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The Episode starts with a guy recording the statements of many people and starts with some vegetable vendors. He talks to her and compliments her smile. He asks her to say anything for Shastri ji. She says he is a very humble man, till he stayed in Kanpur, he was our neighbor, now he is going Delhi, may Lord give him prosperity. We wil miss him. The man goes to someone else. Everyone has just praises for Shastri ji. They say he did not ever took loan and his daughters….. are very smart. They say not all are sharp, the eldest one Alka is very straight forward, she loves to groom herself and is very look conscious……. Anushka, very humble and sweet talking, who respects elders a lot……..The third one, Devyaani is a really cool chick who speaks volumes in a minute and hot tempered………..And

the last one Peeya, the tallest of all and the sister’s love always pampered her. They say they miss Shastri family a lot. A woman panics knowing they are leaving and asks the guy to leave now. She comes to meet Anushka and finds the house messed up.

Anushka greets her and says I m doing the packing. She says I packed all the kitchen items and just few things left now. The man is curious to know much about the items. Anushka says I have kept your toaster safe, I will bring it. The lady acts sweet and says I don’t love things. Anushka gives her the toaster. The lady says we will miss you people a lot. She asks where are others. Anushka says don’t know. She says Devyaani went to market to get few items. Devyaani’s intro is shown. She rides the scooty in the market in heavy crowded area. The guy stops her and asks did it hurt you. She starts scolding the guy and calls him by his name Pappu. Pappu indirectly flirts with her and she smiles. She warns him that his journey may end if he keeps up being same. He says its fine, I will to end and start with you. She says you won my heart, now please lift my bags and sits behind me. He sits and says lets go Devyaani ji. They leave on the scooter and says she is getting late. He continues flirting and he is completely struck by her love.

Devyaani asks him not to hit many lines on her, when he comes she won’t agree to him ever. He says what to do. She drives through the lanes on Kanpur while both are talking non stop. Devyaani comes home and talks to the lady, taunting her indirectly and pulling her leg. The lady leaves annoyed as she got to hear this for helping them. Anushka asks Devyaani why did she taunt the lady. Devyaani says I know her very well, she came here for something else, not the toaster. Anushka says I feel satisfied talking to you. Pappu comes in with all the items. Devyaani asks him to leave now. Pappu says so soon, let me breath. He looks at her with love. She says took breath, now you. He says he got some video recordings or her. He says see after I go. Anushka says video camera. Pappa says it a farewell gift. He leaves. Anushka says poor Pappu and laughs. She asks about Alka. Devyaanis says she went to Rani Bhabhi.

Alka meets Rani Bhabhi and asks how will I meet alone, I will shout if he holds my hand. Alka is very tensed. Bhabhi asks her to go in, as he too wants to meet her. Alka says I m afraid and asks am I looking good, like heroine, side heroine, or audience. Bhabhi sends her to meet the guy. Alka plays with her dupatta and walks in, while the guy is also sweating being tensed. She does hmm…. He turns to look at her. He gets closer and she moves back. Bhabhi asks them to talk quickly, as her husband may come anytime. The guy tells Alka that he loves her, and she goes on 9th cloud. He says if you are nto mine, I will fire this world, its on your yes or no now, whether this world will be saved or ruined, tell me Alka ji do you also………. He says I m the one who used to out chocolates in your dupatta, when you used to come to my shop for buying grocery. He asks her to accept Rajeev, that’s him. He says Alka ji, I will……….. He takes out a knife and is about to cut his knife. She stops him and Bhabhi comes saying your Bhaiya came. Rajeev leaves. Alka says I could not believe anyone can love me so intense, does every love story has tough times. Bhabhi comes and asks Alka did she talk to him well. Anushka and Devyaani are packing pulling each other’s leg.

Peeya’s entry is shown and she is adamant that she does not want to leave this house and not go anywhere else. Devyaani says we can do a big thing in big city, we will get freedom. Alka comes and asks Devyaani and Anushka to go, and she will stay back with Peeya. Anushka asks her what did Rani bhabhi say that she changed her decision. Alka says we all were born in this house, how can I be not emotional about it. She says this is the house where our mum took her last breath. Peeya starts crying. She says I will not go from here. They hug her. Devyaani says fine, Papa went to stop his transfer. The sisters have a group hug. Shastri ji tries to get the transfer, but the senior asks him to accept the promotion, as he has four daughters and nothing is important than promotion.

Shastri ji says our neighbor takes care of them, who will take care of them in Delhi. The man asks him to think well and decide. Shastri comes home. The power goes at night. Anushka lights the candle for Alka. Shastri is upset as he will have to leave this house. The sister have fun time in darkness. Anushka comes to her dad and asks him what happened. He says I could not stop my transfer and cries. She makes him smile and says I really wish to go Delhi, whats here in Kanpur….He understands she is acting. She hugs him and says you know us very well.

He says I know I love you all a lot. He says we have to go to Delhi. Other joins him and hugs him. Peeya cries and he asks her not to cry, if they trust him. They all are happy. Anushka says we did packing too. He says he has to leave first and gets ready. He asks them to take care and hugs them. He asks Devyaani not to lose control on her temper and Peeya not to cry. He says I will call all of you when I arrange money for tickets. He leaves. Anushka and everyone see the recording on the camera, what everyone told about them. They get emotional about the city and the people here. They hug.

Devyaani says Delhi people should be afraid of us, as they don’t know us. She teases Alka is she in love. Everyone smile. Alka denies and says its Rani Bhabhi’s call. Alka talks to Rajeev and asks her to meet him now. She says I want to meet you. He gets glad and asks her to come. She asks at night. He says why, don’t you trust me or yourself. She says what will I tell my sisters. He says come till 10pm, else don’t come even if I die. Alka slowly goes to meet Rajeev. She comes to him and he asks tell me its your yes or no. She says yes and he dances thanking to Lord. He says Alka Rajeev Srivastav, but why did you not tell me if you loved me. She says how can a heroine tell a hero that she loves him. He smiles.

She says I did not know anyone will love me so much. She says my sisters are educated in English medium and she is from hindi medium. It starts raining and he uses a umbrella to cover them. He says these language medium does not matter to me and holds her hand. She says what are you doing, anyone will see. He says let them see, and know how much Rajeev loves Alka, this is start of our love. She says no, its sad end, like Devdas… He asks what do you mean. She says Papa is transferred to Delhi and we all are going. He says why did you not tell me before, you gave me hope and breaking my heart now. He leaves annoyed.

Rajeev and Alka look at each other in morning. Alka thinks how to go Delhi by leaving her love in Kanpur. She stops the rickshaw and runs to meet Rajeev. The other sisters and Pappu wait for Alka at the train station, which is leaving in some time.

Update Credit to: Amena

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