Shastri Sisters 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka thinking about Rajat and smiling. Peeya gives her water and she is lost in thoughts. Devyaani sees her and is angry. Peeya asks her about her day. She asks whom is she thinking of now. Anushka says no one and goes to help Alka in work. Devyaani says food is ready in our home before 7pm. Anushka says I m so sorry, I will come home early tomorrow. Devyaani asks is she sure, or will she get late. Devyaani argues with Anushka and reminds her rules, as she does not follow rules herself. Alka calms Devyaani. Devyaani leaves being angry.

Alka comes to Devyaani and asks why is she angry. Devyaani says she loves Rajat. Alka says why is she jealous, Anushka is her sister and she is least interested in him. Rajat come shome happily and is lost too. Sareen talks to

him. He tells Minty that he is flirting with me too, as he used to flirt with you earlier, whats the matter. Minty smiles and says yes, don’t know whats the matter. Anushka stands outside at night seeing the moon and comes to Devyaani. She tries talking to Devyaani and asks is she angry, but why.

She asks Devyaani not to be annoyed, as she is not bad and lied to dad to save her many times. Anushka says you all are my family, I want my family to be happy. She makes her smile. Devyaani smiles and hugs her. Anushka says no misunderstanding can come in between them and promises. Rajat comes there. They turn and see Rajat. He talks to on phone. Anushka leaves. Devyaani waves hi to him and smiles.

Its morning, Roha and his family have breakfast. A taxi comes. They wonder who came. Hari’s sister comes there and everything is shocked seeing her. Hari says Jiju and they greet her. He touches her feet. Jiji blesses him. Rohan greets her. Jiji does not take Vrinda’s greetings and scolds Astha for not taking care of Hari. She says he called her that he is not fine. Hari says no, I m fine. She says what, if you are fine, who called me.

Jiji starts taking everyone’s class. She apologizes to Vrinda for scolding her. She says she has to go back in two days. Vrinda asks her to stay for 10 days. Jiji says she had heart attack and could not come in Rohan’s marriage. Vrinda insists and asks her to stay. Jiji agrees. Jiji asks about Rohan’s wife and everyone is speechless. Astha says she is in her Maayka. Hari says she will come after few days. Jiji says no, the festival is ahead and how can you send her, she has to come now else I will go from here. Vrinda thinks.

Minty cooks food. Rajat brings cockroach and she gets scared. She thinks Anushka told the same, and says I think she saw this one. Rajat says yes, she saw this one and throws it. He says we should get pest control done. She says yes, but we have to stay out for two days, its Diwali time, we will stay out later. He says think cockroach population increases very soon. She says yes, but where will we stay. He says yes, we will stay upstairs, as we gave it for rent, but its our house. She says never. He says think again. She refuses. She sees another cockroach and he says see so many came to take revenge, its matter of one day, I will be in office all day and come home when everyone is sleeping.

Minty agrees to him. Rajat gets glad and says people do so much in love, lets see Anu, how knows you will come close to me. Anushka and Devyaani try to take an auto. Rajat comes to them. Devyaani greets him. Rajat greets Anushka. He says he has to tell something, we are going leaving home. Devyaani says where. Rajat says we are having pest control and stay in your home, our bond will be strong living together. Devyaani smiles. Anushka gets the auto and takes Devyaani. Rajat says lets meet at night, don’t sleep early. They leave. Rajat smiles.

Alka does the puja and prays for her marriage. Jiju scolds Santu doe doing work bad. Astha acts sweet to her. Jiji says she wants to meet Alka, but no one is agreeing here. She asks them to call Alka soon. Astha is tensed and says let me tell mummy ji, we have bear the pain, why should Bua ji bear it. Vrinda signs her no.

Rajat and Anushka meet and Minty gets suspicious. Rajat says pest control idea was mine to come closer to you. Anushka smiles. Rajat says even if you don’t want, you are coming close to me. They have an eyelock.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. wow yaar rajat anu u guys making us going crazy day by day to watch them.and rajat wt an idea yaar to come close to anu.superb.and plz clear the misunderstanding of devyanni yaar.anyways waiting for more and more scene of rajat and anu.thanks for update.

  2. paridhi

    dis episode was a-w-e-s-o-m-e
    I seriously mean it
    is luv it
    but I think the precap rajat dialog I think he was thinking

  3. divya

    Bt dis show is actually going to take a wrong turn with the day of devyani nd rajat engagement…..wat abt neel

  4. aditi

    You know what there is going to come twist in show rajat get engaged with devyani and neil going to suicide and anushka will be with a sad expression

  5. aditi

    So guys we don’t want rajat and devyani engaged and we want rajat and anu got engaged so it going to sad story if rajat got engaged with devyani

  6. alina

    Urgh, deviyani is to selfish, she won’t even care about her sisters or Rajat or Neil feelings. But I can definitely see her falling for Neil after a while.

  7. haramamat

    omg what is this no written update for todays episode?????in England its 19.28 its normally done by 4!

  8. zah

    Guys once u watch today’s epi can someone tell me song in background of anu and rajat scene in attick bit liek that love song bit pls xxx

  9. gfzah

    Guys once u watch today’s epi can someone tell me song in background of anu and rajat scene in attick bit liek that love song bit pls xxx

  10. naina

    Oh God… . Ds is too much…… no update of 21 oct til now…. y is d admin behaving lyk ds…. ds usually happns on ds website dt sum serial is always treated lyk ds… initially it was kumkum bhagya n now ds serial

  11. daisy

    vry sad cz of promo.. my interest gt down 2 less than 50 % from full 100%… yaar cvs pls u cant lose a viewer like me….. do something.. 🙂

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