Shastri Sisters 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat getting a call from his boss and thanking him. He tells Sareen that he did good work and his department want to give him honor by giving medal. Sareen is glad. Anu says congrats. Kajal and Leela too say congrats. Leela flirts with Sareen. Anu asks Rajat to give this good news to Minty. Rajat is displeased and she insists. She takes him to Minty and stands at the door. Astha sees Rohan in kitchen at night and asks what is he doing. Rohan says I was making hot chocolate for Alka. Astha says you are sweet and she is lucky.

He says even Sunil used to make things for you. She gets sad. Rohan says I m sorry. She says yes, he used to do, but now everything changed and I do everything on my own, no one is there to do anything for me. She says sorry, even I like hot

chocolate. He says really, you did not tell me. She says I did not get chance. He says I made it for me and Alka, now you make for yourself. He leaves. Astha says Alka is lucky that she got Rohan, and I m left alone today.

Rajat comes to Minty. She recalls his words and turns away. Anu hides and looks on. He says he has to say something, his department is giving him medal for his good dedication and work, they kept a function and if she comes in the ceremony, he will be glad. Minty cries and smiles. He asks will she come. She wipes her tears and nods. Rajat leaves. Sareen talks to Rajat and jokes. Rajat asks him to get ready and come. Sareen goes to dye his hair.

Minty stops Neil and asks him to her to bank, she has to take her set out, she is very happy for Rajat. Anu smiles. She says tell Kajal to be ready soon and they have to reach on time. Devyaani clicks pics of Peeya and asks her to model for her collection. Peeya says I have to study, I find this boring. Devyaani says Neil snatched my collection, but he can’t snatch my talent, I will create new pics. She gets a call for interview. Devyaani says I will come.

She says how will I go, I m afraid and getting nervous. Peeya says she is talented and everything will be fine. She says this is the same speech I used to give you. Peeya says take Alka along, she can handle any situation, I don’t get tension seeing her. Devyaani calls Alka. She says she got interview call from Rajat’s cousin’s fashion house and asks Alka to come. She says she will talk to Rohan. Alka says hold, and asks Rohan about it. Rohan asks her to go. Alka smiles and tells Devyaani she will come.

Astha thinks its good Alka will go out tomorrow. Kajal brings her clothes and asks which one to wear. Minty asks her to wear good clothes and gives credit card for shopping. Kajal gets happy and Minty asks her to go soon and come. Kajal asks Anu to come and Anu agrees. Leela looks on. Kajal smiles and tells Leela about her plan.

Sareen tells Minty about her big bills. She says she gave card to Kajal. Kajal says I don’t know anything, Anu knows everything. They look at Anu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This bull shit Kajal…get lost

    1. Actually and kajal dosent even have looks anu Its time to speak up

  2. Guyz any idea wsts going on with Asthas charactr? Is she seeking Rohan’s attention?:O☆

    1. Hope she is changing

      1. According to her previous character, she will never ever change

  3. Ya hope so im also confused

  4. I yhink astha is planning some big thing

  5. I am sure Astha is planning something. In an episode last week, when she cries, Rohan holds her arm in support and her attention goes to his hand and she has a look on her face. her transformation is unbelievable.

  6. Asthma making very very big plan

  7. Just think rohan me ghar main koi nai hai woh alka or rohan ke breach main galat paida karna chaite hai…yeah San toh shuru hoga jab kajal ka kissa nipat jayaga dekh lena

  8. XxDeveil fanxX

    I still wish devyani and neil where together I hope one day they reunite for good!

    1. S. I 2 want devayani and Neil 2 be 2gether

  9. no she is not.yeh churail itni asaani se nai tek hone wali.she is planning something big

  10. Kies kamini ko is seriel meh daldia oh god fed up with this new b*t*h kajal she realy like a behenjij. Idiot

    1. U r right she is actually bhenji

    2. U r right she is actually bhenji….

  11. Wer’s alka’s husband??,,, sry but i havnt seen it frm long tym…. n frm wat i read she z trying to separate alka n rohan…. may b even she wants rohan!!!

  12. hope kajal’s truth ll reveal soon n neil ll realize his mistake.

  13. Koi andha bhi dekh Sankta hai kiiii aatha plan something or woh alma or rohan ko alah karne kii soichege…kyunki is a waqt pandey family main unne teenoo kaa alava koi or nai hai….

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