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Shastri Sisters 22nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat asking Devyaani about her answer. He asks will she marry him. Shastri ji says I felt sad that Rajat did not tell Devyaani and went Aligarh, but he did this for our yes, say yes to him. Devyaani gets thinking. Minty asks her to agree. Devyaani looks at everyone and says no one can take Anu’s place, even she has dreams in her life, she wants her husband to love her, she has right on her husband. Rajat says you will have right on your husband, no one else. He says till we are together, you will get importance, this is my promise. He gives his hand and asks will she marry him. She holds his hand, and Minty hugs them. Sareen asks Minty to shoo the bad sight, so that marriage happens smoothly. Rajat thinks they don’t have any idea about me, they will get busy in marriage

and I will finish my mission soon. He gives an evil smile.

Anu recalls Raghav’s words and says its just 2 days, how will I run, he keeps me tied, what shall I do. The door bell rings and she heats the maid talking to Raghav. She says maid can help me. Raghav comes to Anu and gives the bridal dress. He applies mehendi on her hands and she looks at him angrily. Devyaani talks to sisters and is very happy. Neil gets sad seeing her and gets teary eyed. Rajat gets a call and goes.

Minty gets dizzy and Devyaani cares for her, calling her mummy ji. Minty says she is very glad. Devyaani asks her to get mehendi applied. She says she will manage work and makes Minty sit. Raghav asks Anu how will she eat food now, and he has an idea, he will make her have food by his hands. She says she will try the dress, the maid can help her, send her. He says no need. She says she has seen me. He says not needed, I said. She says she decided to stay with him, if he does this, her heart may… He says don’t change your heart, I will send Bela, else you come there, she will help you. Rajat gets dressed and thinks he is doing all this drama, instead of his work. He says don’t know what else I have to do.

Neil makes him ready and compliments him. Sareen and Minty come and say he is looking good. Minty hugs Rajat and they are very happy. She blesses him and asks him to keep Devyaani happy. Neil gets sad. Rajat gets a call and says its from office. He talks to his boss and says no one knows him, its as per plan, and they don’t know anything, they will make them do what they want once the marriage happens.

Anu recalls Rajat’s words and cries. She says did he come to know I m dead or not, whats wrong. Raghav brings Bela and asks Anu to talk to Bela. He asks Anu to change and come out. Anu asks Bela to help her. Bela refuses to help. Anu says tell Raghav to change the dress, and send him outside, then you make me run. Bela goes out and tells Raghav that Anu did not call me to change dress, she is asking me to help me in running. Raghav gets angry and Bela says Anu looks mad. Raghav says he loves Anu a lot. He goes to Anu and beats her. She cries. He says they will get married today itself. Anu is shocked. Raghav says she has to agree with love and he will keep her with love always.

No precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for the update Amena ? Oh dear! Two evil villains playing with the lives of our dear Anuraj and Deveil ? Raghav just simply gives me the creeps ? The way he ill-treats Anu under the “claim” of loving her with all his heart… gosh ? A true psychopath ? I really really pity Anu ? Also not forgetting our dear “Fake” Rajat (I wonder what his real name is, but let’s put that aside for now ?) My! He must be an excellent actor that even his own parents and brother couldn’t identify his true identity ? and out of all people…why did he target our lovely Devyani ? I can’t bear to see her heart getting broken every single time she falls in love with someone ? But with things wrapping up I really hope that the CVs will unite our beautiful couples for good without dragging this track any further ? I really miss watching all the amazing moments shared between our Anuraj and Deveil ?? and I miss watching the cute little bonding sessions between the four sisters too ? I hope they do show us some of these scenes before the show ends ? Until then I shall eagerly await the day everyone gets reunited and the baddies are finally placed behind bars ??

    – Dreamer ?

  2. The serial is getting boring day by day. Wats in precp?Anyone plz. ….

  3. Precap
    Anu comes home in a taxi and rajat and devyaani are seen taking pheras and anu gets shocked seeing rajat filling devyaani’s maang.

  4. Oh pls stp this track
    Pls unite anu n rajat & devyaani n Neil.Getting irritated wth Raghav

  5. Is this fake Rajat is the goon of Kajal ? What is his plan. ? Will alka and Rohan reunite??

  6. Oh God creepy raghav

  7. Thx for the precaution xxx

  8. Nice precap

  9. stupid writer of this story l don’t like this story any more realy getting boring day bay day please end this show so soo as posibile

  10. Fake rajatakes me think about fake roli (maya)

  11. Shastri Sisters was such a wonderful serial and what have they brought it too. It is meaningless now. The wrong doers never get punished while the good ones are always made to suffer for as long as possible. Rohan’s sis-in-law the mischief monger is happily safe and secure although she does nothing but evil things, while innocent Rohan is going thru the most difficult times in his life.

    Will the evil ever be punished. This is sending wrong signals and the moral of the story is always the evil win and good lose.

  12. now this serial will end on 8th aug 2015

  13. Thnxs fr letting us kno manoj bhushan

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