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Shastri Sisters 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav asking Anu to marry him. She says I m married, I can’t remarry. He says your marriage is dead along with your death certificate, you go and change, you have to decide what to wear, get ready and look like an angel. He hurts her and says forget everything, get ready fast. He goes to Bela and asks her to make Anu ready, and he scares to kill Bela if she helps Anu. Bela says my home runs by your money, don’t say this. He says yes, respect that, go and make her ready. He calls pandit ji. Bela comes to Anu. Anu cries and asks why did she do this, for money? If she reached her home, her family would have given money.

Bela asks her to get ready. Anu says I m married, I can’t marry. Bela asks why did she agree then. Anu argues and says Raghav has beaten me and

locked me for one year. Bela says Raghav is a good man and loves you a lot, you are lucky to get a husband like him, get ready. Anu says he is not a good man. Bela says I don’t know, he loves his mum a lot and he can’t beat anyone. Anu says his mum is just a skeleton, and go to see her. Bela is shocked. Anu asks her to check.

Rajat looks around and tries to free himself. Fake Rajat comes there and asks what did he do. The goon gets a glass piece and says I think he was trying to cut rope by this. Fake Rajat gets angry and beats Rajat. He asks him to try as much he wants and leaves. Bela makes Anu ready. Anu asks why is she not believing her, and asks her to see in that room once, my life is ruining, save yourself, Raghav won’t let you be free for long. Raghav comes dressed as groom and gets mesmerized seeing Anu’s beauty. He says he just gets love on her, and sends Bela out. He asks her not to tell anyone. Bela says I know. Anu tells Raghav that this is illegal, she is already married, you don’t love me, if you loved me, then you would have not tied me, you lied to my family, and told them I m dead, you won’t get saved, my husband will come, my sisters will come, they won’t leave you.

Raghav says your sisters…. And smiles. He takes her out and drags her. He says he will serve her sisters, and scolds her. Bela thinks to check Raghav’s mum. Alka talks to Devyaani and says we sisters has saved money for her marriage, and got this necklace for her, I did not think I have to give this alone. Devyaani says I don’t feel you are giving me gift alone, I feel Anu is here with us, I wish this happened, then you and Anu…. Anyways I want to see Anu’s choice. Alka makes her wear it. Devyaani likes the necklace.

Raghav brings Anu to temple and throws her. He asks pandit to start. Anu requests him to let her go. He slaps her. She cries. The pandit says he can’t make them marry, if bride is not agreeing. Raghav aims gun at him and scares him. The pandit agrees and chants the mantras. Raghav forcefully takes wedding rounds. Bela goes to see his mum. Bela gets shocked seeing the skeleton. Raghav holds Anu’s hair and makes her walk. Anu pushes him and throws sindoor in his eyes. She runs away from the temple. Raghav catches her and says he will kill her if she does not marry him. She gets shocked. Bela brings police there and police shoots Raghav. Bela asks Anu is she fine, they have come. Raghav falls down and police arrests him.

Bela apologizes to Anu and says she is working there since years, si she did nto believe her, but she has seen the skeleton, I was shocked, I m sorry. Anu says no, Bela don’t apologize, you have saved me and gave me a new life, thanks a lot, I can go home now. Anu thinks to go home, and is excited that she will be going to her family, to her dad and Rajat. She smiles.

Anu is on the way. Rajat and Devyaani take the marriage vows. Anu comes there and gets shocked seeing Rajat filling Devyaani’s maang. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aww poor anu she doesnt know that that is not rajat atleast she escaped from the psycho raghav
    Hopefully they find the real rajat

  2. Thanks for the update Amena ? Woohoo! Anu has been saved from that psychopath for good ? The pracap though ? I pity both the sisters ? But I am sure Anuraj and Deveil will unite in the end ?? Now that Anu is back, the Shastri sisters and Neil will be able to start their awesome detective work and rescue Rajat ? Yippee! And once Rajat reunites with his family safely, no one will be able to stand against them…not even this Fake Rajat who has super good acting skills ?

    “One for all and all for one” – The motto of our favourite Sareen Bros and Shastri Sisters gang ?

    Looking forward to the episode in which Rajat will be rescued ?

    – Dreamer ?

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh no anu. papam anu nd rajath

  4. will fake rajat marry devyaani

  5. will fake rajat marry devyaani

  6. Too boring dese days!!! Always one or th other trouble comes upon shastri and sareen family!! No happy moments!!: I oly read th updates do not feel like watching ss

  7. Verry happy and sad 4 anu and devyani
    Happy news:anu is escape from that evil raghav and
    Bad news:devyaani is going to marry with a man that she don’t know who he is
    Please can someone tell me kya fake rajat aur devyaani ki shaadi hojati hi

  8. Anurajian(athu)

    What is this?Although it is not rajat,i don’t want to see him marrying devyani.Love anuraj

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