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Shastri Sisters 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani dreaming about Delhi. Anushka calls her and holds her hand to pull her in the train. Devyaani says important people always come late. Anushka and Devyaani have a talk. The TT comes and asks for tickets. Anushka gives the ticket. Anushka says I don’t know her and asks Devyaani where she has to go. Devyaani says what are you doing, give the ticket. Anushka says don’t you have, jump off the train. The TT checks and leaves. Alka calls Rajeev and says don’t hate me, I don’t be able to live. He is angry. She says how should I tell my sisters that….. He says when I m coming to you, you are going far, don’t take the train, I will manage everything. She says listen to me, I m helpless.

She says once I reach Delhi, I will talk to Papa. He ends the call.

Alka cries. Anushka comes and asks her why is she crying. Alka says no, something went in eyes. Anushka says please tell me. Alka shares her pain about Rajeev and Anushka hugs her. Anushka too cries and says you can cry infront of us, but I hide in alone, so that no one can know it. Alka says I m afraid. Anushka says pain gets less with time. She says when you are sad, I will be with you. Anushka makes Alka smile. Alka asks her not to tell this to Devyaani.

Peeya sees a guy sitting on her seat. She asks him to vacate the seat as its her seat. Devyaani comes and takes his class. The guy argues with her. Anushka comes and Devyaani says I will see him. Anushka stops her. The guy says first decide you want to fight with yourself or me. He laughs. Anushka shows him the tickets and asks him to check his ticket. The guy says I don’t make mistakes. Anushka asks him to show his ticket and he jokes. Anushka asks him to cooperate and check her ticket, and leave. He shows them attitude and taunts them.

Devyaani says see what we do now. A guy asks them if the guy troubling them. The first guy says they are troubling me. He asks them to sit anywhere as many seats are empty. The TT comes and asks what is the matter. Anushka says now we are one party, check his ticket, he is sitting on our seat. The TT says he is at wrong seat and asks him to go to his seat. Anushka thanks the TT. Anushka and Devyaani taunt the guy for doing mistake and not reading the ticket number right, though he is educated from best school in Delhi.

The guy fumes as Devyaani insults him. Shastri and Sareen comes to have icecream. Shastri sees many couples there. He does not like the city seeing people casually hanging out. Shastri says he is not liking Delhi and whats all this, all openly, how will they leave here, everyone knew each other other and worried. Sareen says you got old now, you forgot your daughters are so great. He says they won’t adjust, but the world will adjust according to them. Anushka talks to Shastri and says we will meet at station.

She says lets sleep now. Alka messages Rajeev and Devyaani asks her whom is she messaging calling her Didi. Alka says don’t call me Didi, I m not so old. The guy looks at them. He wants something and says did I leave near their seat. He goes to see and Peeya is sleeping there. He looks at his bag and Devyaani misunderstands seeing him.

Devyaani asks what is he doing. Peeya sees him and shouts. They open the light and scold him asking what was he doing. They tell the other men that he was misbehaving with Peeya. The guy says trust me, I came to see my bag. Devyaani says show it where is it. The guy says its not here. The men get angry on him. The TT comes and asks what happened now. He drags the guy out. The guy says its not my mistake. The TT asks him to leave the train and tears his ticket. Devyaani says we will not leave you for what you did. He gets angry and says don’t worry, if I get you, I will also not leave you. The train leaves as they wave bye to him. The train reaches Delhi and Devyaani is very happy. The coolies trouble them. She are shocked seeing their behavior. Anushka says lets go out. Devyaani says we don’t need any coolie. Shastri ji comes and hugs them.

The sisters are shocked to see that guy sleeping in their room. He wakes up and they ask him what is he doing here. He says I told you I will not leave you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Tday episode was so dramatic and an thrillin makin u wana watch more shastri sistas u ROCK…….n dat dude that’s jst sumin else der livin in his house so he will avenge n i fink he n deviyani suit

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