Shastri Sisters 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal and Leela buying costly clothes. The man gives the bill. Kajal says Anu will sign and shows Anu the bill to sign, and uses Anu as she is busy on phone, and does not see the amount, Kajal keeps her hand on the amount. Kajal thanks her and they come home. Sareen asks Minty why did he buy 98000rs shopping. Minty asks what is he saying. He asks what did she buy, he did mistake to give her credit card. She says I did not do shopping and recalls Kajal. She says she have card to Kajal and said buy one suit to wear in evening.

He says what did she buy so costly, did anyone fool her. Minty asks Kajal about the bill. Sareen asks why did buy for 98000rs. Anu is shocked. Kajal says I don’t know anything about bill and payments, Anu will know it. Kajal says she chose the

dresses which Anu chose and she paid the bill. Anu says I chose dress, but I did not see bill amount as I was on phone. Minty scolds her. She says it is my husband’s loss and you did this to trouble me. Anu says no, trust me. Minty asks does she have fun to see me worried.

Anu says I really did not know this. Minty asks about the money. Sareen says leave it, house peace should be there. Minty asks how, you ask me if I spend 500rs, its 1 lakh rs. He says she can spend 1 lakh too. Rajat comes and asks whats happening. Anu says nothing, dad was asking me to be in harmony as we are going in function. Sareen says yes, as our wives start anywhere, I was joking. Rajat says fine, why did you all not get ready till now.

Rajat tells Anu that he told Devyaani and invited her family to come in function. She says thanks, if a husband treats her family well, you get special feeling and thanks. He says he looks dull thanks, so something good and forwards his cheek. She smiles and kisses him. Saajna……..plays………..He says lets try something else. She says go and get ready, you will get late. He says fine, you have to thank me after the function. She gets Devyaani’s call.

Devyaani says Peeya’s pics did not come good and she can’t get job, how will she manage. She says we wants to pics she made for her and Neil’s website. She says she has an idea, she knows what to do. Kajal talks to Anu and says she really did not know the price of the suit, don’t be annoyed. Anu says I don’t want to be late for Rajat’s function and leaves. Leela talks to Kajal. They all get ready to leave for the function. Devyaani sees them and smiles. Shastri ji also goes with Peeya.

Devyaani gets the keys and thinks how Anu kept the keys under the flower pot. Devyaani goes and gets the data from Neil’s laptop. Rajat and everyone come to the venue. The man asks Rajat to check all arrangements and Anu says she wants to come. Anu gives the passes to Kajal. Devyaani thinks what to type as password. The guard says they have 6 passes ad they are 7. Minty says how did this happen. Neil says maybe we forgot at home, I will go and see. Sareen says fine, go and get. Kajal asks can I go with him, else he will get bored. Neil says no, I don’t need anyone, I will go alone. Minty asks him to take Kajal.

Devyaani says I tried everythin, what will be the password. She sees Minty’s pic and says why did I not realize this, Neil loves her a lot. She types Minty Sareen as password and its right. She gets the data in her pendrive.

Anu asks Devyaani to leave from there fast, as Neil and Kajal went home. Devyaani leaves and bumps into Neil and Kajal at the door. Kajal asks how did she come in their home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Later neil will ask devyani to leave the pendrive and leave.

  2. Later neil will ask devyani to leave the pendrive and leave

  3. Bad episode, nth intresting. I stop watching this serial coz only waste my time.

  4. I think ters no way 4 Neil and devayani 2 unite 2gether

  5. XxDeveil fanxX

    Deveil will somehow be together I know it the producers are thinking of something big like neil to get divorced and get a secret marrige to devyani

    1. Its deveel no deveil deveel name is by devyani in episode of naming the website

    2. Hope ur right

    3. Don’t think that much divorce and secret marriage Nothing will happen like that

  6. cute ANURAJ scenes

  7. Kya rajat anuahka me saath naughty huu tha…?

    1. Ha unke ke beech hua anu Ne rajat ko cheeks pe kiss kiya

  8. I was seening mornng episode jab bhi main undono ko ej saath dekht hoon toh San much bhuul jata hoon

  9. Thx pradishma

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