Shastri Sisters 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat being called on stage and giving his success credit giving speech. He names Minty and gives her the credit. She smiles as he recalls the past things. He says how my mum took me to academy and always encouraged me. He thanks her. She gets teary eyed and says whatever I m, I m because of my mum. Everyone claps. Rajat says people say its woman after a successful man, I m lucky, I have two woman behind my success, my mum and my wife Anushka. He says his wife taught him to live life well, his uniform got stained by someone’s plan, everyone was against her, but his wife was with him, and stood fearless and confident, she inspired me, I learnt if every person is against you, you can’t turn face from your duties. He requests to receive the medal by Anu’s hand. Minty is


Rajat asks his love, his life partner Anushka to come on stage. Everyone claps. Anu goes on the stage. Rajat holds her hand and takes her. Minty looks at them. Anu makes him have the medal and fixes it on his uniform. Minty leaves. Devyaani transfers data. Neil and Kajal reach home. Sareen asks Rajat why did he not take his name on stage, did he not inspire him anytime. Rajat smiles and says next time he will take just his name. He asks where is mum. Anu says yes, where is she. Sareen says maybe she went loo, and Kajal and Neil went home to get passes. Anu says I will just come.

Anu calls Devyaani and asks her to leave from there right away. Devyaani says fine, and sees data transferring. She says done and goes out. She bumps into Neil and Kajal at the main door. She gets shocked seeing them. Kajal asks how did she come in their house. Neil asks what is she doing here and holds her hand to get an answer. She says she came to take her things and shows the pendrive, saying it has my designs. He says you can’t take anything without saying or asking me. She says then how did you take without asking me.

He stops her and says maybe Lord runs this world, but I rule this house, I have left your hand by my wish, not this time. She says leave my hand. The pen drive falls and he takes it. He says he can give it but she has to apologize to him. She says she did a mistake to insult him less, she should have beaten him, so he would have bowed his eyes down today. Kajal looks on. Devyaani scolds him and says you don’t have any values, you don’t have anything in you. She says the guy who takes revenge by acting of love, its cheap thing. He says if she gives lecture, she will not get job. She asks him to keep the designs and says she is much talented. She says sorry to Kajal and says this man is not good, and maybe you will feel to commit suicide, but don’t lose strength. Neil asks did the sisters do masters in taunting, and he will see how she gets job.

Sareen and Anu look for Minty. Sareen calls her and can’t connect. They all look for her. Sareen worries, where did she go, she can do any new issue. Kajal asks Neil not to be angry and have lemon water, Devyaani is angry as Lord took the lucky chance of being your wife. Neil asks her to stop it and take lemon water. She thinks she will drink it, but will he come to function or not. She says family is important, everyone will be waiting there, mum will feel bad. Neil says he won’t come, she can go by taxi. She says she will not go. Minty comes home. Kajal asks where are others. Minty says I don’t know.

Sareen calls Neil and asks about Minty. Neil says yes, she just came home and looks angry. Sareen says fine I will come. Rajat says mum is not here. Sareen says she went home. Rajat says what, but why. Sareen says lets go home now. Shastri ji thinks. Anu wishes Minty does not do anything.

Kajal says she called the taxi and cries. Minty asks you, but where are you going. Kajal says I m going to return the items, as Anu called me liar. Anu looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rajat ,nice act

  2. bit good y!

  3. Its turned into a very boring track now. Read krne ka b Mann ni krra since d enrmtry of this new girl. N Niels stupid character.

    They need to hire better scriptwriters. Or this show will b off air way to soon.

    Kya bakwas show kr rkha h .

  4. Don’t say abt shastri sisters like this.Earlier in the beginning it was not so interesting.But after starting ANURAJ scenes,it become good.After that only separation was was a little boring.but it gained viewers interesting.Like that,there will be ups and downs
    But today’s episode was 2 nice.We are ANURAJians,don’t speak abt ss like this
    and say it will end like rangrasiya.
    SHASTRI SISTERS is the best serial in colors

  5. Very gid job rajat u r really deaerve anu….nice episode

  6. nic episode,i like anuraj

  7. Sorry to say but meri aashiqui tum se hi is the best on colours and will remain sooo.

  8. Neilandkajalarestupied

    Neil and kajal thing is soo stupid an boring … Always loved the serial so much… But this s overdone

  9. No,shastri sisters is best

  10. I aagree shastsri sisters is the best

  11. The person who said bad abt ss must watch this link.In colors SHASTRI SISTERS is with top rating and MATSH did’nt came atleast in 3rd position

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