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Shastri Sisters 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with all the coolies troubling Shastri ji as he lands in Delhi and is at the train station. A man comes and takes Shahstri ji out of this fight. The coolie threatens him and asks him to pay money. A man also scares him and says shall I call police. The coolie says fine, leave it, don’t come here again. The man asks him to get colored in Delhi city, welcome to Delhi. Shastri ji says lets take a rickshaw. He says I have a bullet bike, come lets go in it. Shastri ji likes his home a lot. He says Sareen, I told you to find a house for us. Sareen says its just 1cm far, that means how can you saty anywhere else if your friend is here. Shastri ji says but. He says the first floor is empty, you and your daughters can stay here, fine give the rent.

Shastri says but Bhabhi ji……..

Sareen says she will be happy as she always wanted a daughter. He says call Kanpur and asks them to come here soon. The girls are at the train station and Devyaani takes the class of the man at the ticket counter. The man says annoyed and asks them to come after lunch. Devyaani says whats this, its not my mistake, its system’s break. A man comes to sell black tickets. Anushka says we don’t want from you. Devyaani says we would have taken tickets from him. Anushka asks her to walk on right path, shortcuts can’t take us to destination.

Devyaani buys the tickets from him, but he asks for Rs 400. Devyaani says Rs 200. He says you need it, I don’t. She says but you came to me, lets final at 250rs. The man says fine, give me money. She pays him while Anushka stops her. Anushka says corruption is there because of people like you. She says see he took money and went. The man gives her tickets. Alka sees Rajeev outside her house and thinks about his words. Bua ji comes to Alka and asks her to take the place of her mum for her sisters. Alka says Anushka has taken the place, as I m just two days elder to her.

Everyone put the luggage in the truck. Peeya tells Bua ji that she will miss her home, can she come to see it. Bua ji says its yours, come whenever you want to meet me. Anushka thinks about everyone’s words about the house. Chandan ka paalna, resham ki dor……………plays……….. She cries thinking about the time spent in this home and their childhood. She takes her family pic and hugs it. Devyaani comes and says Anushka lets go, are you fine. Anusjka says I m fine and wipes her tears. Devyaani takes a pic of their names on the wall and says I will give a surprise to Peeya after going Delhi. Anushka locks the house.

Everyone wave bye to them and they leave in rickshaws. Alka thinks about Rajeev’s words and thinks he can kill himself. She stops the rickshaw and tells Peeya she will come before train leaves, she left some items and will bring it. She asks Pappu to take care of Peeya and runs to meet Rajeev. Devyaani scolds Pappu for letting Alka go. Peeya asks shall we go home back. Anushka says Alka’s phone is off. The train announcement is made, that it will leave in few mins. Anushka shouts Alka.

Devyaani says she is elder and will come on her own. Anushka stops her and says what will we tell dad. Devyaani asks Pappu to lie under the train and don’t come till Alka comes. Pappa was really going and Devyaani stops him. She asks him to talk to TT. Anushka stops him and says TT won’t listen. Alka thinks about her sisters and Rajeev. Peeya says we will go some other day. Pappu says TT scolded me and said he will not stop the train, so shall I lie under the train if you say. Anushka says we won’t go without Alka. We will find her first and we will go later. She says I will talk to dad.

Pappu is happy as Devyaani is not leaving and blinks Peeya. Alka comes and says no Pappu, don’t take our luggage. Bua ji and Phupa ji scold Alka for being so responsible. Alka says she went to take Lord’s idol, which she could have not left. Bua ji and Phupa ji smile. The girls board the train. Pappu asks Devyaani to go and says bye, and asks her to win hearts of all Delhi people. Devyaani says yes, this train will take me to another world, everything will change. He says I m going, I can’t see you going far. He cires and leaves. Devyaani stops him and gives him a flying kiss. Pappu smiles seeing her. Devyaani starts dreaming of Delhi life.

Anushka asks the guy to vacate their seats. He argues. Devyaani fights with him and the guy threatens he won’t leave them when he comes across later.

Update Credit to: Amena

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