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Shastri Sisters 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty coming and seeing Rajat and Anu married. Sareen says Rajat, your marriage won’t complete without mother’s blessings. Minty blesses them and thinks Anu won, but she will win till Rajat is with her, till when will she keep Rajat along, don’t worry, this togetherness won’t be for long, I won’t let your home becomes yours. She thinks she will make her life hell and smiles. Sareen blesses them and thanks Lord as he wanted to see this day, and promises he will leave wine for a year. Sareen asks them to come for reception.

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Minty cries and asks Rajat why did he not tell her. Rajat says I m sorry,

it all happened so suddenly. She says I was not here, you did not miss me, you did not call me to say you are marrying, you might have thought that its good I m not here. Rajat says I told dad and he said he will talk and explain you. She says fine, you talk to your dad, you don’t need me, I m not that bad as you think, I m a bad woman, not a bad mother, I m sure of this.

She says my mistake is I felt my son is a prince and he should get a princess, if Anu is not fit then I m bad. Rajat says no mom, I love you. She says no, you just love Anu, I don’t have any place in your life. He says tell me what can I do. She says you can answer me, what should I do of the costly saree and earrings which I wanted to wear in your marriage, you took away the biggest day of my life. Rajat apologizes and says forget it mom, I love you, and hugs her.

A girl comes and says Anu is calling you. Rajat says tell her I m coming. He asks Minty to forget this and leaves. Minty says great, Anu called him and he left me here, is Anu so imp in your life, but Anu you can’t separate a mum from her son, see what I do. Astha gives icecream to Minty asking her to have it and cool her anger. Minty asks her to leave. Astha says you will be in loss if you talk like this. Minty says the loss is over. She says you called me after marriage ended. Astha says she has idea for her. She tells her plan. (muted)

Astha asks will you join hands with me to break the Shastri sisters. Minty joins hands and they smile. Rajat and Anu see each other and smile in the reception. Anu holds his hand and they sit together. Veer smiles seeing them. Minty and Astha come there and look on angrily. Veer cries and Kirti sees him. Veer asks how did she like him fooling everyone. She says you fooled me, tell me why did you do this. He says Anu and Rajat love each other, how can I come between them.

She says you would have asked me once. He says if I did that, you would have never allowed me. She says lets leave, I can’t see you more hurt. He says when I was marrying Anu, Rajat was in all functions, he was hurt but did the friend’s duty, please let me be here. Devyaani sees Neil and smiles. She says Rajat and Anu married, they faced many problems for this, do you think our family problems can get solved, then we will tell them about our business. He says not now.

Minty stares at Rajat and Anu. Alka gifts a necklace to Anu. Astha sees it being shocked. She says its yours, which Rohan gifted you by love, why did you gift this. Alka says I like this a lot, and thought Anu will like it. Anu says she likes it a lot, thanks. Astha says fine, I felt your financial status is not like you can buy anything new, so… Alka says its not day to discuss about problems, its Anu’s day. Rohan gets annoyed and leaves. Kirti says congrats, and Veer also says congrats and hugs Rajat.

Shastri ji apologizes to Kirti. She asks him why did he not say that Anu still loves Rajat, my Veer has become a joke in this. She leaves. Veer gets teary eyed and leaves. Anu stops him and he asks her to go back in her reception. She asks where is he going. She thanks him and says she can never forget the happiness he gave her, don’t know when she can return this favor. He says if you want to return it, then promise me that we will be good friends always. She says promise and shakes hand. Rajat holds their hand and asks can I get some space in this friendship. Veer says no. Anu says please. Veer says fine, only by her recommendation. He says all the best and smiles.

Minty does Anu’s grahpravesh and stares at her, thinking she will not let stay with Rajat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally anuraj together .

  2. Oh no. Again this Minty going to create new drama. I want anuraj to be happy forever. How many oou think the same??! Like my comment if you. Dislike if you dont..

  3. nice episode. Don’t know what problems will that minty create further by joining hands with that stupid astha

  4. Honey and Clare are right.I think this Minty and Astha should even die.

  5. i did not see the episode but I read the precap I am happy that anu and rajat together but minty wil create problem I am worried.she should realize her mistake.
    please director sir change minty

  6. did you saw the new promo of shastri sisters and sasural simar ka I think a big problem maybe simar will have problem and anushka.
    here the spoiler
    Sasural Simar Ka/Shastri Sisters Holi Sangam:

    The Special Episode on 2nd March will be focusing on Holi Celebrations, and this will mark the truth revelation of fake Roli being a Naagin, while she eyes to harm Simar. Minty gets unhappy with Anushka and plans to harm her, and the episode will show how the two leads get saved from the vamps. Watch out the two stories merging and how Holi function bring the major twist in the show. Anushka and Simar will face the fate, oblivious of the unseen danger.
    if you want see the promo
    you can go to yutube and search shastri sisters it will come

  7. I am worried again because of the promo who did not see the promo you can read and see the video

  8. Dunno now wat minty gonna do.he shud have mixed poison in thst lemon juice instead of sleeping pills…

  9. I think kirti will join to astha or minty against anushka because woh veer ko pain main nai dekh sakagi..she love her son very much I am afaired of anuraj future…

  10. Mujhe daar hai kahin woh rajat me maan main anushka or veer ko lekar koi misunderstanding create na lar dee…abb San kuch rajat ki samajh par depend karta hai…

  11. Kyunki jis tarah minty rajat ko behala rahe thi woh meethi churi bankar hi vaaar karagi…anuahka par

  12. Main yeah andaja isliya laga aakta hoon kyunki mujhe cheacters or situation ko samajhane ka experience hai…or agar aisa naa ho toh well and gud

  13. Minty abb openly vaar nai kar sakti kyunki agar aisa kiya toh beta or pati dono se haath dhoo baithage….an woh ek hi kaam kar sakti hai unko separate karne me liya galat fehmi paolida karna yaa phir

  14. Devyani or Neil k ek karne ki liya rajat ko chodh dena jaisi koi sharth …minty such a b*t*h lady….plz some one kill her

  15. Which business are Neil and Devyani gonna start together??

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