Shastri Sisters 21st February 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 21st February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shastri ji choosing Rajat and putting the sehra on his head. He recalls how Veer was convincing him to choose Rajat and he told him about Rajat loving Minty more than Anu, and Minty will never let them be happy. Sareen says even I stay in that house, my son is a diamond, my wife is stupid, but it does not matter, she will see Anu’s goodness and one day everything will be fine, and I will keep Anu very happy, think about Rajat and Anu’s love and Shastri ji agrees. Sareen and Veer smile. Sareen hugs Shastri ji and Veer.

Kirti asks whats all this. Veer says let this marriage happen, I will explan you later. Anu asks her dad whats all this. Shastri ji says think I m apologizing, or your fruit of patience, knowing you love Rajat and wanted to marry him, I did not

wish this to happen, as situation and time has made me helpless. He says you never showed your pain to me, it was my mistake, Sareen and Veer made me realize it. He says now I won’t do this mistake again, I want to see you happy, now you will marry Rajat. Kirti and Astha are shocked. Alka and Devyaani smile. Kirti looks at Veer and he signs smiling.

The pandit ji asks them to come, as mahurat is passing. Sareen asks Rajat to sit in mandap. Rajat says but mom. Sareen says leave her worry on me, I will manage her. Rajat says but there is some imp work. Saajna……………plays………… Rajat asks Anu to give her consent for marriage, without which this marriage can’t happen, for him her decision is most imp, this marriage will happen if you say yes.

Devyaani asks Anu not to be late to say yes, else she will not talk to her, say yes before Minty comes or dad changes his mind. Astha says where did Minty aunty go, once she comes, I m sure she won’t let this happen. She calls Minty. Minty sees her call and thinks why is she calling me. Astha asks is she sleeping, and asks her to come soon. She tells her everything. Minty is shocked. Astha asks her to come fast. Minty says I m coming and leaves.

Veer asks Anu did she think her sacrifice was not seen by him. Anu asks how did he know it. Veer says its not imp, just make a decision, don’t think about me, the girl who sacrifices her love for her family, I would say its luck to marry such girl, but I wanted to give you your love, I will win by both ways. He holds her hand and gives her hand to Rajat. Everyone clap. Astha thinks when will Minty come. The pandit ji asks groom and bride to come in mandap.

Rajat and Anu exchange the garlands. Everyone smile. Rajat holds his head high and then bows down. She makes him wear the garlands and Saajna…..plays…….. They sit for the marriage. Shastri ji says he wanted to see smile on Anu’s face, its possible because of Sareen. He hugs Sareen. Minty calls Sareen. Sareen asks pandit to hurry up. Rajat and Anu take the wedding rounds. Minty walks to the venue. She keeps calling Sareen. Sareen thinks she woke up and she confronts him. He is shocked seeing her. He takes her out.

She asks whats happening, now understand you made the lemon water and showed love, it was cheat, you mixed sleeping tablet in it. I will stop this marriage. He scolds her and asks him to be ready to see him dead. She is shocked. He says you are a stain on mother’s name, you are sacrificing Rajat’s happiness, bless them if you have a mum’s love in heart, see Rajat’s happiness, he can’t get a better girl than Anu, Veer has also seen their love and you did not see Rajat’s love, you are blind. He says he gave his word to Shastri ji and folds hands asking her to say yes. She cries looking at him.

Minty sees Rajat and Anu married. They go to her to take her blessings.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank god..!!!! Finally it happened 🙂 :-*

  2. Finally Rajat and Anu are getting married. so good episode. THANK U Veer 4 making Shasthriji realize about love between the couple and changing his mind. Thank uuuuu………! love u Rajat & Anu

  3. Nice…..atlast anu n rajat became hubby n wife…
    Good…hope minty will accept this time…..

  4. Atlast the love birds had united bv will minty bless them?:$:-/

  5. Nice episode thank you very much veer making anu and rajat unite

  6. And now it’s Devyani’s turn…because she have to fell in love with neil

  7. Don’t make any more drama by minty aunty

  8. finally they became marriage couples…..

  9. Great atlast every thing is fine. Happy…

  10. Wooooooow beautiful nice episode

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