot and you’re doing this stupid stuff with you mom. f**k you Neil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. veer,come back or turn kajal into a nice guy

  13. veer&devayani ki jodi nice hai,plz come back veer

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