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Shastri Sisters 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Devyaani coming out of her room. Minty tells Neil about big issue at home and it is good they came to know before marriage. He asks him not to tell anyone about Devyaani and this can act like petrol in fire. Neil agrees. A girl meets Neil and flirts. Neil leaves from the place. Devyaani cries and talks to Rajat at home. She tells about her feelings for him. Minty asks Sareen to stop Rajat and Devyaani’s conversation as she can take any wrong step and put blame on him. Sareen asks her to let them talk and solve matter.

Rajat tells Devyaani that the truth is they are engaged and requests her to forget everything. He says he will keep their relation with truth. He says Rajat and Anu were past and Rajat and Devyaani are present. He thinks to keep Anu’s promise.

He says he will fail if he lets her cry and only she has right on him from now on. Rajat thinks this is only way to give happiness to Anu. Rajat goes from her room.

Devyaani recalls her love for Rajat. She understands Rajat has always loved Anushka and their sacrifice made for her. She reminisces her mistake of accusing Anushka after Rajat cleared the matter that he loves Anu.

Sareen asks Rajat what did Devyaani say. Rajat says he said her that nothing will change and everything will happen. He says engagement happened and now marriage with happen, my and Devyaani’s. Devyaani comes out and asks can she get right to decide for her life or will they discuss and decide for her. She says Devyaani will break her engagement and can’t spend her life with someone’s love. She tells about her self respect. She says she can fight for her love and leave love if it is not hers. She says she does not want their pity and returns the engagement ring breaking he engagement. She gives ring to Rajat. She goes to her room. Rajat turns apologetic and leaves.

Sareen apologizes to Shastri ji because of small misunderstanding shuffling their children’s life. Shastri ji says its none mistake. Sareen says Minty was wrong and they would have confirmed it before. Shastri ji says he is sure that they will not do this mistake intentionally and blames God for this mistake. He asks why is he being cruel to my daughters. He asks Sareen to keep his respect and not tell anything to Minty. He says she may be feeling more bad than us being a mother. Shastri ji holds Sareen’s apologetic hands and gets depressed.

Nikki tells Minty to celebrate their win and they have taken revenge for Neil. Rajat says mom. Sareen and Rajat angrily stare.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I want anu n rajat togethr.
    Its good the truth is coming out!

  2. The girl Neel met were Karishma, who is Buaji’s daughter and very stubborn. It seems she is interested in Rajat. Another storm is waiting for AnuRajat.

  3. finally all the thing r sorted out.aap tho anu now ur turn.atleast aap tho baatha tho naa that u love rajat show much.first time devyanni did good thing yaar.aap next plz show more scene of rajat and anu.they r the best couple.thank for update.

  4. What ever problem it is,l don’t want rajat separation with her love.

  5. gud minty and nikki u need it. u hav pushed ur sons to do wat u say without their knowledge. when the truth comes out, im damn sure that sareen will make nikki out of the house.

  6. Thank god the storyline is going how we planned, ooh so eager to we tomorrow’s episode

  7. Oh yes! Rajat nd sareen has heard der convo.hpe dat niki gets a neils mum.buh h8 nikki.bechaara neil.

  8. rajat is reaalyy a comlete idiot,even sbko pta chalne k bad bhi devyani se shadi k liy teyyar h
    how stupid
    know that anu se pyar krta h or usne kasam di thi but usk liy puri life barbad kr rha tha .in shastri sisters ne to rajat ko toy samj rakha h jo tuj pasand h tu rakh le kr rhi h….bechaara

  9. I think Jo new promo h ic mein rajat or anu k payar mein jis ka saya prh rha h wo krishma ho gi

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