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Shastri Sisters 22nd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajat and Sareen talking at some tea stall. Rajat blames himself for not telling anything on engagement day. He says he has broke Anu and Devyaani, both hearts. Sareen asks him to think how to make things fine. He says he will support him. Neil comes and asks Rajat why is he sad. Sareen says Devyaani broke engagement. Neil is shocked. He asks why. Sareen puts blame on Minty. Neil says it was unintentional and for Rajat’s happiness.

At Sareen home, Nikki and Minty celebrate. Minty tells about her love for Neil and she has slapped a kid in childhood for hurting Neil. She says she felt such slap on Devyaani today. She says her revenge is fulfilled because of her. Minty regrets to use Rajat which has hurt him. Nikki asks her to celebrate. Rajat, Neil and Sareen come

home. They get shocked seeing them celebrating. Sareen asks what success they go that they are celebrating. Rajat asks about Neil’s connection in this matter. Sareen asks Nikki to tell their dirty plan. He angrily tells her that he can slap her. Sareen shouts to get answer. Nikki says she will tell complete matter. She starts with Neil’s suicide for Devyaani. She says she planned this cross proposal to hurt Devyaani. Rajat angrily pushes Neil for being a coward to do suicide. He calls him a failure. He asks why did he not share that he loved Devyaani. Rajat says, he wants to hug him but he will not share his pain. Sareen stops Rajat from slapping Neil and claps for Minty’s big plan. He says, she has hurt him. He tells her bad habit and he always forgave her. He says she knew Rajat loves Anu and he was fool to believe her. He scolds her for using her son. Minty cries. She says she did this to become a good mother. She says she wanted to kill Devyaani for this and she can do anything for her sons. She says she will repeat this to hurt Devyaani again. She asks him to beat her.

Sareen questions is he dead for his sons. He says, he would have done anything for Neil and what was Anu’s mistake in all this. Minty says her mistake is she is from Shastri Sisters and she hates those girls. Shastri ji stands at door and is shocked hearing this. Minty says, since they have come, everything has gone wrong. She says she has lost control over her sons. She says she can’t make attention seekers her bahu. She says she hates Shastri Sisters. Shastri ji goes from their house. Minty says Devyaani did not get full punishment as my plan was Rajat refuses to get engaged to Devyaani. She says Anu made him promise and she has promised to show hell and heaven to Devyaani. She says her plan is succeeded. Rajat says she has created situation that Devyaani see him and Anu together and questions Nikki. He asks how can she do this with her sons without thinking effects. He says, she has played with their feelings.

Shastri ji comes home and tells his daughters that she hates his daughters when they are so good. He tells them about Minty behind all this. Sareen tells Minty, he would have made Shastri ji go if she said she hates his daughters. He says you wanted daughter and what did you do with them. He says Nikki has done this and asks her to get out if she has filled poison. Nikki says she did this to revenge from Devyaani. Sareen says Minty did this because of you. He asks her to get out of his house.

Sareen tells Minty their relation won’t be normal as before. Neil hugs Minty. Sareen takes Rajat with him and goes out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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